What I Loved: March

I seriously cannot believe that March is basically over, and April is here. But April and May pretty much are the same month, which means that summer is literally tomorrow. Which is MESSED UP. Because only yesterday the weather channel in Calgary said they were calling for “ice fog,” which is not actually a weather.

It’s a nightmare.

I’m ending off my month of March in Calgary with my family, which is always an enjoyable trip – my mother makes me massive sandwiches, we eat delicious Indian food, and I raid the freezer for hidden ice cream bars and scones. These are the best kind of vacations.

I’ve been wanting to start this monthly series about my favorite things I received, bought or ate each month, because I thought that for the followers of my blog, you’d be interested in seeing what kinds of products I use and recommend.

Not only that, but I like the idea of showcasing some of the smaller companies that have really great products, but are still starting out and could use some exposure.

Favorite Food

I had heard of these home delivered meals several times before, but had never actually received one before. Chef’s Plate from Toronto sent me two meals that I chose myself and delivered them straight to my door.


It came in two bags packed with all the ingredients I would need and a recipe instruction card to follow. Everything was super organized and well packed. I was a bit disappointed with all the plastic waste, but recycled as much as I could.

For my meals I had ricotta gnocci and cod fish with a tomatillo salsa. They were both delicious and a something totally new for me to try which is always a plus! They also change their menu up every week, so there is a good variety.


Favorite Shoe

Another gift that was totally unexpected but TOTALLY COOL, were these Lunar Epic Flyknit running shoes from Nike. I have never seen such a unique shoe that was built for the future of running. It takes it to a whole new level.


The soles are pressure mapped which provides the perfect cushioning for each step of the run. The ankle collar, (while funny looking), creates a seamless line between the ankle, foot, and lower leg. All these features led to a very natural and smooth run for yours truly!


Favorite Workout

I don’t have one favorite workout this month, but I have 12 WEEKS of favorite workouts that just came out! If you’re not sure what i’m on about (are ya living under a rock!?), then click here to check out The Sweat Series e-bookThe Sweat Series

There are three four week programs, which you can choose from based on your level of experience and fitness (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). The Sweat Series e-book comes with exercise descriptions, visual guides for each exercise, warm up and cool down guidelines, and how to track your progress.

Favorite Moment

I had a couple favorite moments that I would love to re-hash super quickly!

I was pretty surprised and also so happy to shoot with Lululemon a couple weeks ago for one of their new products. It was a real jet-setter moment, as I was told Tuesday night about the shoot, and flew out Thursday afternoon to Vancouver. I stayed in the Opus hotel in Yaletown (would DEF recommend), and flew back on the Saturday. Literally in and out.

It was an exhausting shoot (call time at 5:15 am, almost 3 hours of sprinting back and forth, chilly morning), but super enjoyable and fun. I got this pic snapped of me just as we were wrapping up!


As I mentioned earlier I was in Calgary, and I always feel so grateful for whenever I can spend time with my family.

It’s insane to think that I left this city almost SEVEN years ago when I was a tiny 17 year old with no brains and a flip phone.


As always, it was a relaxing trip; I went test driving cars with my dad, my mother and I ran hills and died, I watched my brother coach his volleyball team and then eat all the dimsum. I’ll probably be coming back in the summer for Stampede with Adam, so that’ll be fun!

What About You?

  • What was your favorite thing this month?
  • Thoughts on those Nike sneakers?
  • Have you ever tried meal prep delivery? Did you like it?

  1. This sounds like a fabulous month!! And super excitng about the Lulu shoot. You look fabulous!
    And those Nikes…..DROOL! I am slowly becoming a shoe whore. I literally want a new pair every week!

    • beverleyc

      4 April

      Thank you! It was definitely exciting for sure. Haha, i know how you feel. I have wayyyy too many sneakers now

  2. Great favorites. I was curious about those shoes, they look different. I was wondering if they were comfy to run in, I love my regular flyknit’s they were actually a part of my favorites in March as well, I don’t know if I like the high top part on these. Congrats again on your ebook!

    • beverleyc

      4 April

      I laughed out loud when i first saw them – i thought they looked so funny. definitely comfortable to run in, though i dont run far EVER.

  3. healthyezsweet

    4 April

    Okay so I first saw those Nikes sneaks when I was in Panama actually and my brother and I shared a laugh over how..knit-y they look lol. I’ve never seen a sneaker like that but I totally give Nike props for pushing outside the box and I’m so glad you love em!

    • beverleyc

      4 April

      Haha i knowwww. i laughed too when i opened the box – they look like clown shoes!! They are quite comfortable tho and people seem to love em

  4. Super fun! My favorite thing in March was getting to go to NYC and visit one of my best HS friends and meet up with Rachel, Georgie, and Christina 😀 And your workouts are a close second favorite 😉 <3

    • beverleyc

      5 April

      Omg i bet! I’m super jelly you got to do that. Glad you’re liking the workouts Ashley (like, super happy! Since we are sweat sistas)

  5. Diana

    4 April

    Congratulations on shooting with Lululemon that’s like a dream come true 🙂

    • beverleyc

      5 April

      Thanks Diana, they are a fun bunch!!

  6. You’re probably the ONLY ONE who could pull of those kicks! ha ha!

    • beverleyc

      6 April

      Haha you could rock em i’m sure!

  7. caileejoy

    5 April

    Looks like a great month!! And yay for Lululemon!! Girl, congrats!! Also, those shoes are BEAUTIFUL! so bright and fun!
    xoxo Cailee!

    • beverleyc

      6 April

      thank you! and i know – i needed an all black outfit to balance it out haha

  8. Those shoes look AWESOME! I saw them in the store and I am so tempted to try them. Also, that pic of you and your dad is adorable!

    • beverleyc

      6 April

      haha thank you! I get my looks from him, ya know? 😉

  9. i love vacations like that with the fam 🙂 that’s definite nostalgia right there at home, and i get that too every time i drive by my high school. i dont even want to think about a few years from now! D:

    • beverleyc

      6 April

      agreed! I dont really love Calgary but its so nice to see old friends

  10. Ahh! You got to do a Lululemon shoot! How amazing 🙂 http://www.supersana.com

    • beverleyc

      7 April

      Thank you! It was super fun 🙂

  11. I love my Flyknits! I’m super pumped bc Nike is huge in Chicago and they are doing a popup class at my studio which means I get to teach AND get free shoes. BRING IT.

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