Upper Body and Back using a TRX

Even though it was freezing outside, I went and filmed a great new workout for you guys! I started off with a tank top, long sleeve and a sweater on overtop THAT, but by the time I had walked all the way over, I was already pretty warm! That’s the benefit of being a sweaty person. My hands were pretty cold by the time this was done though, so I hope you all have a warm gym indoors that you can workout in! This workout I have wanted to do for a while – its an awesome upper body workout that utilizes the suspension trainer. The suspension trainer has so many possibilities for working out, and I am happy to show you some of my favorite shoulder and upper body exercises.

Upper Body and Back using a TRX

Repeat for the below stated reps. Two minutes rest. Repeat exercises for 3 to 4 sets total.

  1. Pull Ups: Reps – to failure. MODIFIED: Reps – 10 to 12. If you cannot do regular pull ups, switch to pull ups using the TRX trainer as shown in the video.
  2. Y Shape TRX Flies: Reps – 10 to 12
  3. Underhand TRX Row: Reps – 10 to 12
  4. TRX Plank Tucks: Reps – 15
  5.  Shoulder Push Ups: Reps 8 – 10

By the end of this you should definitely be feeling a burn in your upper back, shoulders, even a little bit of biceps and triceps!

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