14 Minute INSANE Butt & Arm Workout

You guys asked for it, so I must deliver! Right now I am in Calgary typing up this workout, hoping to get it done AFAP (as fast as possible. I think I like this acronym better)! I have been feeling a little bit under the weather, so what did I do? I went and did an insane workout and almost passed out 😀

No, i’m just kidding, i’m not actually that cruel to myself. If you must know, I took three days off from working out at ALL. (Minus the 30 minute run I did with my mother yesterday… Yes I have an exercise addiction). But seriously, I took Wednesday off from the gym, Thursday I also took off from work entirely because my cold was getting worse, and Friday I spent all day hanging out on the couch with my moms, watching British cop shows. IT WAS AWESOME.

I don’t know about you guys, but taking three days off and fully relaxing is something I am not very good at. This morning I wasn’t too sure if I should give the gym a miss, but i’m glad I didn’t. I pushed through the workout and I felt quite good the rest of the day. Exercising during a cold should not be looked down upon!

Anyway, back to the workout. I am doing this one a little bit differently, without a workout video. Instead, as you can see below, I am using GIFS to convey the different exercises. Please give me your feedback! I will ask some questions at the bottom that would be great if you could give me some insight on.

14 Minute Insane Butt & Arm Workout

There are two rounds in this circuit, with 4 different exercises. Set a timer for 7 minutes, and perform each exercise for the stated number of reps below. Keep going through the circuit until the 7 minutes are up. Give yourself a 2 minute break and then repeat. If you want to be REALLY insane, go for 3 rounds total.


  • Barbell with weight plates (or two heavy dumbbells 20-45 lbs)
  • 2 dumbbells, around 7.5 – 15 lbs
  • Chin up bar


1. Front Squats (10 Reps): Okay so for the actual workout I used a barbell instead of dumbbells and was lifting 75 lbs. Not heavy, but challenging enough for the number of reps. Unfortunately I couldn’t film myself on the squat rack doing this exercise. Make sure to pick a heavy enough set of dumbbells. If you are a beginner I would start with 2×15 lbs, intermediate about 25 lbs each, and advanced – using a barbell with weight if possible. Holding the dumbbells (or barbell) at your shoulders, squat down low enough so that your knees are bent more than 90 degrees with the ground. Keep your knees in line with your toes and don’t let them go over.


2. Plank Lateral Raise (8 Reps): Grab two dumbbells (I used 10 lbs each), and grasp them in your hands in a plank position, with your shoulders directly above them. Keeping your core tight, lift your right arm straight out beside you so that it is parallel with the ground. Make sure to keep a soft bend in your elbow. Bring it back down to plank position, and then repeat on the left side. Make sure that you perform this exercise in a controlled manner, to ensure that your wrists and the dumbbells are stable. Try to use dumbbells that have flat sides. You should feel this in your posterior delts (back of your shoulders), and upper back.

3. Bulgarian Lunge (10 Reps/Side): Start with your left foot raised on a bench/box behind you, and your right foot planted firmly on the ground. Flex at the hips and knees, so that your front leg forms a 90 degree angle with the ground. If you require assistance, hold onto something beside you to keep your balance. Extend your hips and knees at the same time, making sure to keep a soft bend in your knee. Push through the heel of your foot, ensuring that your glutes are being activated during this exercise.


4. Chin Ups (5-8 Reps): Your strength will determine how many reps you can perform (I did 5 reps each time). If you cannot do chin ups by yourself, use a band to assist you. Grab the bar less than shoulder width apart, palms turned inwards towards you. Keep your body straight, but with your core tight. Engaging your lats and your biceps, pull your torso up so that your chin reaches over the bar. Slowly lower your body back down to starting position.

Questions for you!!! Please give me two minutes of your time to answer:

  • Did you like the GIFS instead of the video to convey the workout?
  • If you could change something about the layout, what would it be?
  • Any other comments or suggestions?

  1. I love the gifs to explain the workout! You look amazing!
    You inspire me with those chin ups!

    • beverleyc

      10 September

      Thank you for the feedback Julie! Can’t wait to see you pumping out some chin ups 😉

  2. OHMYGOSH I love this workout, but more importantly, I love your blog!! You are an inspiration and I will definitely be back!

    • beverleyc

      10 September

      Chrissa! Thank you so much! Same to you my dear <3

  3. I have a hard time taking time off too! We are a crazy bunch. Look at you with those pull ups impressive!!

    • beverleyc

      10 September

      Agreed! Just always gotta be on the move.

  4. Annmarie

    10 September

    LOVE this workout! Every once in a while I really like a challenging workout that leaves me feeling spent! Pinning for later! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      10 September

      Thanks for pinning!! Glad you like it 🙂

  5. Ivanna

    10 September

    Thanks for sharing this workout! It looks really challenging. I am def going to try it. I need to work on chin-ups for sure. You are great at them.

    • beverleyc

      14 September

      Thanks Ivanna! With a little practice you’ll be great at them 🙂

  6. The Gifs were awesome, so helpful. I’m impressed you were able to set yourself up to video yourself…I kept looker for a helper to be videotaping you in the mirrors but it was all you! I need to get myself more into circuit workouts and this was some great inspiration.

    • beverleyc

      14 September

      Aww thanks Leslee! Haha I have to get very creative with my filming skills sometimes

  7. Love this workout already! Definitely bringing this one to the gym next week. Hope you’re feeling better!

    • beverleyc

      14 September

      Thanks Nicole! Glad to say I am 🙂

  8. Love this workout!! Can’t wait to give it a try. 🙂

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  10. Robyn

    15 April

    I like the GIFS 🙂

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