Outdoor Bench Workout

Outdoor Bench Workout

Finally summer is here!! Can you feel it? I definitely can!! Once it starts to get a tiny bit nice out, I start to get this weird FOMO on the outdoors and stop going to the gym and opt for working out outside instead. It’s so much nicer being outdoors and getting some sun and also making all the sun tanners feel bad about themselves for not working out (hehe just kidding).

This is a pretty basic outdoor body weight workout and all you need is a bench! There are 5 exercises for this workout, with the last one being “optional” as it is a much more advanced move and requires a strong core and upper body.

Outdoor Bench Workout

1. Bench Jump to Push Up: Jump up onto the bench landing with both feet at the same time. Jump down and immediately bring your hands down like you would do a burpee, and do a push up. Make sure you don’t hit your head on the bench on the way down! If you can’t do a full push up, put your hands on the bench and do an inclined push up with your feet on the ground, or opt to do knee push ups. If you don’t have a bench to jump up on, do a tuck jump instead.

2. Decline Push Up: These are like regular push ups except with your feet up on the bench. By having your feet above your shoulders, you are changing the angle of the push up which works the muscles in a different way. It places more emphasis on your core, and as well as your pectorals and triceps. If you are unable to do these, just work on regular push ups with your feet on the ground

3. Alternating Step Up Kick Back: Face the bench and with one leg step up maintaining good balance. Using your opposite leg, kick straight back so that you feel your glutes engage. Step back down, switch feet and repeat using the opposite legs. You may find that bringing your back leg out and a bit to the side has more of an effect – try out both

4. Reptile Decline Plank: This exercise is a core BURNER. Start with your hands on the ground and feet up on the bench. Bring your right knee up to the side, as close to your elbow as possible, and then tuck it in under your body to your opposite elbow. Repeat with the opposite leg. You should bring your knee as close to your elbows as possible to really engage your abdominals. If you aren’t feeling exhausted by the end of this one – you’re not bring them close enough!

5. Side Plank Inclined Knee Drive *Optional*: As mentioned earlier, only perform this exercise if you feel you are confident in your core and upper body strength. Place both feet on the bench and the right hand on the ground so that you are facing left. Slowly bend your top leg and bring it as close as you can to your chest. You should feel this in your shoulders as well as your obliques. For an easier version, try this without the bench.

Hope you enjoyed this workout! Let me know how it goes and show me you liked it by using the buttons below!

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