Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Giving gifts has definitely become one of the more challenging aspects of the Christmas season. Especially as you get older, trying to buy for people who have a solid income stream and just purchase whatever they want, WHEN they want it, has become a serious burden to figure out.

Figuring out what YOU want for Christmas is also hard! This year I thought about it very hard. Finally I came up with a very specific tea from Davids Tea, a white Queen sized duvet cover, and a coffee bean grinder…

I mean. COME ON. God that’s boring.

I guess that’s what happens when you turn 27 years old. Your idea of a gift is not having to buy new sheets for yourself. Yikes.

Don’t even let me get started on MY DAD. Every year is a new puzzle. I’ve simply just started donating money to charities in his name, and TBH that actually makes him really happy. (***Take note: a quick and easy gift to get for the dad who has everything!!!).

However, I do love putting together these gift guides because it’ll give you some ideas that you probably never considered before! And with only a few days left till Christmas, you need all the help you can get 🙂

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 2018

Saje Elements Lab Diffuser

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I’ll be completely transparent and tell you guys that i’m not really a diffuser girl. It’s too much work to fill the thing up with water everytime lol (yes I AM actually that lazy).

However, I saw the Saje Elements Lab Diffuser at an event and fell in love immediately. It takes the concept of a regular diffuser and makes it 10 times hipper and more authentic. Rather than plugging it into a wall, you LIGHT A CANDLE BENEATH IT LIKE YOU’RE IN THE 1800’S. The heat from the candle warms the water and bam! Your home smells incredible.

Did I mention it’s the hippest looking diffuser ever?

Purchase it here for $69.95

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

White Terry Sheet Set

LOL YOU GUYS I HAD TO. If I am in need of a set of sheets, someone else is too… right?!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea

I recently found out about these incredible sheets and I LOVE them. The fabric is organic AND luxurious. By supporting the use of organic cotton, White Terry is also employing sustainable farming practices by not depositing pesticides and chemicals in the ground!!! You guys know how obsessed I am with sustainability and saving the environment, so this was an easy addition to the guide. Get this for the person who lovessss to sleep in. Or take selfies in their bed.

(PS: For a limited time you can use the code BEVERLEY20 to get 20% off (not an affiliate link, just want to share the love!) )

Purchase yours here for $119 and up

Copper French Press

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

One of my best friends Bettina gave this to me for a birthday present and I LOVE it. It fits in perfectly with our white / grey / green and copper theme of the condo. Also it makes me coffee! Huge win.

It comes in all sorts of colors and designs, so you can cater it to whatever their interior design preferences are. If your gift recipient is like me, and using a very unfashionable IKEA french press, they will LOVE this one 🙂

Buy it here for $30.00

Garmin Dash Cam

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay, fathers are literally the hardest to buy for. Every Christmas, Birthday and Fathers Day i’m stuck trying to be creative, practical, and unique for my dad.

Something that Adam always says to me is that ‘men like gadgets.’ To which I reply: “PLEASE SPECIFY WHAT YOU MEAN BY GADGET!!!!!!” and then he goes “You know. Gadgets.”

So that’s always a fun conversation to have.

Last year I decided to go the gadget route, and got my father a dash cam for his car! He loved it! After opening it up, he sat silently and happily in his chair playing around with it (I assume setting it up, but whatever), and I knew it was the right gift for him. Also he feels much more secure and safer when driving now, because people be crayyyyy!

Do yourself a favor. Get your father (or any other man in your life) a dash cam.

Buy it here for $229.

Trigger Point Carbon Roller

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Don’t be fooled by the pretty red decorations – this roller is NO JOKE. If you’ve got a friend or relative who is serious about their body care and fitness regime, this is the product for them.

The texture of the roller allows it to get deep into your connective tissue, releasing those super tight and stiff muscles. It also helps to increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body!

Only get this for the person who can handle it though – I can tell you from firsthand experience that the first few times are no fun… (and then you learn to love it!)

Buy it here for $40.

In the end, whatever you get for your loved ones is enough! It’s the thought that counts! As long as you leave a gift receipt and they can return it and get something they actually want… that’s the important part of the holidays.

Hehehehe. I’m just kidding. I hope you got some ideas from this post! Now go enjoy your holidays xx

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