The Only Supplement I’ll Take

I have exciting news!

Ever since I started this blog back in 2014, I have had many, many requests to become an ambassador for different brands. Usually it’s supplement companies that ask, but I also get requests from the many ‘fitness apparel’ companies that keep popping up. (I use quotation marks because I don’t think screen printing the word “GYM BABE” on an American Apparel tank top is fitness apparel, but hey, WHAT DO I KNOW).

I’ve always turned down these ambassadorships, because I have no intention of filling your brain and face with crap that I don’t use, or I don’t believe in. Also I find nothing more unappealing than asking people to use the code “CHENG15” to get 15% off their order, just so I can earn some money.

Like, no, I don’t like that at all.


With all that being said, I have (for the first time ever) proudly become an official ambassador for a product that I actually love and use every single day: Kaizen Protein (Also they’re 100% Canadian, eh)

I have always said that I would never take any sort of supplement except for whey protein. The idea of putting fat burners, weight loss stacks, pre-workout, or any other chemical in my body is terrifying to me. I have no idea what sort of reaction my body will have to those supplements, and what might happen if I suddenly stopped taking them. I’d rather use my own motivation to workout, rather than rely on some sort of energy drink to pump me up.

I’ve recommended Kaizen protein to so many of my clients and friends, because (to be straight with you guys) there is no bullshit with their protein. It tastes great, without any sugar needed.

Why I Like It

Aside from the fact that Kaizen protein is born and bred in Canada, I love it for a few other reasons as well.

1. It is affordable – I would buy a 5 lb container from Costco for $50, and it would last me forEVER. I really don’t see the need to have to spend a chunk of your pay cheque on something just to stay healthy and fit.

2. It’s a good source of protein for vegetarians and pescetarians. Although the stuff I drink isn’t vegan (however they do have a vegan line), it provides 25-35 grams of protein per serving

3. It’s clean protein – they source all their whey from New Zealand

I always buy Kaizen from Costco because like anything from Costco, it’s affordable and it’s BULK. However if you don’t have a Costco membership, you can actually buy it while you’re shopping for a new TV at BestBuy, or at

What Happens When You Don’t Drink Protein

It actually surprises me the number of people who work out, but don’t refuel afterwards with a protein shake.

I don’t know all the science-y science about it, but I do know that your muscle fibres tear when you work-out, and they need replenishment to help them rebuild bigger and stronger.

A few years ago, I used to train Muay Thai around 5 days a week. The sessions were intense, long, and hard. Ignorantly I didn’t think I needed whey protein (which is crazy, since i’m a pescetarian) and I slowly started to fade inside. That was right before I got extremely sick with pneumonia and was basically out of service for 2 months.

I’m not saying that the lack of protein is what caused the pneumonia,  but I have no doubt that with all the training I was doing, my overall health and immune system was weak and overworked. This made me more susceptible to the virus, and likely much harder to recover from.

Ever since then, i’ve been adamant about drinking protein as much as possible – not for the glamorous and aesthetic reasons of keeping myself lean, but for my general health and wellness. Whenever I’m started to fill a little under the weather, or sore from a workout, Adam’s number one answer is a protein shake. I find it hilarious, but I also find that it works.

Need a new workout routine to go with your protein shake? Check out my 12-week HIIT E-Book, The Sweat Series!

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  1. I don’t drink protein shakes because I honestly can’t stand the taste of many protein powders. I can’t have dairy so I stick to vegan protein powders but hate the taste of sweeteners like stevia.

    • beverleyc

      13 January

      Ooo you have it tough! You should try the Kaizen vegan protein if you can, their protein tastes really good. And I am SUPER picky about protein

  2. Virjinia

    10 January

    I totally love this post because like you said, protein does help with general health and wellness. When my doctor started to break down what I take in every day, protein was the least thing I ate! Once I made adjustments, I started to feel TONS better and hardly got sick.

    • beverleyc

      13 January

      It’s actually surprising how you don’t even realize it! Looking back, when I was in University I ate probably like 15 grams a day… barely anything!

  3. emmamkrasnick

    10 January

    Can you elaborate on what’s in your typical protein shake?

    • beverleyc

      13 January

      Hi Emma! Honestly it’s usually just water and protein powder. I like the taste of Kaizen so I don’t feel the need to add anything more.
      Quite often i’ll make a smoothie with frozen banana, peanut butter, protein powder and almond milk too 🙂

  4. Jason Au

    13 January

    Big fan of Kaizen as well. That or whatever’s on sale at Costco.

    Currently I’m trying to get protein primarily through meals now, that means lean meat, eggs, hummus, beans. Any deficit is made up with a shake.

    The only other supplements I take are creatine (the science is pretty robust) and BCAAs if I’m doing a morning workout and don’t have time to digest a piece of chicken.

    • beverleyc

      13 January

      Protein used to go on sale all the time and now it never does! kills me. I know what you mean, but sometimes I just don’t get enough during the day and I NEED a shake.

  5. Ooh congrats on your ambassadorship! I do sometimes drink a smoothie with protein added after a workout or I’m sure to eat something with protein right away, like scrambled eggs or oatmeal with collagen peptides added!

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