Resistance Training: Chest Day Workout

Resistance Training: Chest Day Workout

How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine included a few glasses of wine over cheese fondue, a small apartment fire, a lost iPhone (that was actually never lost, just forgotten about), and this chest workout. All in one evening. After that night, I was ready for the weekend to be over and for some normality to resume. (Note to self + all of you: always keep candles where you can see them, and don’t trust your BF after one too many drinks that a stolen iPhone is the only reasonable explanation for it to be missing).

Winter has finally hit (I’ve literally been saying that for weeks now), but I think it’s actually true today. At the beginning of January I decided to make the sad but practical decision to put my bike away into storage for winter. I bought my bike at the beginning of May and rode it to work every single day until the end of December. Doing this saved me over $1,100 in transit passes. Amazing, right?

Unfortunately this cold front has made it just a bit too chilly to ride to work comfortably, and being the baby that I am, I decided I would take the streetcar for the next 2-3 months until it warmed up. My new commute now starts with an early morning streetcar ride to work, and walking home from the gym in the evening. Although it’s cold, I don’t mind bundling up and walking the 30-odd minutes to get home. I like it for two reasons; one because I save $2.90 each time I walk, saving me $60 in a month (if I walk every day), and two because it alleviates back/hip stiffness from sitting for 8 hours a day behind a desk. Long story short… if you bus home from work, maybe it’s time to think about walking!


My new winter jacket from Lole!

Enough about my commute – lets talk about chests!

This workout is different from my HIIT circuits that I so often post on here. While I do enjoy my circuits, I have mentioned a few times that I love resistance training and weight lifting. Something that I have never really focussed on until a year ago was working out my chest.

I find that chest and back are the least thought about areas when it comes to women. These days its all about glutes, glutes, GLUTES! But you know what is sexier than a big fat bottom? An equally proportionate body. I’m telling ya. Nothing is more attractive to a man, then a woman who can bench as much as she can squat. AMIRIGHT GUYS?! Hehe.

Chest Day Workout

  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 4 x 8-10 Reps

  • Cable Crossover: 4 x 8-10 Reps

SUPERSET (Perform 1 set of push ups, and immediately after 1 set of tricep dips. Repeat 3x)

  • Push Ups 3 x 12 Reps

  • Unstable Tricep Dips 3 x 15 Reps


Incline Dumbbell Press: Set up a bench so that the back rest is not completely vertical, but 1 or 2 pegs down. Sit down on the seat, and have your feet firmly planted on the floor, with upperback, head, and bum in contact with the bench. Pick up the weights (using a spotter if needed), and raise them to shoulder height. Rotate your hands so that your palms are facing outwards with elbows slightly tucked in and not flared. Arch your back slightly, and using your chest, press the dumbbells up. Pause for a split second, and bring them back down slowly, keeping the elbows tucked in.


Cable Crossover: Place the pulleys on the machine to about shoulder height. Pick a weight that is light, but challenging; going lighter at first and moving up if necessary. Grab the respective handle in each hand, and stand in the centre about 1-2 feet away from the machine with your arms extended to the side. Stagger your feet for more control, and keep a slight bend in your elbows and torso. Ensure that your shoulders are both at the same height, and one hand is not higher than the other. Keeping your torso and arms in the same position, pull the cables forward and in front of you until your hands meet at the centre of your chest. Pause for a half second, and slowly bring them back behind you maintaining control the entire time.



Push Ups: Start in a push up position with your hands placed slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your core tight and body in a flat line. Bend your elbows until they are at 90 degrees, keeping them tucked in slightly and not flaring out. Pause for a half second at the bottom. Push through the heels of your palm until your arms are extended fully, and you are back in push up position.


Unstable Tricep Dips: I like to change up my regular tricep dips and try something different, but if you’re not comfortable with this variation then feel free to do them normally on a bench! Grab two dumbbells that are heavy enough to sit upright and place them about half a foot apart. Place your hands on the tops, pointing towards your body. Extend your legs out in front of you, and slowly bend your arms so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Press through the heels of your hands, and straighten your arms fully. Keep your elbows pointed backwards and not flaring to the sides.

What about you?

  • Are you a regular exerciser of chest workouts?
  • Is there a body part you tend to neglect when exercising?

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Resistance training! Chest day workout. You will be feeling this for the next few days after doing this workout!

  1. Kat

    18 January

    Ive never thought to do triceps dips on dumbbells like that! What an awesome idea. Unfortunetly my gym has really old DBs and they aren’t flat, so I would have to pass on those – for now! I’ll have to remember those for when the DBs are updated!

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      Ooo i know which ones you’re talking about! Hopefully they update your gym soon!

  2. Girlfriend sounds like your weekend was a little bit of a sh*t show! 😉 I’d probably crawl up into a ball and cry if I ever lost my phone. But that’s just because I have my priorities straight in life. Hehehehe. Hitting the gym today – going to do this workout! Looks awesome!

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      Bahaha i KNOWWW. Honestly my BF was totally calm and collected about the phone. I would have gone to Telus at 2 am that morning crying.

  3. Christina

    18 January

    I think chest is definitely one that I tend to neglect. Great workout, totally trying this! I love using your workouts at the gym 🙂

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      Yayyy, thanks girl!! Glad you like doing them

  4. Definitely too cold to bike outside! I love the look of those unstable tri dips. I’ve never tried those quite like that. My triceps are my hardest part for me to train. Great ideas!

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      Glad you liked them Deb! And i agree, triceps are funny/frustrating little muscles

  5. OMG LOLE is my fave! I actually just ordered the Emeline jacket (thanks, 40% off sale). Also, I LOL’d at the way you threw “small apartment fire” into that paragraph. I’m glad your phone was found.

    Thanks for another fab workout. Can’t wait to try this one!

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      YES! just googled the Emeline jacket – looks awesome. And bahaha i know, it ended in tears

  6. Jen

    19 January

    This one looks awesome! So, i’m doing Hammer & Chisel right now and I’m realizing that I don’t have upper body/chest day nearly enough! Gotta try this one really soon! PS. it’s so bloody cold here too – it was like 2 degrees today!

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      totalllyyyyy! I used to NEVER do chest, so it’s kind of fun doing it now 🙂

  7. Oh heck yes I’m feeling this! Quite possibly will give it a go tonight whoo hoo

    • beverleyc

      20 January

      Haha i know you will!! thanks love

  8. Love doing chest! It actually is probably my favorite body part to train, in hopes of making the girls smaller. Yes, I said it. :-p
    And my winter jacket is from Lole TOOOOO. And I have a rain jacket from them. LOVE THEM, obvi. I love all things Canadian.

  9. Masala Girl

    23 January

    holy push ups & tricep dips! i’m going to try this! and i do focus on glutes more, but that’s because it’s soo hard for me to gain & maintain leg/glute muscle, and its so easy for me to gain & show upper body muscle (except for shoulders D: working on the back too!)

  10. Masala Girl

    23 January

    also, love the GIFs!!

  11. Isn’t it amazing how money/savings add up when you take the time to calculate it?! I really wish I lived in a more bike friendly/walking city I would be all about that all the time. Do you have anything on your blog that tells how you got into fitness? I’d love to read it!

  12. Jason

    18 March

    Great work. Your pushup form is excellent by the way!

    • beverleyc

      21 March

      Why thank you Jason!

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