Top 5 Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking

The ‘S’ word.

Everyone does it at some point. Even I do it, and i’m PRETTY good at it… I mean, what could be so wrong? Not to mention it feels so good at the time!

Before you get anymore confused and think that i’ve suddenly turned my fitness blog into a sexual advice column, i’ll stop right now and tell ya that the big S word, (if you haven’t gathered from the title), is SNACKING. Oh how I love to snack.

I used to come home from school when I was in still young, and have a snack a couple hours before dinner. Usually two chocolate chip cookies and some milk. Mmm. I miss those days. And in my opinion, those kind of snacks are fine in moderation! What i’m talking about is the sit on the couch with a bag of ketchup chips or popcorn or dark chocolate covered pretzels from Bulk Barn, or 5 cent candy from the convenience store and going to town. 

That is considered binging. And that is where it becomes the most difficult to stop.


Winston the Cat also has troubles with snacking

I don’t quite know what it is about the human brain and body that forces us to keep snacking. There have been times that I have been so full I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans, yet I KEPT eating those delicious buffalo wing flavored chips. I seriously couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag.

That still happens to me now and then (ahem – last weeks BBQ), but there some really specific tips that I use to control the urge when I’m at home or at work. And they help me 99% of the time.

1. Drinking Tea/Coffee: This has been helping me for YEARS and years, especially at night time. After dinner my body always craves more food/sweet treats. My stomach acts like it deserves a big snack; as if the big delicious meal I just cooked wasn’t enough. It got to be so annoying, and I would cave all the time – Pringles, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Just something to add onto my dinner. What you can do instead is make yourself some black tea to combat the cravings. Rather than turning to ice cream, add a little bit of milk and some honey to make it more of a treat. If you’re craving something during the day – turn to coffee (if you like it). With my coffee I add cream and a little bit of cinnamon for a little twist.

2. Don’t Buy Snacks When Grocery Shopping: Okay – this tip seems a little OBVIOUS, but I think it is the most effective. When I was in University, I was pretty new to buying my own groceries and bought whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Turns out that included a lot of snacks – Goldfish crackers here, nacho chips there, etc. When I finally started cracking down on what I was eating, I stopped buying those snacks altogether. EVEN IF THERE WAS A MASSIVE GOLDFISH SALE (4 bags for $10 gimmeee), I told myself: NO! It’s also easier if you try to avoid these aisles altogether. Stick to the outside of the grocery store (no not actually outside), and avoid going into the lanes that advertise “snacks,” “chips,” “pop.”

Aside from fruit and nuts, there is nothing to snack on in my pantry or fridge. This might sound a little depressing and hardcore, but it will really help you. When there is nothing to binge on, you remember why you prevented it in the first place – which leads me back to Tip #1! Make some tea 🙂

3. Treat Yourself Regularly: I find that one of the main reasons people start to binge or snack is because they have been depriving themselves all day/week of something delicious and unhealthy. Perhaps you have had a “low carb” week, and have been eating salads and white fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is in no way healthy or natural. Your mind and body will start to crave that snack you’ve been thinking of all week, until BAM, it rushes out of you and you can’t stop it. Avoid letting that happen by treating yourself at least once a day or every two days.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Treat YO-SELF. Sorry I know, i’m so gross

4. Stop the Cycle – The Less Junk You Eat, The Less You Will Crave It: This tip is a bit harder than the rest, because it actually means having to mentally overcome the moment you want to start snacking. You can overcome it using the methods I mentioned above, or by distracting yourself somehow – whether it is going for a run, meeting a friend for coffee, or reading a book. As you gradually start to cut more junk food and snacks from your diet, you will really start to notice the difference it makes on your cravings.

5. Bake/Make Your Own Snacks: This one is my favorite! And that is mostly because I love to bake, but also because when I do, I put dark chocolate chips in everything. And dark chocolate is healthy… right?! When snacking, the worst part is eating and digesting all the artificial ingredients, flavors, and sweeteners that are added to the food. If you make everything at home, you know exactly what is going into each product. Some of my favorite things to make include these Banana Oatmeal Muffins (you can eat like four and not even worry about it), Starbucks Island Oatbars, or Black Bean Brownies

How can something that tastes SO GOOD, be so healthy??

