A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

It’s December, the sky just DUMPED a trillion tons of snow on us as I was driving home this weekend – methinks a Christmas Gift Guide is in order!

Now, if you don’t know…

I LOVE Christmas.

I love the festivities, the markets, the lights, the Christmas plays. It just seem like something is in the air… do you feel me?

Winston does not agree

When I was younger, I used to find it SHOCKING that my parents weren’t as excited about getting presents as we were. How could anyone NOT love getting piles and piles of wrapped presents?!

HELL would freeze over before that happened to ME (yes, a very festive saying).

But in the last few years, I’ve found that the last thing on my mind has been about the presents I might receive. The spirit of Christmas is contained in the experiences, not so much what people spend on me.

You’re probably a bit confused about all of that (this is a Christmas GIFT GUIDE after all), but i’m thinking more in terms for yourself – give your friends and family the gifts they deserve. But don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. Bundle up and check out the local Christmas market. Make mulled wine. Throw a Christmas party.

The options are endless when it comes to this holiday season 🎄

ALRIGHT, enough of that. Let’s get into the material things. What you’re all here for 😉

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets


A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Vichy Self Tanner $20

I’ve tried many a self tanner, and when it comes to tricky parts like my hands, feet and face, this is my go-to product! You might be too broke to buy your friend a round-trip ticket to Mexico, but you can show you care about their pale skin with this bronzing lifesaver.

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Consonant Charcoal Sheet Mask $12 each or 4 for $45

Plan a self-care girls night, put these masks on and laugh at how insane you all look while watching Christmas with the Cranks! These masks increase collagen production, leave your face looking insanely hydrated and plump, and helps to boost overall skin health.

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Candles $25 each

Yes these may be one of the most cliche gifts you can give, but you can also never go wrong with a candle. What friend is going to be like “wow, you got me a candle? 🙄 Thanks a lot…” ? NO FRIEND!
Currently my favorite scent is Rose Water & Ivy, but Bath & Body Works can do no wrong when it comes to their options.

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Sproos Collagen Creamer $25

At this point i’m basically just making a list of things that you should buy me, but that’s quite ok.

If you care about your friends and family, you care about their collagen production and coffee. The two C’s of 2019, in my opinion. This creamer is PESCETARIAN FRIENDLY (not made from bovine), has a 5 g of MCT oil for that brain health, and is so simple to use. Just add it to coffee in the AM and go!

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Jewelry Dish $25-$50

Jewelry is IN LADIES! If i’m wearing jewelry every day (and I’m not a trendy gal at all), you know that your friends definitely are. I’ve just been balancing my rings on the faces of my watches (nope, not kidding) and have decided it’s time to level up. Etsy has so so so many options – get one with your friends initials engraved and she’ll love ya forever.

Organic Traditions Mint Chocolate Latte $20

This latte mix is seriously one of a kind and your friends will LITERALLY THINK YOU ARE SANTA CLAUS. These latte mixes (Organic Traditions has a few) are great for a couple reasons: One, it’s dairy free so your vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and all those other annoying amazing friends in your life cannot complain. Two, it’s SO SIMPLE – you just add hot water and mix. Clump free. Complaint free. Heavenly deliciousness.


A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Literally anything from Lululemon $100+

I mean… you really can’t choose ONE thing from Lululemon. Their entire store is one endless gift options. But for the fitness enthusiast in your life, here are my favorite items to move in: Free to Be Wild bra, 25″ Align Leggings, Align Joggers, and the On the Fly Pant! It’s definitely on the pricier side, but you know that it is a gift that will live on for years!

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Oxygen Facial from Clarity Med Spa $195

Really want to show your friend that you care? Book them in for an Oxygen Facial at Clarity Med Spa (if you’re in Toronto). This is a sneaky 2 for 1 present – It’s not only an hour of facial pampering, but a much deserved hour of relaxation. They’re LITERALLY getting oxygen pumped into their skin along with vitamins, anti-oxidants and botanical extracts. Bliss!
(PS: You can get $50 OFF if purchased before Dec 30, 2019. Just call em up and ask for Linda)

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Lightning Huggie Earrings from Vanderhout Jewelry $240

Give your friend a ‘shock’ with this uber cute pair of earrings! Hoops are in baby, but add a lightning bolt to the mix? Now we are TALKING! All items are made from the highest quality 14K gold and will stand out against the crowd. If your friend isn’t of the earring variety, be sure to check out their amazing selection of rings as well. My favorite is this signet ring in rose gold!
(use BEVERLEY20 to get 20% off your order)

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Custom Nike Metcons $170

If your friend is just getting into their fitness journey or has been a gym rat for years, they will more than appreciate a good pair of lifting shoes. The Metcons are my go-to sneaker when it comes to any free weight exercises or compound movements. You can get one of the Nike designed sneakers or gift them the option to customize on their own!

A Christmas Gift Guide For All Budgets

Cougar Pillow Boots $230

FASHION AND FUNCTION. These pillow boots from Cougar are both (FINALLY!!!). Not only will they keep your friends feet WARM, but they’re easy to style and pair with jackets. We’re all tired of either looking clunky or being cold all throughout the winter – with these boots you don’t have to choose!

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