How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Way...

How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Ways]

This year I have been on a JOURNEY of self discovery, you guys.

I never thought it would happen in all of my life. This is coming from the QUEEN of sarcasm. The one who never says ‘namaste’ at the end of a yoga session, and the one who rolls her eyes whenever someone brings up crystals and ‘energy.’

I THINK I might be growing up. Terrifying.

If it weren’t for becoming an entrepreneur and being thrust into this life of utter independence, chaos and stress, I don’t think I would have ever reached this point of learning how to be mindful. But guys, there is so much potential.

There is so much POTENTIAL for you to grow – in your mind, in your career, your happiness in life, when you become more mindful and aware. You guys need to drink whatever cool-aid i’ve been drinking cause i’m tellin ya – it’s the real deal.

Learning how to be mindful is not something that just HAPPENS. You have to find a way that works best for you. And when you find something that you like, then stick to it and continue! I’m going to share my 3 easy ways that I became more mindful this year, and how you can implement them into your every day life.

How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Ways]

How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Ways]


I started going on morning walks at the beginning of summer, and it is an incredible way to start your day. The idea stemmed from my annoyance of checking my phone first thing every morning and scrolling through emails, Instagram, Facebook. I didn’t want to START my day like that. It feels so icky!

Every morning (if I didn’t teach a class) I would wake up 30 minutes earlier, leave my phone untouched on my nightstand, and go for a walk along the water. I’d let my mind wander to where ever it desired. I’d think about how I slept and what I dreamt about. Consider what I needed to get done for the day, and how to go about it in the most effective and efficient way.

Not only that, but I would take note of all my surroundings. The things that you SEE when your nose isn’t pointed down into your phone! Look at the houses in your neighbourhood, the kids getting onto the school bus, whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Think about how lucky you are to walk around safely on clean streets with sidewalks. It’s crazy – it’s a luxury that not everyone has. Learn to appreciate all of it.


Capital One Canada and Credit Canada Debt Solutions did a study that showed 30% (!!!) of Canadians cite financial stress as a larger worry than overall health. Not only that, but on average, Canadians said they spend 7 hours per week worrying about their finances.

That is such a burden to carry, and the daily stress can have a huge negative impact on your overall health.

A way to become more mindful of your expenses and finances is to be able to properly educate yourself. It’s not something that we’re taught at a young age, unless it’s from our parents – and not all parents have the tools to teach their children these important concepts.

Being able to understand where your largest expenses are, where to cut down on them, and how to confidently and properly manage your money are key factors in becoming more mindful of your financial situation.

Because of this, the theme of Credit Education Week this year is Money Mindfulness. Throughout the week of Nov 13-16th they’re hosting workshops throughout Canada for FREE to the public. A chance to brush up on your financial literacy and get real, solid advice from the experts. (Also Gerry D is the key speaker which is like the worlds best news)

I personally attended a workshop and recognized where my spending habits were making a negative impact – technology has advanced so much that we can easily spend $15 on an Uber when we used to pay $3 for public transit. We can pay for a coffee with the tap of our phone. We turn our brains and our minds off when we make these decisions because the convenience outweighs everything else.

Learning how to be mindful about each purchase (rather than just tapping my phone left and right) has helped me to cut down on unnecessary purchases and focus on my spending habits. Give it a try next time you’re about to order an Uber! Maybe you could walk!


How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Ways]

You guys knew this one was coming 😉

I started meditating about 6 months ago, shortly after I realized that my work schedule was literally causing CHAOS in my mind. 2-3 PM every day I would be overwhelmed with everything I needed to do, and how many hours I had left to complete it. It would build up more and more until I gave up, and had to stop working altogether.

I downloaded the Calm app and tried their 7 Days of Calm. I learnt many things in those 7 sessions. One, that it was possible to train your mind to stop going into overdrive. Two, that the breath is the one CONSTANT thing in your life and you should take full advantage of that. Three, to not judge yourself if you weren’t ‘good’ at meditating.

In each guided practice, you’re taught something a little new, and each lesson teaches you how to be a little bit more mindful and aware of your SELF, and your SURROUNDINGS. By consistently returning to your breath, you learn how to let go a little more each time, and not let your thoughts or your emotions build up and take control.

This translates to your life as you become more skilled at handling unexpected situations, and limiting your reactions. You’re able to focus your energy and awareness on things and people that matter, vs wasting time on those that don’t.

How to Be Mindful & Reduce Stress [3 Easy Ways]

These three things have honestly helped me so much in the past year. I wake up grateful, happy, aware and relaxed. More than i’ve ever felt in years.

If you’re ready for your OWN path of self discovery and mindfulness, start slow and find what works for you. This isn’t a quick win situation – it’s something you will work on each day more and more.

(Thank you to Capital One for partnering with me on this post).

What About You?!

  • How do you be mindful in your day to day life?

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