Huffington Post Stair Workout + Athleta Photoshoot

Huffington Post Stair Workout + Athleta Photoshoot

Hi! How are you?

I’m on a little bit of a high right now, because I just filmed another live Facebook stair workout video with Huffington Post! If you were following me a little while ago, you might have caught the other video I did with HP, about exercises you can do in the park. 

As you can probably tell, i’m a FIEND for outdoor workouts, guys (also demonstrated by my Ultimate Medicine Ball and Upper/Lower Body Split Workout)

A stair workout is one of my favorite exercises to do in place of cardio (quick video here). Not only that, but it seriously works your entire lower body, and helps burn fat like it’s your job. Stairs are extremely versatile, so there is so much that you can do – running, hopping, single leg hops, lateral movements, forward/backward movements…


Anyhow, if you’re curious to see what my standard stair workout looks like, here is the Facebook video!

The entire thing takes me about 30 minutes, and here is how I break it down:

5 Min Warm Up: Walking up stairs/ Walking up stairs, skipping a step/ Light jog up stairs, no skipping

Double Leg Hops: 3-4 Sets using both feet, no skipping steps

Cardio: 3-4 Sets, running up stairs, skipping a step

Single Leg Hops: 1-2 Sets, using one foot, no skipping steps

Lateral Jump to Hop: 3-4 Sets, skipping steps as you go (skip to 10:40 to see!)

Cardio Burn Out: 3-5 Sets, full out sprint up the stairs, skipping a step

As you can tell by just reading this – it’s a pretty exhausting workout. If you have a set of stairs anywhere near to you though, you seriously gotta try it. There are modifications that can be made and breaks can be taken in between sets if you’re just starting out.

My other bit of even MORE exciting news, is that I’m heading out to Vancouver TOMORROW, as I was picked to shoot for an amazing, amazing brand called Athleta! You may have heard of it, as it’s part of the Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy group.


This is probably one of the most incredible opportunities I could imagine, and one of those times where I just have to say that i’m pretty damn proud of myself. The shoot is four days long, and includes a sea-plane ride up to Northern BC, where we will be staying at the TYAX Resort. It looks like this:

i'm seriously not making this up

i’m seriously not making this up

There will be two other models, plus a whole crew of photographers and production managers, stylists, etc. The craziest part is that since we’re flying on a sea-plane, I have to pack SO lightly. Literally a backpack of stuff for a week!

I will definitely be snapchatting my FACE off, and taking tons of photos the entire time. Follow me (username: @beverleyc) to see all the beautiful sights, and watch me nerd out in the outdoors.

I’ll be gone all next week, so I’ll be a bit AWOL on here – I apologize in advance, but i’m sure you’ll be just fine without me.

What About You?!

  • Ever done a stairs workout?
  • Have you ever worn Athleta clothing?
  • Have you ever travelled to Northern BC?

  1. The photo shoot sounds like fun! BC is such a beautiful province.

  2. Get it GURL! I watched the facebook live video and was tired just from watching hahah – it looks killer. And congrats!!! This is so so awesome and that resort looks unreal and I CANNOT wait to see you in the next Athleta catalog 😉 Have an awesome week!

  3. lindseymarie1

    8 July

    CONGRATS on the Athleta photoshoot — that’s HUGE! YAY!

  4. Girl you are KILLIN IT. How do you keep getting all these magical gigs? I need to get your hookup haha. Looking forward to hearing all about it! I don’t have snapchat so make sure some of it goes on IG!!

  5. I just saw your snap at the airport this morning!!! YOU BETTER SNAP YOUR FACE OFF! This is seriously so amazing. Insanely happy for you!!!

  6. Congrats!! That is super super exciting! I love athleta!

  7. Wow, girl! You have some exciting things happening here! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats Beverley!! I’m off to go follow your snapchat so I can live vicariously through you and Athleta!

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