Abs & Arms 28 Minute Circuit

This workout is set up differently from how I normally do my workouts, and I’m excited for you guys to try something new as well! The inspiration for this workout came out of the fact that the circuit I had done a few days prior made my legs SO sore that I literally could not run or jump.  So that left me with an abs and upper body to work out instead! By the end of this workout I was completely covered in sweat and grass, and I expect the same from you guys!

The way this workout is set up is that there are two circuits – one for upper body and the other for core. The upper body one consists of 5 exercises with a set number of reps. You will complete these exercises and the reps over and over for 7 straight minutes starting with the first exercise and going through each one after the other. Once you have gotten to the last of the five exercises, you will start again with the first exercise until time runs out.  At the end of the 7 minutes you take a 2-3 minute break. After that you will complete the ab circuit in the same fashion as the upper body one. You will repeat both circuits two times!

Abs & Arms 28 Minute Circuit

Upper Body Circuit

  1. Plank to Push up: In the first few reps you will see that I jump from my fore arms to my hands. This is a more difficult move to do, and if you are unable to do these, simply walk your hands up normally shifting from a plank to a push up position. Once you’re in a push up position, do a push up, before going back into a plank. Repeat 10x
  2. Dumbbell Rows: I use 15 lb dumbbells for this exercise. Once again begin in plank position. Keeping your back flat and avoiding shifting your hips too much, lift your right hand so that your elbow is in line with your back. Put your hand back to the same position, and repeat on your left. Repeat 8x (16 times total, or 8 each hand)
  3. Split Push Ups: These push ups are done with your hands staggered – one hand higher than it would be in a normal position, and the other hand several inches lower. You can either do jumping push ups – (switching your hands while performing a quick jump in between each one), or by switching them after you’ve done a push up. Repeat 10x (5 times each hand)
  4. Bicep Curl to Press: I again use a single 15lb dumbbell for this. Holding it horizontal with hands on each end, curl the dumbbell and then go straight into a press. Focus on keeping your elbows in line with your hands, and not letting them flare out. This focuses on your triceps and shoulders. Repeat 12x
  5. Mountain Climbers: Start in a plank position and bring your knee up to your chest. Bring it back to regular position and switch with your opposite leg. Repeat 50x (25 times each leg)

Core Circuit

  1. Scissor Kicks: Lying flat on your back with your hands either under your bum or to the side, scissor kick your legs alternating between left over right. I try to kick my legs wide on these exercises to really target my oblique’s. If you find that this exercise is hurting your lower back, lift your legs higher to reduce the pressure. Repeat 12x (24 times each leg)
  2. Russian Twists: You can do these with or without a weight. Sitting on your bum, with legs and feet off the ground, twist your torso so that you feel a pull in your oblique’s. I always try to touch the weight to the ground. Repeat on the opposite side. Repeat 12x (24 times each side)
  3. Sit Ups: Repeat 15x
  4. V Ups: Start lying on your back with your hands above your head or by your ears and hands and feet off the ground. Contract your abdominals and pike your body so that your hands and feet touch. If this is too difficult for you, perform these with bent knees rather than straight legs. Repeat 10x
  5. Plank: Hold plank for 30 seconds

So the total amount of working out you will be doing is for 28 minutes and you should allow yourself about a 2-3 minute rest in between each circuit. Try it out and share it with your friends using the buttons below!


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