Shoulder Burn & Core Workout

I have had a pretty relaxing week so far; in terms of working out I’ve only have Monday and Tuesday to do so because I am heading off to sunny Mexico on Wednesday! I cannot wait. I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta twice, and Cancun once, but this time I am heading to the Eastern coast to the Mayan Riviera. If you know me well, you would know that the ocean is my favorite thing/place in the entire world, and the ocean on this side of Mexico is gorgeous! I will be swimming along with turtles, stingrays, and Nemo, pretending I am also a sea creature (except with a tank of air and giant goggles).

I did this workout because I knew that I needed to look my BEST for running around in a bikini in Mexico, and also to prepare myself for the enormous buffets that are my weakness. For some reason whenever I go to an all inclusive hotel, I cannot control my mouth or my wandering eyes. I am quite good at keeping to clean eating regime at home, but in Mexico there is no holding back. I am basically a giant mouth. Hopefully I will get chased by a shark whilst I am swimming around, and can get a bit of a workout in to burn off these meals.

Shoulder Burn & Core Workout

This workout consists of 5 different exercises. It is done for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, for 4 rounds.

1. Alternating Toe Touches: Start on your back with your feet up in the air (as straight as you can go). With your hands beside your ears, lift your shoulders off of the ground and bring your left hand so that your body slightly twists, and can reach your opposite foot (right foot). Come back down to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Try to reach your shoe every time so that you are getting a full crunch in



Gif22. Plank Walk to Push Up: This is a difficult exercise, which can also be done on your knees to modify it. Start in a plank position, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Bring your right arm down, followed by your left, so that you are resting on your forearms. Come back up to starting position, using the hand that you first brought down (in this case, your right hand will lift you up first). Repeat this cycle, except on the left hand so that you are essentially coming up and down twice. Once you have done both arms, perform a tricep push up (elbows close to body)


Gif33. Dumbbell Curl to Press: Start on your knees, holding a single dumbbell with both hands. I use a 15 lb dumbbell for this exercise. Grab both sides of the dumbbell (or hold onto the bar with both hands if you cannot), and curl it up so that it is about chin height. From there, press the dumbbell over your head, keeping your core tight. You should be feeling this motion in your shoulders and your triceps. Bring it back down, reversing the moves that you did on the way up.



Gif44. Crab Heel Touches: Begin by lying on your back, with your legs straight out in front of you and feet not touching the ground. Starting with your hands by your ears, bring your arms forward so that your shoulders are off the ground slightly, and tuck your knees in. Reach with your hands so that they can touch the back of your sneakers by your heels. Bring your arms back to starting position by your ears, and straighten your legs out again without letting your feet drop to the ground



Gif55. Mountain Climbers (Outside): The final exercise are mountain climbers, except rather than bringing your knees in within your arms, you will bring them outside of your elbows. In a plank position with a tight core and back, bring your left leg forward, so that your left foot is almost reaching the outside of your left hand. As you jump your foot back, jump your right leg forward so that it almost reaches the outside of your right hand.


By the end of this workout, by shoulders and triceps and core were burning! Try it out and let me know what you think! I will likely be doing this workout on the beach in Mexico but rather than curling a dumbbell I will be curling nachos into my mouth. Can’t wait!! Hehe

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