No Gym Cardio & Butt Workout

No Gym Cardio & Butt Workout

Monday is leg day right?! Well in my world it is, so heres a great one to get you started for the week! I recorded this video when I was in Mexico earlier this year (Ahhh I miss you Mehicooooo), and I had to make sure that the beautiful ocean was in the background (hence the super rocky landscape I decided to workout on). All good though – no trips or falls so that in itself is a success.

I love workouts such as this one because it includes some great strengthening exercises for your lower body, but also has bursts of cardio in between, such as the toe taps and the high knees. By adding this in, you increase your heart rate even more, and the rest of the workout is done at a much higher intensity. Similar workouts include the HIIT Cardio & Abs, The Beach Workout, and the Fat Blasting Outdoor Workout.

No Gym Cardio & Butt Workout

45 seconds for each exercise, with a 15 second rest in between. Repeat the circuit for 3-4 rounds total depending on your fitness level with a 2-3 minute break in between each round.

11. Step Up/Knee Drive (L/R): Plant your foot on a raised surface, about 12 inches off the ground, and keep it there for the duration of the exercise. Using the opposite foot, step back behind so you are in a lunge position. Push the heel of the foot that is raised into the bench, and using your glute muscles, step the back foot up and drive your knee up. Slowly bring the knee back down and back into the lunge position before repeating the exercise. You should be feeling this especially in the glute muscles of the leg that is raised. Repeat on BOTH sides.

22. Weighted Sumo Squats: If you’re not at a gym, be creative with the weight. I just grabbed one of the bigger rocks that I could lift and used that. Stand with your feet greater than shoulder width apart with your feet pointed out. Squat down about 90 degrees making sure that your knees are inline with your toes. Don’t let them fall in towards the middle. Stand up again, squeezing your glutes together. This exercise works out the inner thighs, quads, as well your glutes.


3. Toe Taps: Now for some cardio! Find another raised surface just 6 or so inches off the ground. Switch your feet back and forth, tapping the surface of the rock/bench with the front half of your foot. Use your arms to swing back and forth with your feet similar to a running motion. Go as fast as possible for 45 seconds


4. 3 Pulsing Squats: Start with your feet shoulder width apart, with your chest up. Squat down, bending slightly at the hips and at the knees. Rise very slightly before squatting back down to the original position. Repeat these small pulses three times before standing up completely. Make sure that you keep your chest up and avoid letting your bum tuck underneath (a posterior pelvic tuck which can be dangerous for your back).


5. High Knees (Arms Above Head): Last cardio exercise of this set – Start with your arms above your head, stretched out. Start jogging on the spot, bringing your knees high up, trying to get them to reach belly button height each time. Go as fast as you can for the 45 seconds! This is your burnout before giving yourself a short rest.

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