The Squat Drop Set For Powerful Quads

Friends, something amazing has been presented to me on a silver platter. Nay! A gold platter!

I mentioned last week that I attended the Nike Unlimited Unleashed event in Toronto, which celebrated and promoted their new line of shoes.

I attended, sweat my face off, cursed the trainers under my breath for kicking my ass, got my new pair of sneakers, and left. The next day I get an Instagram message from one of the Nike trainers, saying that he owns a Crossfit gym in Toronto, and I could come by anytime and film workout videos/take photos.


I have ALWAYS said that if I were to win the lottery, one of the first things I’d do was buy a space and just film workout videos in it all day. Weird right? So this offer was literally the next best thing after winning the lottery; it was unprecedented, kind, and SO AWESOME.

Anyway – this workout was the first one I filmed here, and I had been meaning to share this for a while. I’m OBSESSED with this squat drop set because it is so killer, and your quads will seriously be sore for 2 days at least.

You need a weight that you can easily squat 15+ reps for, with GOOD form. Like seriously, not worth an injury just cause your ego thought you could squat jump 45 lb plates.

I started with 75 lbs. From there, you perform squat jumps with the weight on your back, until you cannot complete anymore (I hit 5 reps). Then you quickly take off 5-10 lbs, and repeat the squat jumps at the lighter weight. The point is to be able to perform more reps than on your previous set. I kept taking off weight until I was down to the bar, and finished my last sets with body weight.

Mine looked like this:

3 Rounds of:
75 lbs x 5 reps
65 lbs x 7 reps
45 lbs (just bar) x 8 reps
BW (0 lbs) x 10 reps

Clear as mud?! Alright, your turn now!

The Squat Drop Set For Powerful Quads

Find a weight that you can squat 15+ reps for. Perform back squat jumps until failure at this weight. Decrease by 5-10 lbs, and repeat the squat jumps to failure, trying to beat your previous number of reps. Repeat until you’re down to the barbell only. For the final set, use only your bodyweight and aim to perform double the number of reps achieved on your first set.

Set 1: 75 lbs x 5 reps


Set 2: 65 lbs x 7 reps


Set 3: 45 lbs x 8 reps


Set 4: 10 reps (double the number in set 1)



The Squat Drop Set for Powerful Quads! I love this workout and my legs are sore for two days after. Perform reps until failure for each set, dropping 5-20 lbs each time. Finish off with body weight squat jumps. Repeat for 3 times total.

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  1. My legs burn doing jump squats with no weights but WOW you’re incredible doing that with 75lbs #goals

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      Thanks Diana! Halfway thru I was like…. why do i do this…

  2. Jess @hellotofit

    7 September

    Gahhh I love this post (and you) so much. Drop sets SUCK in the moment but dayum does it feel good afterwards!

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      For sure!! If you have any fav dropset exercises, THROW THOSE IDEAS MY WAY

  3. burpees4breakfast

    8 September

    This looks like a booty BURNER!!!!!!! I gotta try it! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      I think you’d love it Jen!

  4. Kara

    8 September

    My quads hurt just thinking about this… (that’s how I know it’s gonna be good)

    Congrats on getting the space to film in – the videos look great!

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      Thanks Kara!! It was the best surprise ever!

  5. Ana

    9 September

    You are goals girl! I am trying this today. I am bit scared but can’t wait lol

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      you’ll rock it!! hope you enjoyed it girl

  6. holy sheet.

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      hahahaah <3

  7. Damn girl that’s why you have such a nice boo-tay. If I won the lotto I’d just travel the world 🙂

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      hahaha that is a much better plan than buying real estate. im so boring

  8. Need to try the weighted jump squats!

    • beverleyc

      12 September

      yes! let me know if you do 🙂

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