Hot Legs & Firm Butt Workout

Back again for another workout? Awesome!

This workout is HARD. I did it for four rounds, and by the end of it I was hurting pretty bad. My legs were burning for the next couple of days. But hey, if you want firm thighs and a cute butt, it doesn’t come easy! Each exercise is done for 40 seconds this time – a bit longer than my usual workouts. But you get a 15 second rest break in between. If you want to do this exercise along with me in the comfort of your own home, you definitely can. Just press play on the YouTube video and do it with me!

Hot Legs & Firm Butt Workout

1. 3 Squat Jumps to 3 Body Weight Squats: Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend down so that your legs are 90 degrees with the ground, and jump up, exploding into the air. As you land bend your knees, so that your weight is on your quads and glutes. Make sure you’re going at least 90 degrees or a bit lower to get your glutes involved even more. Repeat for 3 squat jumps. After 3, repeat except only doing body weight squats – without the jump

2. Side to Side Plank Jump + Burpee: Start in a plank position on your hands, shoulder width apart. With your feet together, jump your feet to the left of your body. Jump back to the middle, and then to the right. When you jump back to the middle again, jump your feet in close to your hands, and jump straight up in the air. Once my legs started to feel a bit dead, I opted for a body squat rather than a jump (this was on the 3rd and 4th circuit). To modify this exercise, jump your feet out like in a V formation. Then jump them back in close together.

3. High Knees Running: This exercise may seem easier than it actually is. To really get the most out of the exercise you have to keep those knees high the entire time. No slacking and barely lifting them – they have to be high. Try to bring them to your chest each time. Make sure to keep pumping your arms as well – dont leave them by your side

4. Deep Squat to Lateral Leg Lift: Whewww this exercise really kills! Start with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly pointed out. Squat so that your legs are past 90 degrees. As you lift, bring your left leg up to the side so that it is almost parallel with the ground. Make sure to not stand up the entire way. Keep a slight bend in your knee so that your quads are always working. Bring the leg down, repeat the squat, and lift the right leg.

5. 5 Sec Plank to 5 Sec Forward Lean: Start in a plank position on your hands. You can either count in your head or watch your timer. Lean forward on your hands so that your shoulders are in front of your hands. You are doing this right if you feel that your abdominals are working and your arms are a bit shakey. Hold that for 5 seconds and then go back into resting position (regular plank). Hold the regular plank for 5 seconds, then repeat into the leaning position once more.

Nice work!

If you finish four rounds of that workout, then you killed it! Let me know what you thought of this workout and please share using the buttons below.

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