12 Week Program

- The Sweat Series-
How to SHED Fat and get LEAN in 12 Weeks

Discover how quickly you can drop weight by following my week by week training guides

Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you go to the gym, and have absolutely no clue where to start?

Rolling around on a yoga mat repeating those same 5 ab exercises is just not cutting it anymore.

You’re not the only one who feels like that - I see it happen every day at the gym, to people of all ages, sizes and genders.

If you’re feeling like you need a kick in the butt, and want to start taking charge, I have the solution:

The Sweat Series is a 12 week training program that will give you direction, motivate you, and most importantly – help you shed fat and get lean.


Not everyone has 60 free minutes to spend at the gym every day. Each workout is designed specifically for the person who is constantly on the go – parents, students, or young professionals. 40 minutes or LESS is all it takes to complete the workouts.


Imagine walking into a busy gym, and NOT feeling out of place. Confidently picking up your weights, and creating your own spot for you to kick ass in.

Not sure how to perform a particular exercise? Not a problem - I've broken down each exercise in 6 steps or less, to make sure your form is perfect.


When it comes to working out, the last thing you want is to be bored. You will learn new exercises with every workout, and continually challenge your body. Each workout includes both high intensity and resistance exercises, to keep your muscles burning.

I did Bev’s Sweat Series the whole way through, and what a transformation. Mind, body, spirit, all in alignment. I had never known what it felt like to be so strong, confident, and ready to take on the world. Thanks Bev, for kicking my ass into high gear. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for me next!
- Veronica Skye

I have personally done each workout from start to finish and seen results. All of the exercises are effective and powerful, which in turn will make you functionally fit.

These HIIT circuits are what helped me power through 7 years of intense rugby training and crawl out unscathed on the other side.

This program does not ask you to perform 50 bicep curls or 10 minutes of kickbacks. I never do those exercises, so I will never ask you to either. They are uninspiring and ineffective, and this plan is built to be motivational and truly beneficial to your well-being and overall fitness.

The Sweat Series has a no BS approach to fitness that:


These workouts are designed for you to build strength, lose fat, and tighten up your mid-section. Each week is comprised of 3 HIIT circuits and 1 cardiovascular/core workout.


Don’t have a gym membership? That won’t be a problem with The Sweat Series. All you need for these workouts are basic equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a bench, skipping rope, medicine ball and resistance band.


Each workout and exercise is broken down with step-by-step photographs and instructions on how to perform each movement. Modification options are also provided for certain exercises.

The Sweat Series eBook was a game-changer for my fitness rut. I was tired of doing the same old workouts, and this program amped up my routine. It's super easy to follow and Beverley does a great job not only explaining the workouts, but making sure that it progresses for any fitness level. Highly recommend.
- Christina Valenziano

The Sweat Series isn’t a magic recipe for weight loss or a six pack - it’s better. It’s a way to feel happy each week, get stronger each week, and feel confident when you realize what you’re accomplishing. I went from being able to do 10 consecutive push ups to several rounds and variations of push ups and that makes me so proud!
- Cayanne Marcus

Here's what you'll get:

Warm up and cool down guidelines, including my 15 minute dynamic warm up routine.

Comprehensive visual workout guides, with step-by-step photos for every single exercise.

Full descriptions on how to perform each exercise with the correct form

How to track your progress and see your results

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