No Gym Full Body Outdoor Workout

No Gym Full Body Outdoor Workout

I did this workout after I went for a short run the other week. It was a really nice and sunny day outside, and I can’t miss out on workout outside when it becomes summer – it seems like such a waste! I did a quick 2 km jog, and decided I would do a short workout that hit everything! Arms, legs, core, and back – those are the best workouts in my opinion because nothing gets left behind.

This workout is completed in reps rather than timed. So take as long as you need for it! If you can find a park that has a bar and a bench then you’re set. I completed 5 rounds total and I would suggest doing at least 4, and aiming for 5.

Here is the breakdown:

No Gym Full Body Workout

Perform each exercise for the below stated number of reps. Repeat for 5 rounds total

11. Pull Ups: Perform as many pull ups as you can until failure. In this case I did 5. Start with your hands on the bar wider than shoulder width apart. If you can’t do these on your own, do them with a resistance band wrapped around your foot and the pole to help you. Squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your elbows down, lift your body up so that your chin reaches the bar. Slowly bring yourself down so your body is hanging back in the starting position

22. Bench Jumps (10): Find a bench or a box about knee height. Stand facing the bench, and bend your knees slightly, bringing your arms back behind your body. Use your momentum and jump up onto the bench. As you land, bend your knees so that your legs are forming a 90 degree angle. Pause for one second, and then jump off the bench hard so that you are activating your glute muscles to push off.


3. Hand Release Push Ups (10): Start with your body flat on the ground and your hands beside your shoulders. Keeping your body in a flat line, drive the heels of your hands into the ground, and push off so that you are in a plank position. Bring yourself back down so your chest is on the ground again. Repeat for 10 reps. You should be feeling this in the back of your arms when you push yourself up. If not, bring your elbows in slightly closer.

44. Hanging Knees to Chest (10): Use the bar that you did your pull ups on, and hang with your hands shoulder width apart. Without swinging your legs, bring your knees up slowly so that they reach your chest. Bring them back down to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner. Make sure that you are not letting your legs hang too far behind your body, as this will give you momentum to bring them up again (and make it easier).

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