Why Should I Feel Bad About My Big Thighs?

Why Should I Feel Bad About My Big Thighs?

A couple years ago I wrote a post 8 Things Only Girls with Big Thighs Would Understand.

After I published it, the support and views and comments blew up – more than it had before on any of my other posts, and more than I ever imagined. I guess a lot of women have big thighs, and big thigh insecurities, just like me.

For a while there I was actually super happy in my big thigh ways. I mean, I couldn’t wear the pants that were in style then, but fashion changes! Now it’s all about the relaxed fit and the tights waists. ITS MY TIME YOU GUYS.

However, fashion aside, our ideas and perceptions of beauty are changing. I’ve been seeing so many articles and videos about how to get RID of your big thighs. How to grow your butt, but not grow your quads.

Why Should I Feel Bad About My Big Thighs?

Like I get it, I really do. We all want a big butt, and nice slim legs that will fit into any pants you throw our way. But what about the people who are are genetically CREATED to have big thighs. NEWSFLASH: there are women who don’t actually workout to grow their quads… they just actually HAVE big quads.

I’m sick of seeing these ridiculous articles basically telling us that big legs are not a sexy thing to have. Stop telling me to not grow my legs. Instead of basically shaming me from across the internet, how about you learn to love your body so we thick thighed ladies don’t have to feel the brunt of your skinny thigh desires?

A little while ago, I was shown a video of these fitness bloggers (with a good sized following too!) that were teaching women to do ‘sit squats.’ Basically it was a half squat sticking your butt out as far as it could go, without going all the way down. Because they didn’t want to put any tension on their legs.

Because muscle growth.

From a body weight squat….

They’re SO DESPERATE to not grow their thighs, that they’re literally at the point where they’re doing exercises incorrectly and sharing them with their followers. Guys. That’s so messed up.

‘Fitness bloggers’ who show shit like that and videos titled “How To Grow Your Butt WITHOUT Getting Thicker Thighs” are the reason why I feel the need to write these blog posts, as well as why I created 30 Days to Fit.

Why Should I Feel Bad About My Big Thighs?

In my online programs, we don’t train just so we can have a big ass and tiny skinny thighs. We train in a way that shows love to our ENTIRE body, so that we are ENTIRELY functional, fit, and strong. I don’t want a big butt that can’t help me jog up a flight of stairs – I want strong legs that can sprint up a flight of stairs.

I’m NOT saying that it’s a bad thing to want to grow and build your physique in a way that makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful. I do it myself and use it as my goals when I’m putting together my training programs.

But the fact that we are essentially telling females all over the world, that having big thighs is something that should not be condoned and we should train in a way to get rid of them? That’s where I draw the line. That is body shaming in an indirect way, and if I’M feeling self-conscious of it, then I know that thousands of other women must be feeling it too.

Our bodies are beautiful. Let’s train to be strong. Let’s lift each other up, and not tear down what confidence we build.

What are your thoughts?

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  2. Gaddemon

    23 October

    I want those thighs!!

    • beverleyc

      24 October

      Thanks babe!

  3. Bree

    23 October

    I have monster quads and they’re definitely not going anywhere, so I choose to focus my programming on function, strength and balance and I celebrate these babies that help power me through all of my adventures!

    • beverleyc

      24 October

      That’s awesome! I love hearing that and couldn’t agree more with you! <3

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