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Born to Sweat: About Beverley Cheng


My name is Beverley Cheng and I am the founder, writer, videographer, and fitness guru of this website!

Ever since I graduated University and stopped playing rugby, I needed another outlet for my passion to health and exercise. I wanted a formal platform to share my workouts and recipes with my friends, and that is how Born to Sweat (formerly Sweaty & Fit) came to be.

I have travelled and moved around a lot in my 20-something years, but the one thing that has always stayed constant for me was my love for exercise. While growing up in Calgary I was very unhappy - I did not have a lot of friends and because of that, not much confidence. On top of that, I used to be so embarrassed about how much I sweat! It seems funny now, but I remember hanging out in the bathroom at UBC alone after walking to class, just waiting for myself to cool down. (Moustache and back sweat is not a good look for a 20 year old female). It wasn't until I started playing rugby and working out more and more that I began to really love who I was becoming.

I have slowly learned to embrace these imperfections about myself, and learned to love them because of fitness. Working out has given me a whole new positive outlook on how I view myself and how I view the World. Everything I have achieved so far in my life has been through hard work, raw determination, and persistence; and those three things have given me more confidence and trust in myself than I could ever imagine.

I truly believe that if you have a body, then your health and fitness goals can be limitless. I advocate for this lifestyle, because I have experienced first hand the positive effect it can have on a person. That being said, I also fully advocate for balance, and I will never turn down a pizza or a beer because I consider it 'cheating.' Aside from working out outside, in the summer you can find me exploring Toronto on my bike, watching a Jays game, or throwing a football around on Toronto Island.

I hope that my website can help you towards becoming the most  confident and happiest version of you, while learning to embrace and love all of your imperfections. I will always be real, sometimes too aggressively honest, and I will never promote a product that I don't believe in. My goal is to get you comfortable in your skin, and learn to love the feeling of sweat dripping down your neck as you do my workouts; because I believe that we were all Born to Sweat.