Ab & Arm Sculpting Foam Roller Workout

Ab & Arm Sculpting Foam Roller Workout

Oh boy you guys. When I decided to film this workout, I had NO IDEA how hot it was going to be.

Holy crap. I almost gave up after the first exercise, but I grit my teeth, wiped away the sweat that dripped down into my EYEBALLS, and continued on.

My condo has this secluded balcony that has this large space and a light colored wall, which is PERFECT for filming workouts in front of. It’s also apparently directly where the sun points its shiny bright rays at, which i’m pretty sure reflects right off the wall and back onto the ground again. I was convinced the mat would start melting right below my hands.

I will not be doing that again at 4 pm on a summers day.

It has been a busy few weeks for me, and only recently has it started to slow down. There were SO. MANY. EVENTS. that happened in this summer.

We actually went over to a private Toronto island (which the majority of is closed due to all the flooding) for a MEC party, where there were sleeping bag races (no, really), s’mores, and other garden games. I also got invited to an event at Sky Zone which is a huge indoor trampoline gym with trampolines EVERYWHERE.

Normally i’m not into those kind of activities (ask me about the time I did an entire photo shoot on a trampoline), but I actually had a blast. They led us through a trampoline workout (umm, yes, totally up my alley), and by the time we were done, I was so ded.

Why is jumping on a trampoline so easy when you’re a kid, but so difficult as an adult?

Anyway, this workout does not include sleeping bags, trampolines, or melting mats (seriously – don’t do this in the direct sunlight please). There are 5 different exercises that are challenging and will define your abs, shoulders and triceps. All you need is a foam roller!

My foam roller is actually a really small travel roller, so some of the exercises might look a little funny. If you have a regular one that is larger, you’ll be good to go!

Ab & Arm Sculpting Foam Roller Workout

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds on, with minimal rest between exercises. Rest for 2 minutes between sets and repeat for 4 rounds in total.

Plank Tucks

Place your hands on the ground, with your shoulders directly above them. Bend your knees and carefully place your shins on the roller. You may have to play around with the positioning of the roller, so that you can get a full extension when you roll your knees back. Keep your core tight and extend your legs as far back as you can go. Slowly roll your knees back up as close to your elbows as possible.

Tip Toe Push Ups

Place your feet on the foam roller, so that the toes of your shoe are touching the top. This makes it slightly more difficult as you are using your core to prevent the roller from moving back and forth. Place your hands on the ground so that you are in a plank position. Bend at the elbows, keeping them close to your body and perform a push up. Ensure that your back is tight and  your hips are not dropping.

Core Extension Roll Outs

Place your knees on the mat, and your forearms on the foam roller. Similar to the plank tucks, you will have to play around with the positioning of the roller so that you can get a full extension through your hips. Roll your elbows away from your body, keeping your core tight and back flat. You should feel your abs start to engage as you fully extend your upper body.

Seated Alternating Leg Extension

Sit on top of the foam roller, and lean back slightly. Place your hands on the ground behind you. Extend your right leg and keep your left leg bent at the knee. As you extend the right leg, try to bring it close to the ground without actually touching it down. Slowly bend the right knee back in and as you do, extend the left leg out. You should feel this deep in your abdominals and lower obliques.

Bent Knee Commandos

Place the top of your feet flat on the roller. Bend your knees and place your hands on the ground. Similar to a regular commando, come down to your forearms on each arm, one by one. Keep your core tight throughout the movement, not letting your hips drop. Come back up to your hands so that you are back in starting position. Make sure to not let your shoulders round out and keep the back flat. Alternate which arm you use to go down with each time.

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5 hot, sculpting, ab burning exercises that you can do with your foam roller! Mine is a travel roller, but if you have a regular sized one - even better! Your shoulders, triceps and core will be feeling ever so sculpted after this workout.

  1. Such a cool workout! I would have never even thought to use the foam roller like that!

  2. Virjinia

    4 October

    That core roll out looks killer! I’ll have to give these a shot!

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