Three Procedures I’ve Done That Have Changed...

Three Procedures I’ve Done That Have Changed my LIFE

In the last year i’ve done a few ‘experimental’ (but also, very permanent) things to myself that have altered the way I live my life. The way I get ready in the morning, my confidence, and even how I look every day.

While i’m very cautious about what I do to myself (no on-the-fly tattoos while in Bali!), I enjoy being able to experiment and try things out, so I can share with you guys the process and procedures in an unbiased way. 

I also  would 100% recommend to anyone who has been considering doing these things, so I thought it would be easiest to go through them thoroughly in a blog post.

They are:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Ombre Shading/ Microblading Eyebrows

These three things have literally made my life even MORE efficient than it already was (and you guys know I LOVE efficiency), and has helped boost my confidence in several ways.

It’s made travelling SO easy, especially to hot countries, reduced unnecessary discomfort, and has cut so much time off of my morning routines.

So let’s get STARTED!

*Disclaimer: I do not ENDORSE OR GET PAID by any of these companies or services. These are simply my views. Consult with your doctor prior to making any decisions*


How to Choose the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic! Three important steps

I’ve always been very vocal and supportive of getting laser hair removal (check out this blog post on How to Choose the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic). Growing up, I had tried so many tricks – Nair, waxing, bleaching, shaving, you name it. None of them felt that right for me or were permanent.

I mostly wanted to get rid of the hair in my bikini area, because that is where I felt the most self-conscious. I started getting laser back in Calgary when I was still in high school, but stopped when I went away to UBC.

When I moved to Toronto, I met Linda & Chantal, the two sisters who own Clarity MedSpa. They were so knowledgeable and experienced, I knew I wanted to start it back up again.

I finished my sessions for my bikini area, and also decided to get my underarms done. GUYS. IT IS SO NICE to never have to think about shaving your armpits again! Or deal with stupid ingrown hairs or have to worry about any random stray hairs. 

As someone who owns a sailboat, literally lives in a bikini whenever possible, and wears THE shortest shorts – this was a no brainer for me.

If you’re someone who wants to get rid of the hair on your arms (i’ll be doing this once winter comes around!), clean up your bikini area so you can STOP SHAVING, or even remove the hair on your back (i’m looking at you, my lovely hairy backed men), I definitely recommend.

PS – if you’re in Toronto, reach out to Clarity MedSpa. Say my name and they’ll do your underarms for free when you book your bikini laser.


My eyesight was never that bad. I didn’t have a crazy prescription for astigmatism. But I did have to wear glasses and contacts every day if I wanted to see (which I do)!

However, there were some things about being stuck with glasses/contacts that bothered me Every. Single. Day. 

    1. There was always SOMETHING caught under my contact lenses. One of Winstons cat hairs. A piece of dust. A thumbtack. (Just kidding). I spent half my life poking my fingers in my eyes and playing around with my contact lense, just hoping it wouldn’t fall out or rip.


    1. If ever I was travelling or waking up early, I HAD to have my glasses on. Also, putting your contacts in first thing in the morning always BURNS. Glasses were just another thing to have to pack (or forget). If I forgot them, I would have to sleep with my contacts in and NO ONE likes doing that. You’re literally tied to your glasses.


  1. I couldn’t lie down on my side and watch TV at night… NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE! THIS WAS A DECIDING FACTOR! You know when you see popcorn commercials of couples lying down and watching a movie. Are any of them ever wearing glasses? NO! Because you CAN’T! I’m telling you. It’s so annoying. You can’t cozily fall asleep on the couch because you might CRUSH your glasses if they fall off your face.


Basically you guys – I was done with feeling like a slave to my eyeballs. 

So I decided to stop thinking about it, and just got the Lasik consultation. Two weeks later, I was on the operating bed (no drugs for me thanks! I’ll be wide awake and completely sober while you slice my eyeballs open), ready for my new life post-glasses.

The procedure is scary, but it’s quick. If you guys are interested, I can do a whole blog post on that too. It cost $4,500 but i’m more than happy with the result. I’m so glad I did it. 

If you’re thinking about getting it done, I recommend a few things:

1) Talk to several people you know who have gotten it done. Ask about their experience and if they felt like it was worth it

2) Consult with your eye doctor and make sure you’re a candidate for it

3) Get a consultation at a laser eye clinic and fully understand the procedure and the risks

I LOVE that I got it done and I LOVE that I can live my life without worrying about glasses or contacts. But do your research first!


I have talked a little bit about this procedure in my Everything to Know About Ombre Brow post, but I think it’s necessary to mention it again!

Getting my eyebrows tattooed onto my face has honestly been one of the best, confidence boosting things that I could do for myself. (Such a funny sentence to say, but it’s true).

I barely wear make up (especially as someone who is constantly working out or teaching classes), but having good eyebrows is always a sure fire way to feel a bit more glammed up and as though you made an effort.

There is a short time period where you aren’t able to sweat while your eyebrows heal, but trust me – the 7-10 days off from the gym is WORTH the convenience in the long run.

If you’re in Toronto and looking to get yours done, I highly suggest checking out Brow Beaute. They made me feel SO comfortable with the procedure and talked me through each step.

So guys, those are it!

Those three procedures have been such a blessing for me, and have given me so much time, confidence and convenience in my every day life.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments and what you’re curious to see next!

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