Super Toned Legs Plyometric Workout

Super Toned Legs Plyometric Workout

This workout is TOUGH! It seems easy (or at least I thought it was when I started doing it), but by the end I was dripping in sweat and my legs were burning. I structured this workout a bit differently from my others, and I think it’s an interesting challenge. There are three leg exercises and a set of push ups at the end of each round. It is a pyramid workout, so for the first round you do 15 reps per exercise. Then 10, then 5, then back up to 10 and finish with 15. At the end of each ROUND (15 reps, 5, 10, doesn’t matter), you will do 5 plyometric push ups. Plyometric push ups are close to regular push ups, except as you come out of the push up, you are using your upper body strength to jump your hands off of the ground. Even if you can get your hands an inch off the ground, that is a start!! If you aren’t able to do them on your feet, do them on your knees.

Super Toned Legs Plyometric Workout

Perform each exercise consecutively for 15 reps. Take a break and then 10 reps, 5, reps, 10 reps and finally 15 reps.
Don’t forget to do your 5 plyo push ups after each round.

  1. Bench Jump Overs
  2. Plyometric Bench Step Overs
  3. Wide to Narrow Bench Jumps
  4. Plyometric Push Ups


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