How 15 Minutes Can Make All The Difference

How 15 Minutes Can Make All The Difference

Hi, hello, hi!

Today I really wanted to share with you this one thing that i’ve been doing since January, that has seriously upgraded my life.

I should have shared this earlier, but I really wanted to give it a bit of time before I talked about it. To REALLY be able to share the benefits and positive impact that it has had on my life.

I think 9 months has been long enough, don’t you?

Doing this ONE thing will start to evolve in a way, that it will lead you to another small change, and then another.

Until all these small changes eventually lead you to creating and living this dream life that you are so content and happy with, you don’t know how you didn’t do it before.

YA. I’m actually serious.

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I would start waking up 15 MINUTES EARLIER then I had to, to take the stress out of the morning rush.

That’s all I did!

I gave myself 15 minutes more than I knew I needed to: prep my meals, brush my teeth, poop (lets be honest, this sometimes takes 1 minute, other times 10), get changed and put on my sneaks.

At first I was like …this is dumb.

I would sit at the kitchen table for 10 minutes, and then start to get ready. I knew EXACTLY how much time I needed to get my life together before work, and these extra minutes were simply confusing me.

But I made a commitment, and I wanted to stick with it.

It was also around that time, I knew I needed to change my meditation practice.

I was meditating in the middle of the afternoon, at the PEAK of my busy-ness. I would get in a couple sessions a week, at the most.

Instead, I decided to make use of those 15 minutes, and start meditating first thing in the morning. Got it done, outta the way, felt great.

It felt SO great that I even started wanting even more time for myself in the morning.

Soon, 15 minutes wasn’t enough! I wanted 30!!

I started waking up earlier and earlier, until I had created this INCREDIBLE morning routine that almost gave me a HIGH when I was complete.

It fuelled my mornings, it fuelled my gratitude, it fuelled my focus. I felt like I could take on the world.

Like I said earlier, those small 15 minutes developed into something so beneficial that I myself did not even see coming.

I’m not saying that stuff like this is easy, but I am saying that it’s worth it.

It’s so worth it, in fact, that I decided to hold a whole workshop on our next retreat where I show YOU exactly how to create an effective, consistent morning routine. As we talked about in this Instagram post, each workshop was an opportunity to dig deep, and find new ways to develop and grow.

Just like warming up before a workout, it’s so important to warm up your mind & mood before you start your day.

Are you ready and willing to give it a try?

15 minutes might seem hard at first (especially if you’re already rising before 6 AM), but I PROMISE YOU, it will be worth your while. Money back guaranteed 😉

PS: there are only a few spots left for the Ultimate Sweataway retreat! If you want to learn how to create your OWN morning routine, workout with me on the beach, and swim with the sea turtles – i’ve got you covered. We’ve only got limited spaces, so don’t wait too long on this.

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