June Love + My New Favorite Pastime

This month I decided to take up a new hobby. Well, I don’t know if it’s really a hobby but it’s a… past-time? Relaxation method? I don’t know – you tell me.

At the end of June my company’s insurance benefits plan renews, and starts over from scratch. Since I had some neck and back issues this past year, most of the money went towards physiotherapy. Buuuut, a couple weeks ago I realized that I had just over $200 left in my benefits plan to spend on WHATEVER my heart desired.

And you know what dis heart desired? A back massage.

I’m the type of person who LOVES to have her back touched – I know some people hate it (weirdos). I went into the session with no real expectations, just looking forward to having some hands touch my back for 45 minutes (haha, okay maybe I’M the weirdo).

It ended up being one of the most beneficial and life changing massages ever – after 5 minutes he started finding all these hidden knots in my back and neck that I didn’t even know were there. To be honest, I didn’t even know you could get knots in your neck! All those weeks of painful physiotherapy, whittled down to 5 minutes of trigger pointing. It was amazing.

Definitely going to be making this part of my monthly wellness routine. All that biking, sitting at a desk, and lifting heavy weights can put such a strain on your body. You deserve to have hands touch your back for 45 minutes every now and then 😉

Favorite Snack

june love2

I was invited to a Presidents Choice party, and afterwards they gave us a freezer bag of goodies – lemonade, sriracha mayo, quinoa crackers, and this DELICIOUS chocolate and nut mix. Holyyy. I finished the bag within the day.

It was one of those bags that like, you couldn’t decide which thing you liked the best. Was it the coated almonds? The coconut flakes? The chocolate chunks? MM. Just thinking about it again makes my mouth water. I wouldn’t say it’s the healthiest option on the market, but it’s definitely one of the most delicious. I road tripped up to cottage country this weekend and brought these for the car ride up.

Favorite Apparel


Dona Jo contacted me, asking if they could send me a pair of their leggings. Like any fit girl would, I immediately said YES! After checking out their website, I was a little unsure about how they would look on me. I generally go for less bright/pattern-y leggings, because I have larger thighs and find that colored leggings immediately draw attention to them.

However, I received the Airbrushed pair the other day, and am so happy I did. I loveee the way they make my bum look, and I love the length of the tight. Tights usually run a bit too long on me (hello stubby’s), but these were the perfect size. I’ll be pairing them with a light colored sports bra to wear to the gym on leg day!

Favorite Drink

june love

I know I go on and on about how much I love matcha, but that doesn’t mean i’m not also in love with coffee. Quantum is the coolest new coffee spot in Toronto, and has a MASSIVE cafe right downtown (and it’s always bumping).

They sent me a bag of coffee, a super cute tumbler, a notepad AND gift card. And it all came packaged up in a cute little box. It’s been ages since i’ve had coffee in the house, so I’m ecstatic to have that smell wafting around in the morning.

Favorite Photo


I don’t know if you guys have seen this photo floating around, but Bettina and I got together to shoot a creative Aerie-based series. Bettina is literally one of the most talented photographers i’ve ever met. Every photo she produces comes out beautiful, and i’m not just saying that because I was in front of the camera! 😉

We posted this photo on Instagram, and were delighted when Aerie themselves reposted it on their account! I’m obviously obsessed with Aerie – after ranting about how much I hate the airbrushing app, it’s such a relief to see a brand refusing to fall into that trap of deceit (strong words from Cheng).

Favorite Skin Product

june love3

For the next few months i’m teaming up with Lole and Biotherm to try out their new products, attend their events, and help encourage active living. They’ve sent me several moisturizing products that have this water-based gel in it, and i’ve actually noticed huge differences in my skin. One of the products was this face cream which I have credited for clearing up the redness/zits on my chin and around my nose. The other was this Aqua-Gelee body moisturizer.

I’m actually super lucky to get to work with these brands, cause usually I wouldn’t have been able to afford such luxuries! Totally worth it though to not have that mess on my face (and hopefully it stays that way).

What About You?

