Nike Pro Combat Shorts Review

Nike Pro Combat Shorts Review: The good, the bad, and where to get the best deals!

I think most people my age spend their disposable income on ski passes, purchasing a car, new dirt bikes, video games, or other things that I don’t have too much of an interest in. What I do love (surprise surprise) is SHOPPING.


I seriously believe that I have one of the nicest workout gear collections ever. It’s not something that I’m trying to brag about – I mean, I don’t have a car, or a snowboard, or an expensive musical instrument. But I DO have great workout kit. And since I spend about 50% of my life in it, I want it to be AWESOME.

Nike Pro Combat Shorts Review: The good, the bad, and where to get the best deals!

One of the great things about having so many workout clothes, is that I can give honest feedback and reviews on what I love, what I don’t, and why. And this post is not sponsored, I just love these shorts.

The first items to review on my list is the Nike Pro Combat Shorts with a 3” inseam. I own 7 PAIRS of these bad boys, and I did own a eighth until I somehow lost them. I am 99% sure these shorts were originally made to be worn as compression shorts underneath a loose pair of shorts (or in my case, rugby shorts), but I’ve never been one to follow the rules.

The Good

What do I wear my Nike Pro Combat Shorts for? They’re amazing for Muay Thai and kick boxing. I prefer to have minimal fabric getting in my way, and these are perfect for that. They have great stretch and movement, so I can sweat up a storm and fully hit my range of motion for all exercises.

Not only that, but they come in amazing colors and patterns. They don’t stretch out (I wear a medium, but I could probably fit a small if I wanted an even TIGHTER fit) after washing, which is key for me.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a pair of shorts that won’t give you any sort of muffin top then these are for you! Comfy, cute, and makes you feel like a total fitness star.

Nike Pro Combat Shorts Review: The good, the bad, and where to get the best deals!

The Bad

What I don’t like about the Nike Pro Combat Shorts, is their lack of any type of pocket or holding device. They really are as minimal as you can get. I don’t usually wear these short for running unless I stick my iPod in the waist band, which I’ll do on occasion. But even then, the iPod tends to get sweaty or fall out.

I would also like a place to put my keys during a run. However, I usually fix that problem by finding a patch of dirt and burying them like a dog. (I’m all about safety).

The second thing that I’m not a huge fan of (but to be fair, it is probably my fault), is how bad my bum looks in some of the colors. But like I said, when these FIRST came out, I think they were made to be worn underneath other shorts – not for everyone’s eyes to see everything. Even so, the orange actually turned out pretty good! (However, don’t go for lime green because your ass WILL look like that Nickelodeon green slime).

The Best Deals?

So where to buy these shorts for the best deal? Well I have always bought mine in any Nike or Nike Outlet store. If you live in Canada, sometimes you can get lucky and find them in Winners. Otherwise I know The Bay has STOCKED up on a ton of Nike stuff recently and usually has sales once every couple of months.

I have paid about $30 for each pair, and considering their lasting value and quality, I’d say that’s an amazing deal.

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Nike Pro Combat Shorts Review: The good, the bad, and where to get the best deals!

What About You?!

  • Yay or nay to super tight Nike spandex?
  • Are you a colorful sports wardrobe kind of gal?
  • What is your favorite piece of workout clothing?

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  2. katalysthealth

    21 April

    I think every hardcore workout women loves a good pair of Nike Pros 😉 I own a few pairs as well and adore them, but I actually only own dark colors! Well I do have one crazy teal and white striped color pair which I ADORE, but because I have such colorful workout tops I tend to stick to the neutral bottoms. I really want the polka dot purple ones though 🙂

    • beverleyc

      22 April

      Haha you’re right! Polka dot purple sounds crazy but i love it! My favorite ones that i recently just bought are a royal blue. i am insanely excited to wear them 🙂

  3. The only thing for me with these shorts is they ride up so much on me! So I end up feeling uncomfortable because it feels like I’m wearing underwear LOL I used to have two pairs of these that I wore all the time around the house and I LOST THEM and it’s killing me. WHERE ARE YOU COMBAT SHORTSSS reveal yourselvesss

    • beverleyc

      22 April

      That’s so interesting because i’ve never had that problem! Or maybe I do and i’m just so used to it I don’t even notice now haha. Good luck finding those shorts (YOU’LL NEVER FIND THEM, trust me).

  4. I’ve yet to buy my first pair of Nike Pros…I KNOW shocking. I tend to have the same issue as Christina ^ where they ride up haha but I’d be up for trying the ones you mentioned with the 3 inch inseam, that might help!

    • beverleyc

      22 April

      haha i was just saying i never had that problem… altho maybe i do and just never notice it anymore. try the other size! you might like em

  5. Im sorry but all I can say is… Booty Booty Booty Booty rockin’ EVERYWHERE!! 😛 hahah!

    • beverleyc

      22 April

      If that’s all you’re gonna say Gigi, then i’m okay with that =P

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