One more day until 30 Days to Fit launches!

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but 7 months ago (SEVEN MONTHS!) when I quit my job, one of the reasons I did so was to work on this program!

Back then I thought I was going to release it in December. Then I figured January. Then I realized that it was going to take a long long freaking time, and here we are 5 months later.

But you know what, it was worth the wait, because it is SO much better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I honestly believe in this program so much because I put my heart and soul into it to give you as MUCH information you could possibly get.

So here is what it’s all about:

30 Days to Fit is a 30 day video series to help you take control of your own fitness journey, and become more knowledgeable, empowered, and confident both in and out of the gym.

Out of the 30 videos, you get 22 completely unique gym workouts, 4 meal prep recipe videos, and 4 information sessions, giving you a completely comprehensive and well rounded approach to fitness.

The Workouts

I decided to make this a gym based program so it would be different from my other program The Sweat Series (a 12 week HIIT program using minimal equipment).

The workouts are divided into Legs & Glutes, Back & Triceps, Upper Body Cardio, Full Body, and Cardio & Core days. This program is based 100% off of my own workouts, and how I train at the gym every week. The workouts are different each week and will challenge and change you. You’ll start developing your glute strength, practice pull up variations, strengthen your upper body with a variety of weighted and body weight exercises, as well as work on your cardiovascular health.

You will need equipment for this program: a barbell, squat rack, benches, dumbbells, resistance bands, and cables. The cable machine is used ONLY in the back workouts for 1-2 exercises, and if that is the only thing you are missing then you can definitely still do the program! You would just have to modify with resistance bands.

I also put together a package of all the resistance bands that are used in the program and am able to supply them at a discounted price! If you’re in need of your own, you can purchase them here.

Each workout has a voiceover so you know exactly what your form cues are for each exercise, and how to properly perform them. You’re also given 5 BONUS videos that show you how to properly warm up for each workout, and how to activate your glutes. No getting injured because you didn’t warm up!

The Meal Prep

This is one of my favorite things about the program, because so many people struggle with creating quick and healthy meals for their week and I wanted to give you some of my favorite go-to meals.

Each video shows you exactly how to make each recipe and what ingredients you need. They are COMPLETELY customizable to your diet preferences, and there are notes in each one saying what you can substitute with.

The recipes are developed for 4 days of lunches (or dinners), but each recipe also has a note on how to extend it to 5 days. The reason I developed it for 4 was that I’m a big fan of the 80/20 rule. When I worked a full-time job, I would eat my healthy homemade lunches Monday-Thursday, and on Fridays i’d treat myself! Usually to a burrito bowl or something of that nature.

Again, this program is helping you become healthy and more educated, but in a way that is sustainable and agreeable for you!

The Information Sessions

So many programs give you 4 to 6 days a week of workouts, but what about your rest days? On those days, you can be learning!!

There is so much about health, working out, and about your body that you might not know – I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pass as much of my knowledge onto you.

The information sessions range from learning how to properly foam roll and why it’s important, how to workout to achieve your goal physique, the difference between compound and isolated exercises and the benefits of both, and so much more.

Not only that, but you’re given weekly challenges to help turn healthy behaviours into habits, daily motivational tips, as well as work sheets to make all that learning stick!

I am giving you all of this because I want you to become empowered and to learn how to take control of YOUR fitness journey. Don’t let someone else dictate it for you!

Soo0ooo, how do I sign up?!

30 Days to Fit is launching on May 1st, at $99 CAD.

When you sign up, you will get your own username and password to enter the program website. You can access it from your laptop or mobile device, watch the video and save the workouts. The program NEVER expires, so after the 30 days are up, you still have access to it forever. You can do it as many times as you want!

ALSO, I personally will be doing the program starting on May 7th, so if you want to join me, make sure you grab it before then. Finally, if you feel like you need additional support or are concerned about starting the 30 days on your own – don’t be! There will be a Facebook group that everyone in the program can join where you can introduce yourself, let us know about your fitness journey, and ask any questions you may have!

I’m SO excited to get this out and I can’t wait for you guys to take part in it. If you want to purchase the program, CLICK HERE!

Who’s joining me?!


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