About Me

Beverley’s health and fitness journey started when she realized she was a very, VERY sweaty human being. After years of trying to hide pit stains and bum sweat from her classmates, Beverley decided that enough was enough. 

Instead of choosing to remain ashamed and embarrassed of this trait, she decided to embrace it full force. From there she started her brand, Born to Sweat.

Beverley Cheng is a fitness and wellness entrepreneur living in Toronto, Canada. After playing high level rugby for several years, she retired her cleats and started a fitness blog instead. What began as a small website and a few workout videos, slowly turned into a full time career, encompassing several different brands and services.

Born to Sweat now runs fitness retreats down south, workout competitions in Canada, online coaching programs and has its own clothing apparel line.

Beverley truly believes in the power of exercise towards changing your life for the BETTER. As someone who has experienced the positive effects firsthand, she believes it is her duty to share this message with as many people as possible.

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