July Love + Weekend Getaway

July is done, and you know what thaaaat means?!

It’s my birthday month!!!

Kind of kidding. I don’t actually use the entire month to celebrate my birthday, but if you’re my friend, I WILL take up your entire weekend. I think that’s fair.

This month was busy busy, what with flying to BC for a photoshoot, filming more Huffington Post videos (plus two more in the works!), and one of my best friends visiting who I haven’t seen in like, two years. (Things got a little out of control).

Last week Adam and I took a trip up to Prince Edward County to get away from the city. We did a similar road trip up to Tobermory last year and had so much fun! I think we’re going to try to make this an annual thing – renting a car, picking a small town a few hours away, and pretending to be explorers.

Instead of staying in a regular hotel/airbnb, we decided to try sleeping on a boat for a couple of days. Adam is a newly obsessed sailor, and i’m going along for the ride. Honestly, it made the trip so much more interesting – we hung out in the marina, drinking wine, and relaxing. Being outdoors with no wifi, no TV, no computers – it really encourages you to live in the moment and appreciate your surroundings and the people you’re with.

On Saturday we drove around, going on wine tours, had a cider tasting, and stopped off at a rock beach. AND – get this: for the first time in 4 years, I bought a bottle of white wine! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Guess i’m not the red wine snob I always hoped to become.

Favorite Wine

I guess it makes sense that I give a shoutout to my new favorite white wine – Wicked White by The Devils Wishbone (where they hand label EVERYTHING). We tried it at the wine tasting, and I actually really enjoyed it. The first white wine i’ve had in a while that didn’t taste like piss vinegar. We were also told to pair it with a lemon-y food, so obviously Adam and I stopped at the closest bakery and bought a lemon square. Something about the tartness of the lemon changes your taste buds, so that the wine goes down even smoother.

It’s like a magic party in your mouth.

Favorite Weekend

I literally just got back from Osheaga in Montreal, and i’m currently still dead. I don’t know how one weekend can hold so much insanity. 3 entire days of straight drinking, dancing, screaming, laughing, meeting new people and having the absolute best time. I have 3 blisters on my feet, my white shoes are almost black, i’m sun-burnt, my legs are exhausted, and we spent 11 hours making our way back to Toronto yesterday, but i’d do it all over again in a heart beat.

Some of the best acts I saw included Lana Del Ray, M83, Bastille, Grimes , Years & Years, Flume and Disclosure. I also got to spend all weekend with one of my best friends from University which was seriously the best! Look how cute she is!

Favorite Book

Guys, I am so seriously serious when I say this book (Mean Streak by Sandra Brown) is amazing. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of mysteries/thrillers/murder novels, and I LOVE when there is a crazy twist at the end. This one is a page turner, and I literally finished reading it in 6 hours. 6 CONSECUTIVE hours. I was a woman obsessed.

As we speak I am putting more Sandra Brown books on hold at the library for some light reading at night. Nothing puts me to sleep better than a fictional death, amiright?

Favorite Drink

I started making my own kombucha recently, and I absolutely love the stuff (recipe coming soon!). The other morning at work I was craving some of dat fizz, so I headed down to the local health food store to buy some. Might I mention, this is a health food store in the Financial District of downtown Toronto. Cheap, it was not.

They had a few different flavors, but I ended up choosing the Rise Kombucha brand with Hibiscus and Rose Hips. With a flavor name like that, how could I NOT buy it. It was tasty, but I think I prefer the Ginger flavor as the flowers were a little too sweet for my liking.

Favorite Moment

After arriving home on Sunday from my weekend getaway, I logged on my blog to check my stats (ya literally that’s what I do as soon as I get home. So sad). I was pleasantly surprised to see they had shot up out of no where! For the first time Buzzfeed had featured one of my recipes on their round-ups. After 2.5 years of blogging, I had FINALLY made it!

If you’re curious to know which recipe, it was the Roasted Salmon Rice Bowl in their 21 High Protein Lunches.

Oven Roasted Salmon Rice Bowl

What About You?

  • What was your favorite moment this month?
  • Have you read any Sandra Brown books?
  • Any music festivals you’ve been to this year?

  1. Nice job! Lollapalooza was last weekend here and I hid inside my house for fear of all the people and crop tops. Props to you for your adventuring!

    • beverleyc

      3 August

      Ooo Lollapalooza is now on my list for next year! Thanks for the idea haha.

  2. Congrats on the increase of traffic!

    Osheaga sounds like it was a lot of fun, even if you did come home tired.

    • beverleyc

      3 August

      It was! Thanks Fiona

  3. That’s so awesome – congrats! And I’m impressed with your festival abilities… I cannot handle long hours in the sun, drinking, dancing and being around SO MANY PEOPLE. Lolla was last weekend in Chicago and I avoided downtown at all costs.

    • beverleyc

      3 August

      Haha omg there were SO MANY TIMES i just wanted to sit. but i pushed through (only because my friends were and i couldnt be the weakest link)

  4. Happy Birthday month even if you don’t celebrate it all month long. The wine looks good but I’ve never had a wine I didn’t like. That book sounds interesting too.

    • beverleyc

      3 August

      Hahaha you’re right – all wine is pretty damn great. The book is AMAZING. read it. please.

  5. Demeter | Beaming Baker

    3 August

    Happy Birthday Month!! I fully believe in full months being dedicated to birthdays! Lol. Also, Flume is AWESOME!! So cool to hear that you had a wonderful time in July! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      4 August

      Hahah, well if you think its okay thennnn i guess i do too! And YES, Flume was amazing. Couldn’t stop dancing 🙂

  6. Excited for your kombucha recipe! I haven’t ever made it but I want to try – I spend waaaaaaay too much money on that shiz. Love your weekend update and all the snaps of your amazeballs life and crazy lip colors 😉 I live vicariously through you!

    • beverleyc

      4 August

      Yayy! I seriously need to step it up haha, i’ve been meaning to post it for like… 2 months now. oops. thank you girl!! <3

  7. Your roasted salmon bowl is giving me suggestive nods. WHAT IS THAT about?!?!?!

    PS: It’s your birthday month. MONTH. Everyday you celebrate! 😉

    • beverleyc

      4 August

      GURl its because it knows you’re such a salmon faaaaan 😉

  8. Oh my gosh I would looove to see Bastille live. You just reminded me to make a playlist with him actually; it’s been awhile since I listened. So glad you had such a fun and eventful month Beverley!

  9. It’s officially my birthday month too! YAYYYY! I need to find that wine because I’m obsessed with everything lemon!

  10. carmyy

    6 August

    LOVE that black crop tank!

  11. I just saw Lana del Rey and Years & Years at Outside lands in SF! Unfortunately the weather here wasn’t as nice as it was for you guys at Osheaga. We were bundled in jackets and scarves for most of it!

  12. It’s my birthday month too! haha August is the best! The husband and I are working on no computers, etc. while on vacation or time away … it’s so refreshing when you just put it all away for a bit!

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