Weekly Wrap Up – Goodbye Winston, Hello Bali...

Weekly Wrap Up – Goodbye Winston, Hello Bali!

Hi all! So it has been quite a while since I’ve done one of these, and I thought it was time to give myself a bit of a break from the informative/recipe/workout posts, and just talk about ME. ME, ME, ME. BECAUSE THIS IS MY WEBSITE AND I DO WHAT I WANNNNN.

Just kidding.

Anyway, but no seriously, sometimes I just need a break from doing research, editing pictures, making tiny workout GIFS and just want to post photos of my fat cat on a walk.


October has already been an insanely busy month for myself. Adam and I drove up to Ottawa to see his parents for Thanksgiving. It’s always an enjoyable time to visit, but the drive itself takes so much out of me. 5 hours is a LONG time to be sitting in a car. Also I have a wonky back so sitting for too long really doesn’t feel good.

This weekend we are heading up there again, because we need to drop off Winston before we head OUT TO BALI (1 WEEK TODAY!!!). So many emotions about this trip:

  1. I am soooo sad that I won’t be seeing Winston for literally almost 4 weeks. But i’m also happy that I won’t have to deal with his meowing every morning at 6:30 am. But i’ll also miss his cuddly fur and the way he tries to hump me.
  2. I am super excited to be going to Bali and Hong Kong. I have not taken a vacation since I got back from Mexico in March which is cruel and inhumane!
  3. I am sad that knowing when we return from Bali, fall will be over and it will be freezing cold and snowy
  4. BUT I’m gonna be the tannest betch around, so i’m PUMPED for that

I am hopefully going to be posting a video on what i’m packing for Bali, so stay tuned! It will be a good one.

Last week we had a hugeee Chinese family dinner for my grandpas 90’s birthday. If ever I forget that I am part Chinese (which actually does happen), going to a family dinner will fix that immediately. Here is a photo of us all.



LOL. I kid you not. #neverforgetyourroots

So this dinner and celebration is a big deal in Chinese culture. 90 is a hugely exciting number. If you’ve never been to a Chinese dinner like this, let me explain to you how it works:

Each table is equipped with two to three servers. They will bring out a big plate/bowl of food, and a number of small plates for how many people are at the table. They will place the big dish in the middle and all the small plates on the outside. Then the server will – at lightning speed – cut up and serve the food perfectly equally onto the plates. Everyone grabs a plate, eats, talks. 10 minutes later the server comes back, clears away ALL the dishes (also at lightning speed), before putting down a new dish of food and repeating the process.

With these dinners, the rice and noodles are always served last, because they want you to fill up on the good stuff. In total there were about 10 courses, and three different desserts. We dined on scallops, lobsters, fish, duck, pork, soup, bok choy, etc,etc. By the time it ended, 3 hours had gone by. It was insanity.


Literally the exact replica of my grandpa

A couple weeks I did a photoshoot with Daniel Bray in Toronto and I was superrr happy with the photos. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen one of the photos I posted. I was also wearing Bohemian Island pants that are made in Thailand and were sent to me as a gift!! They are absolutely gorgeous.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Basically that’s the end of this post. I just wanted to share that not everything I do in my life revolves around fitness and health (although it definitely seems like it, and 90% of it usually does) and I wanted to get a bit more personal! If you want to get REALLY personal, make sure to check out my first Vlog post where I introduce myself and talk about my fitness journey!

How about you guys?!

  • When was the last vacation you went on and where?
  • Do you own a pet?
  • Does your family do massive birthday/celebration gatherings like mine?

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  1. Love it! I actually just found your blog, so I haven’t seen the 90% fitness part, but the personal part is fun. I have a cat who would KILL me if I tried to put him on a leash, but that’s awesome 😀 I’ve got a huge family too, but our celebrations are usually potluck-style-chaos 😉

  2. That dinner sounds fantastic, I can’t think of a better way to spend 3 hours… Ha, loved the fat cat pictures. I’ve a three legged dog called Sheldon, who is currently on a diet as he was getting a bit chubby.. He loves running with me though, and did a 5K race with me last weekend 🙂

  3. GiGi Eats

    25 October

    Well you know what my last vacation was… But the last time I left the country was to Taiwan in July of this past year, to go gain 10 pounds, ha ha ha. Have so much fun lady! I feel like it’s necessarily that I write a guest post for you when you’re gone, LOL!

  4. I am living in Bali for the month of November! Have a super great time.
    What are you travel plans while you are there? Where will you be visiting?

    • beverleyc

      28 October

      Ahhh!! How amazing! I would love to be living there for a month. What brings that on for you?? Yes, I am staying in South Kuta for the first 5 days (Nov 1- 5), then Gili T to do some diving form the 5-7, and the UBUD from 7-10…. Will you be in any of those areas?

  5. Brittany

    28 October

    YOUR CAT! I am so jealous of the walks! I also need those pants.

    • beverleyc

      29 October

      Haha! He sometimes hates me and sometimes loves me for them.

  6. masala girl

    29 October

    those pants are awesome, im normally not one to comment on or even like them, but seriously i want them 🙂 also your cat looks so sweet! is he an outdoor cat? i have 2 black cats, i tried taking them on walks when i was younger and it didn’t work out so well! haha.

    and that dinner looks amazing! I’d love dining with my whole family on a feast like that!!

  7. I can’t believe that you put a leash on your cat and take him for walks! LOL! I’m sure you will miss him and his humps. 🙂 Your family is precious and there are so many of you! LOVE Grandpa’s cake too! Those pants and your picture are gorgeous. I also adored your vlog post – you are so brave to do that! Have fun in Bali!

  8. Ashley

    7 November

    Enjoy your trip!! It’s always so hard leaving our beagle when we head of out town! But I always love coming back – she gets so excited and it makes you feel just so good 🙂

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