Waterfalls, Convertibles, Beaches, and Beers

Waterfalls, Convertibles, Beaches, and Beers

Last weekend for the first time since summer BEGAN, Adam and I managed to get out of the big city, and head towards cottage country. Strictly speaking, it is really all my fault we haven’t had a chance to go anywhere. What with studying for my exam, and attending a few music festivals, the weekends were pretty much all spoken for up till now.

It was on Monday we decided that we would go somewhere for the weekend. As it happens, Adam and I are not very good when it comes to planning in advance. Finding a place to stay was near to impossible but after lots of emailing and calling around, we finally got a place to stay for one night in Sauble Beach and one night in Tobermory. Adam rented a car as well for the weekend, but not just our usual rental – this time we got a convertible. The entire drive I felt like I was in a music video. We seriously looked like the coolest cucumbers on those desolate farm roads. I’m sure the cows were hella jealous.


We be rollin… they hatin’

On the way up there we stopped off at some waterfalls. We decided to be crazy and hike up the river to the base of the falls. I LOVE doing stuff like that. My fear of bugs and the outdoors quickly dissipates, and i’m like Pocahontas, leaping between rock to rock. When we finally got to the base, I decided that it wasn’t enough to just stand beside it, so in we went! OMG – it was like the hardest shower + back massage you’ll ever receive. Not to mention, BLINDING. It was a little scary because we couldn’t see, and the downpour was aggressively constant, but if I ever get caught in a massive typhoon in Taiwan i’ll definitely be prepared.


Beverley the mountain woman


RIIIIIGHT before my waterfall shower

When we got up to Sauble Beach we quickly checked into our cottage for the weekend. Like I said – we’re not good at planning in advance and thus got the very last pick for accommodation. The cottage that we stayed in that night was on the same level to that of a desolate and decrepit shack. To help us forget about state of the roof we would be sleeping under Adam and I quickly headed to the local bar and indulged in a drink or 6.


The next day we headed up to Tobermory! When we got there Adam and I rented a tandem kayak and paddled our way to a lighthouse. Quick tip – if you’re ever on a trip and want to get a mini workout in, might I suggest KAYAKING. Holy cheese, what a fun way to burn calories. I got so into it, I started making Adam do kayak sprint intervals with me. We would paddle super fast for 15 seconds and then relax. I am convinced he sat back and just let me paddle like a maniac the entire time, but I was ok with that.


Gunz from kayaking

The final part of our trip which was my favorite was our early morning hike to the Grotto! Adam and I woke up at the crack of dawn (7:30 am) and drove to the Bruce Peninsula National Park. We were the very first ones on the trail, and by the time we got to the Grotto, the sun was just peeping out from the clouds. We jumped into the lake (which was crisp, clear, and gorgeous) and swam around. The cold water was the perfect thing to wake us up and prepare us for the drive home! As I mentioned earlier, Adam and I are not good at planning; for some reason we didn’t think towels would be necessary, so drying off was a massive pain. Imagine putting on Lululemon gear when you’re soaking wet. About the equivalent of putting toothpaste back into its tube! (I am the toothpaste). As we left, we passed probably 100 people heading to the Grotto. If you’re ever planning to go – I would suggest going as early as possible!! So much more enjoyable and satisfying when it’s just you and the one you love sharing the experience 🙂


We will be coming back!

Aside from the minor hiccups, the weekend was so wonderful. It was exactly what both of us needed; I haven’t been in touch with nature in so long that I was going stir crazy!

What is your favorite place to go when you road trip?

How often do you get out of the city?

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  1. Robyn

    17 August

    Bev these photos are beautiful!!!

    • beverleyc

      18 August

      Thanks Robyn! xx

  2. Harriet Emily

    17 August

    I’m so glad you had such a great trip, Beverley!!! The kayaking sounds so fun! I live in the countryside, so my favourite thing to do is go on long walks up in the local hills 😀

    • beverleyc

      18 August

      Thanks Harriet! Ahh I bet it’s so beautiful and green 🙂

  3. Your weekend definitely looks like it was wonderful. I am so loving all of the photos. They just make me want to go on vacay right now. So loving this post.

    Kia / House of KTS

    • beverleyc

      18 August

      Thanks girl! Hope you get to take your vacation soon

  4. What a beautiful place to spend a weekend! This post made me realize it has been far too long since I have left the big city for a lake and waterfall!

    • beverleyc

      18 August

      I know! It had been ages since I had left I forgot how much i loved it!!

  5. Cris

    18 August

    Such a beautiful place! 🙂

  6. Howie Fox

    18 August

    Woah, I’m jealous right now (but in a positive way)! It really looks like you had a great time. Will be in the mountains this weekend, let’s see how that turns out 😀

    • beverleyc

      24 August

      I expect a full report with pictures of this mountain weekend! Hope you had fun

  7. Ashley

    19 August

    Oh what a fun looking weekend!! I need to get away for a weekend or something … time to get planning! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      24 August

      Yes! Hope you get a chance to sneak off somewhere 🙂

  8. GiGi Eats

    19 August

    I do not often road trip because driving about LA is just obnoxious… However, I am in the mood to go somewhere this weekend so I might make a trek somewhere!

  9. What a beautiful weekend!!! Love all the fun stuff you to got do! Also, I love pocahontas! She is the real deal, and my fav Disney Character :)! You rock that bikini girl! Love those kayaking guns lol!

  10. Sarah Grace

    20 August

    haha I agree with kayaking being such an underestimated workout! Everytime I go to do it for fun..I’m sore the next day!

    Sarah Grace

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