There are tons of other websites out there that have different healthy baked goods you can make. Then if you want to snack – you can do it knowing you’re not ruining all the hard work you’ve put in already.

I hope these tips help you! I utilize them over and over and it has helped me so so much.

PS DON’T FORGET TO PIN MY GRAPHIC!! I am so proud of it 🙂

What do you do to avoid snacking?

What is your biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to snacking? (Mine is Buffalo Wing chips and dark chocolate covered pretzels)!

  1. Kendel

    12 September

    Coffee with cinnamon! YES. I thought I was the only person who liked this. I put cinnamon on 99% of my things (including: eggs, kumara, coffee, and banana on toast). I’m addicted. I try to find a healthy version of my favourite things though, like carrot cake or brownies, cookie dough or raspberry cakes. Raw food/protein balls are the best fix. That being said, I am known to appreciate a peanut butter dipped hard pretzel though…and the odd neenish tart or two. Everything in moderation, right? 😉

    Also, that graphic = very pinnable. I like. I approve. I have pinned!

    • beverleyc

      14 September

      Hi Kendel! Thanks for your awesome comment. Raspberry cakes sound soo good… I bet I could fill up on a few of those haha. Thank you for pinning!!

  2. i am so with you about wanting something sweet after dinner. i revert to tea as well and it really helps. sometime i think we confuse our thirst with hunger…

    • beverleyc

      14 September

      Tea is such an easy alternative! And DEFINITELY. I’ve done that a few times and then felt so full after haha

  3. I LOVE those dang goldfish crackers! These tips are great and those pics are hilarious!

    • beverleyc

      18 September

      haha thanks Rachelle! And man I know, I used to be able to put away a bag of them in 5 minutes flat.

  4. Oh yea I love snacking! I’m more of a small meals and a few snacks a day kinda girl, but you’re right, there’s a big difference between snacking and binging. When we eat salty or sweet foods, the feel-good chemicals in our brains get activated, which is one reason why we sometimes want to keep eating when we aren’t even hungry… because it feels good in the moment.

    One thing I do when I’m craving something sweet but am totally not hungry is drink an electrolyte drink. It provides me with a little something sweet while hydrating and replenishing my body (and is only a few calories).

    • beverleyc

      18 September

      Mmm those feel good chemicals have been the death of me sometimes! Haha.
      I definitely like the idea of an electrolyte drink! Thanks for sharing this tip 🙂

  5. These tips are PERFECT and I couldn’t agree more. With every single one! And I will totally pin your graphic because it is LEGIT. Good work, lady 😉 <3

    • beverleyc

      15 September

      Hehe, you rock, thanks Ashley!!

  6. Liv @ Healthy Liv

    15 September

    Awesome tips! My biggest snack pitfall is dark chocolate sea salt almonds. They’re so addictive and nearly impossible to stop eating! Plus, one serving size is like 8 almonds… So I’ve definitely been following rule #2 and just not buying them. Sad, but necessary!

  7. GiGi Eats

    15 September

    I tell those who seem to keep binging to not restrict themselves or go cold turkey because that will only backfire. Allowing yourself a tiny something once a day lets you feel like you’re not totally deprived!

    • beverleyc

      16 September

      Absolutely! In my case it’s a tiny piece of chocolate. And by tiny, I mean like half a chocolate bar… 😉

  8. Oh MAN can I relate to the desire for a treat after dinner. Even when the meal is really satisfying I always find myself wanting something sugary afterwards. Sweetened tea is a great idea – I’ll have to give that a try. I would say that my biggest weakness is anything homemade (especially since I usually end up eating half the batter as I make it ha) – so I usually try to reserve that for when I’m having company that can help me out! Great post!!

    • beverleyc

      18 September

      Haha I am the exact same. I used to make my mother leave the kitchen as I baked because she would yell at me when I ate the batter… oops. Have a great weekend Jacklyn!

  9. Krista

    17 September

    I need a post on how to avoid snacking in general haha even if it’s healthy I like eat so much of it!!
    Love the ramen pic 🙂


    • beverleyc

      18 September

      I highly recommend the tea/coffee substitution! I love to eat as well and this helps me sooo often

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