Upper Body Cardio Burn

Guys, how BAD ASS is that preview photo?

I’m not talking about myself either. I’m talkin bout da FLAAAAMES.

I was having a ball, editing away on Photoshop when Adam came over to see what I was putting together. He said (and I quote), “wow, that’s really good. Soon you’ll be teaching me how to edit.”


Or whatever that quote is.

Anyway, new workout is up! This one is a wholeeee lotta push ups, a whole lot of abs, and a whole lotta fun. What else is new?

If you guys want a workout that will push you outside of your comfort zone when it comes to upper body, this is the one for you. Your chest, shoulders, biceps and core will be burning by the end of it.

I can’t believe i’m actually saying this, but DON’T BE AFRAID TO WORKOUT YOUR ARMS. Your fear of looking like a female Arnold from doing bicep curls is so beyond possible, you have a greater chance of starting a new life on Mars.

OH! And make sure you stay till the verryyyy end of the video. Because I also have a fun little burnout that you’re going to do, and it’s literally the cherry on top of the bicep cake.

Enjoy my loves!

  1. Katie way

    10 October

    I loved this video inspite of the super weird dude in the background.

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