  • What were your favorite things this month?
  • How much would you spend on good quality face cream?
  • Ever tried the PC Coconut Snack Mix?
  • Ever bought anything from Aerie? (If you haven’t, YOU SHOULD)


  1. Totally just scrolled waaay far back on @aerie to find your photo and squealed when I did!! Could not have more love or respect or admiration for that company..and they’re now the only ones I’ll buy panties from cause they’re the BOMB. Congrats girl!! With your newfound Aerie fame wanna send me some of that snack mix? 😉

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Awww you’re so cute!!! I actually love that company and am so glad I was recently introduced to them. Hahah sure thing girl, i’ll send you some nutz <3

  2. These are all great favorites Beverley. I love those leggings and your favorite photo from the month. This month I have been obsessed with RXBAR’s for my snacks and I’ve been enjoying cold brew coffee. I hope you have a fantastic week.

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Thanks Ivanna!! The leggings are my new favs (not like i dont have enough already but still…)

  3. That is such an adorable shot of you at the beach!! And that dog <3 Aerie is my lifeline. Everything from there is basically gold. I live in the bralettes and can never get over how soft their clothes are, it's such a bonus that they're a badass company!! I've been wanting to treat myself to a massage for so long now and you may have just convinced me.. 😛

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Thank you Leah! I know – isn’t Bruce just ADORABLE. And agreed, everything from there is so cute and fits well and isn’t expensive AF.

  4. OMG! You look ravishing, girl with such a beautiful body. That favorite photo is indeed gorgoeus. Leggings look beautiful. I mean, they are all great favorites Beverley. Awesome!

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Thank you so much Anu!! Ravishing is such a compliment haha <3 Glad you liked them all!

  5. I L-O-V-E having my back rubbed! Like LOVE it so much! My husband is one of those weirdos and doesn’t enjoy it…which actually works out pretty well for me because I get all the back massages without having to return the favor! (WIN)! 😉 That photo of you is amazing! If I was Aerie I’d repost it too! 🙂 Have an amazing week!

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Hahaha you’re SO LUCKY. Can i borrow your husband please? Thanks so much Laura!

  6. I need a photographer to follow me around. Even when I make my husband do it I feel stupid bc he’s not an actual photographer, so someone who is used to taking pictures would be great. Now I just have to open my mouth and ask one of the 215674 ones in Chicago haha. Awesome that Aerie reposted that picture!!

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Hahah i knoww, I’ve turned my BF into a photographer which he HATES now. But oh well. Seriously tho, ask around. There are so many photographers that’d be interested in shooting with athletic/fit people!

  7. Your aerie-based photo is stunning! Also super cool your from Toronto. I visited the city for my first time a couple of weeks ago – it’ amazing 🙂

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Yay! What did you do while you were here?? And thank you!

  8. I saw your Aerie-inspired picture on Instagram and thought it was so cool! You look stunning and would be a gorgeous model for Aerie!

    And I’ve never put it in those words exactly but I agree- I LOVE having my back touched, too! Back rubs are my favorite and I always offer to give them to friends because I assume that other people think they’re the greatest thing in the world, too (of course I ask if they like them first haha- I know some people can’t stand them.) Anyway, got my first massage earlier this summer too and it was incredible. Such a great 90 minutes of my life!

    • beverleyc

      6 July

      Aww thank you so much Liv!! That would be the dream haha.
      Umm can you be my friend for life? I would love to have someone that OFFERED to massage my back. Literally a dream come true for me haha.

  9. OMG I want those leggings!!!! Being that’s all I ever wear anymore, I’d totally take that offer too! I used to have a membership to a massage place and get a full-body pampering once a month. IT.WAS.AMAZING. Then I decided to be frugal and put that money in to my blog. Ugh being a responsible adult is so overrated sometimes!

    • beverleyc

      7 July

      Ooo you would look amazing in these leggings! They need to make preggo versions haha. And agreed, adulting is hard. I miss being hungover in University and eating bagels all day

  10. katalysthealth

    7 July

    Girlllll your bod! I tend to stick to black leggings as well simply because I sweat like a madwoman with my hour lifting session and then 40 minute HIIT class, but there’s something empowering to me about wearing patterned leggings on leg day so that’s typically what I try to do! Or wear funky shorts, that way I can see my quad gains during my squats 😉

  11. You’re body is just amazing! Keep up all your hard work! Massages…OMG life changing. I try to get one every couple of months and I swear they help decrease my stress and anxiety levels on top of making my back feel better.

  12. I totally agree with you, massages can be absolutely life changing! <3 And yes, people are weirdos who don't love such things 😀
    Anyways, that photo of you is so gorgeous, plus I love the leggings!

  13. Those leggings! I am such a fanatic for different patterned/colored leggings. I off to investigate! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Yess! Do it 🙂

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