5 Minute At Home Warm Up Routine [NO EQUIPMENT]

5 Minute At Home Warm Up Routine [NO EQUIPMENT]

At Home Warm Up!!!!

If you’ve ever been to one of my workout classes or have joined my 30 Days to Fit program, you KNOW how obsessed I am with a proper warm up.

Since playing competitive sports at a young age, the importance of a good warm up routine has been instilled in me like second nature. I remember once doing a very quick warm up lap around the field before kicking practice prior to a rugby game. I literally kicked the ball ONCE, and pulled my hamstring.

I was out for a month. And that was our first game of the season.

Ever since that day i’ve buckled down even more on my warm ups, and refuse to rush through them. Every part of my body must be saying ‘yes!’ before I’ll start sprinting, lifting or jumping.

I know many of my readers workout from home, so I decided to put together a 5 Minute At Home Warm Up Routine video! 5 minutes is a very QUICK warm-up, but I also realize that not everyone has 10-15 minutes to warm up before their workout.

Because of that, I designed this routine to efficiently hit every part of your body before you get started exercising.

You’ll start with a bit of cardio to get the blood moving and flowing to your target muscles. Then you’ll move into some light dynamic exercises, a little bit of core activation, and then finally some mobility.

This warm up is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different exercises. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, I have a library of videos included in my 30 Days to Fit, including upper and lower body warm up routines and glute activation exercises!

If you’re looking for something to get you going right now, click to watch the video below and lets get your body MOVING!

5 Minute At Home Warm Up Routine [NO EQUIPMENT]

1. Cardio:

30 seconds jogging on the spot

15 seconds high knees on the spot

15 seconds hip twists

15 seconds jumping jacks

15 seconds jogging on the spot

2. Dynamic Exercises

10 x body weight squats

3 x dynamic quad stretch per leg

3 x dynamic hamstring stretch per leg

5-10 arm circles

2-3 arm gators/direction

2-3 windmills/direction

Forward shoulder lean

8 x reverse lunge + kick

3. Core Activation

5 x high plank knee drive

4. Hip & Spine Mobility

3 x runners lunge + rotation per side

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5 minute at home warm up routine! No equipment needed for this awesome dynamic warm up. Get your entire body moving and the blood flowing to ensure you don't injure or pull anything before your workout

  1. Stephanie

    2 December

    This makes me feel like my current warm up routine is more of a cool-down compared to this hahah

  2. Franzi

    4 February

    Yas that’s so good😊👍

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