What I Ate Friday: Changing up your dinner routine

What I Ate Friday: Changing up your dinner routine

It was on Wednesday that I said to myself “I haven’t done a #WIAW post in a long time. I should probably do one soon,” as I polished off my last bite of lunch. Guess it wasn’t going to be going up any time that day.

Recently I have been focussing a lot more on what I eat after I come home from the gym at night (also known as “dinner” to some).  For the past few years, dinner was always a last minute thought for me. I spent a lot of time making myself delicious and wholesome lunches to take to work, but I would fall short when it came to my post-workout meals. Usually i’d make myself pasta with store bought sauce, rice and tuna, a veggie burger, or my classic fav: eggs & hashbrowns. Mmm, MMM!


Oatmeal topped with peanut butter, blackberries, strawberries, and slivered almonds

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I would say these are decent meals to make, but they tend to get a bit boring after 4 years.

These past couple months have been a bit of a trial and error period for me. I have made meals that took me 1 hour longer than I expected, and have made meals that were insanely quick and SO. GOOD. When you mess with my meals, you really mess with my mind, so there have been some happy and sad evenings at the dinner table.


We bought an insane amount of oranges in the last couple weeks, so these have been tiding me over between meals

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Usually i’ll plan ahead for what i’m going to buy at the grocery store, especially when it comes down to lunches. But where dinner is concerned, i’ll get a bit ‘wild’ while I shop (as wild as you can get in the cheese aisle). If I see something I haven’t eaten in a long time, i’ll grab it and get creative with my meal ideas (for example, turnips, Thai veggie beef, soba noodles, etc).

I was proud of a couple of the dinners I made the last couple of weeks, so I wanted to show em off and share them with you guys! Perhaps you can gather some ideas of your own 🙂


Pita pizza with pesto sauce and topped with garlic shrimp, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, grated cheddar and arugula. Took about 20 minutes to make – 5-8 minutes to fry the shrimp, about 5 to broil in the oven, and 5 to chop everything up and sprinkle on. (psst. I also mixed mayo and sriracha together and dipped it on the side. I have ZERO regrats).

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Lettuce Wraps: Thai veggie beef with wild rice, bean sprouts, zucchini and broccoli. Homemade peanut sauce on the side. This took about 40 minutes to make. 15 minutes for the wild rice/ cutting vegetables, 10 minutes to saute everything together, 3 minutes to wash and cut the lettuce, 5 minutes to make the peanut sauce.

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What about you?

  • Which meal do you spend the most time on?
  • Do you have a meal that you ‘wing it’ for, most of the time?
  • Any recent changes to your diet?

  1. Totally with you on winging it for dinner. When my husband travels during the week and I’m just getting home from the gym, it’s whatever filling post workout meal I can throw together quick. Sweet potoates, eggs, avo, is a constant go to. But if I am feeling a little fancier I’ll do protein pancakes.
    I do so much better during the week when I have a game plan for dinner meals. But lately I’ve been slacking in this department.
    I’d say recent changes in my diet are EATING MORE. I recently realized I really don’t think I’m getting enough food every day. That sounds awful, like how ignorant can I be. But when the diet industry brainwashes you to think you’re fine eating 1200 calories forever, it takes a while to register in your brain before you start making ACTUAL changes on a consistent basis. And I definitely eat more than 1200 calories (and have for a while), but I just recently found this calculator where I plugged in some numbers and I could actually probably use 500+ more calories a day than what I’ve been eating! CRAY.
    p.s. that pizza looks SO good. And I’m obsessed with lettuce wraps.

  2. Great article! Ashley

  3. Diana

    15 January

    That pizza looks delicious. I always spend the most time on dinner- I like to make a double portion so I can pack leftovers for lunch the next day!

    A new thing for me is eating more carbs and protein. I use myfitnesspal to track my eating and noticed the majority of my calories were coming from fats (thanks nut putter obsession) so I’ve been making an effort to eat more carbs and protein to balance things out a little bit.

  4. All of your eats look scrumptious! I’m usually a meal planner during the week, but I tend to wing every meal on the weekends.

  5. I mostly wing it when it comes to dinner. In the Tesco where I do my shopping they reduce all the food that is going out of date that day, so I can get a lot of bargains that way. I normally buy far too much, but I like mixing things up.

    That peanut sauce and beef looks amazing, one of my favourite combinations 🙂

  6. GiGi Eats

    16 January

    Lunch is typically WINGED like a chicken… And if I go out to eat, it typically includes CHICKEN – ha!

    Dinner used to never really be winged. I love making dinner for myself. But since meeting/dating manfriend… And now being engaged, ha… I don’t make dinner very often at home because he loves to eat out. That’s fine though because we generally love to eat the same things when we go out – we have our 4 favorite restaurants that we rotate, LOL! Every so often we will get steak and salmon from Whole Foods though and grill – Those actually happen to be my favorite nights. When we do get married and move in together though, I foresee a lot more cooking at home.

  7. Cailee

    17 January

    This is awesome! I totally hear ya… I definitely wing it when it comes to my lunch and dinner… and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to make something else that’s different! These meals look amazing! That pizza! YUM!

  8. I spend the most time on dinner! I usually eat the same thing for breakfast for a long time and then switch it up. Lunch is usually leftovers, quesadilla, wrap or sandwich…. or out 🙂 And dinner is more of my tlc meal.

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