My Easy Skin Care Routine to Prevent Breakouts due...

My Easy Skin Care Routine to Prevent Breakouts due to Sweating

I can’t believe I haven’t shared my skin routine earlier, but better late than never! Growing up I was always lucky enough to not have to deal with many skin problems. I rarely got pimples, but when I did, they always stuck out like a sore thumb. I like to attribute my lack of issues in this area to being half Asian (shout out to my ma and pa!), but also to my simplistic and minimal skin routine.

My Easy Skin Care Routine to Prevent Breakouts

It’s no secret that working out and sweating can cause pimples, redness, and skin irritations. Although gyms (are supposed to) clean their equipment, there is nothing appealing about rolling around on a mat that many others were also sweating on, minutes before you. When I am especially sweaty (which is 90% of the time when I work out), I found that in the past my skin would tend to break out. This happened a lot when I played rugby as well, as we would be playing in hotter and hotter temperatures outside during the summer months. A few times after a very intense session, I would touch my face and feel the salt that had literally come out of my pores, and dried up on my skin. It was a very weird thing to experience, but also made me realize how much bacteria and other oils would be sitting on my face. Sweating isn’t bad for your skin, but allowing to stay on your face for long periods of time is!

In spite of this, you can make sweating healthy for your skin and your body if you treat it properly. I have been using the same skin products for the past 7 years of my life and have never been happier with my complexion. This post is not sponsored in any way, but I really wanted to share this with you as I LOVE these products. I am also the type of person who will not spend a lot of money on skincare products, make up, or hair products, so they are all easily affordable 🙂



To begin, I wash my face with Olay Foaming Face Wash. I’ll do this in the shower after a workout to get rid of all of my make up and dirt/sweat. I use the ‘combination/oily’ type, as opposed to ‘dry’ or ‘sensitive.’ This one I buy at Walmart for like $8.00 and it lasts me about 6-8 months. I use tiny amounts, about pea sized. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it gets all my make up off easily. I do not, and never have worn make up on my face. I literally don’t know the first thing about concealer, blush, bronzer, powder, and all that other stuff; so when it comes to taking off this form of make up, I am not sure how this face wash would hold up.


The second product i’ll use before I go to bed is my Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from The Body Shop – this stuff is MAGIC and is my secret weapon when it comes to beauty. This cream is a bit thicker than normal day cream, and I find it really moisturizes my skin perfectly, as the face wash can make my skin feel a bit dry. This cream is not greasy at all, and sits comfortably – not too heavy with a bit of a luxurious feel to it.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that provides many benefits for your skin, including the following:

  • It prevents damage caused by UV rays
  • It is considered an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Helps treat stretch marks, burns, cuts, or lesions

Why wouldn’t you want to put this stuff on your skin?


Two… and a half?

The third product which is the counterpart to the night cream, is the Vitamin E Moisture Cream from the same line. I will only use this cream if I have showered in the morning after a run or workout, and my skin is feeling a bit ‘puckery’ from the face wash. Again, I will not use this if I just wake up and go straight to work in the morning. The Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream works its magic throughout the night, and avoids me from having to reapply any more moisturiser to my face in the morning.

These three products are all that I use on a day to day basis. They are light, simple, and effective! The night and day cream go for about $20.00 each, and last me for about 6 months.

The final piece of the puzzle that I will use every now and then are: Face masks!!


These face masks are more fun than anything, but sometimes after an especially stressful week or weekend of drinking and eating out, I want to sit back and relax and let these re-hydrate my face. As everything in this line of products the face masks are light, and nourishing. After I wash it off my face, my skin feels so smoooooooth. I’ll just sit and rub my cheeks in circles with my fingers because the feeling is like velvet. Mmm!

Now I sure hope that you guys weren’t expecting a super huge article with vegan/organic based products, all bought from a farmers market and topped with coconut oil. I’m sure that those products will work just fine for you, but these ones work wonders for me! As I mentioned, I rarely get any sort of skin blemishes and my belief is to keep it simple. I also always try to put sun screen on my face if i’m working out outdoors (SUN SAFETY), avoid any sort of face make up (especially if you’re about to do a workout – your skin needs to breath!!), and use a clean cloth to wipe my face when I start to sweat.



If you’re looking to buy these products, you can find them here:
Olay Foaming Face Wash
Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Vitamin E Face Masks

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  1. All of these products look wonderful! I love great, affordable, effective products! I breakout after working out too if I don’t wash my face right away.

    • beverleyc

      10 July

      glad you liked it!!

  2. Ivanna

    13 July

    Great post. All of these products sound great. You are so right about gym equipment. Its so yucky to think about how we touch it, then go to touch our faces by wiping the sweat off! I love the body shop, I’ll have to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

    • beverleyc

      14 July

      Glad you like it! I agree the Body Shop is one of my fav go to’s 🙂

  3. Howie Fox

    13 July

    No way! I had no idea that this is what it takes to have great skin. Well, I use nivea every now and then and that’s about it. But I have to admit I never got complimented on soft skin 😉

    • beverleyc

      14 July

      ooo Nivea i think is quite good, but just not Body Shop level 😉 My boyfriend keeps stealing it from me so I think men can definitely use it too

  4. I love this!! I’m always excited to see what other people use for skin care!

    • beverleyc

      14 July

      Me too! Let me know if you have any tips 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your skin care routine! You’re lucky that you’ve always had good skin. I always have had issues with breakouts unfortunately, but these days I’ve had it under wraps (fingers crossed that continues!). I ALWAYS use a tea tree oil toner and put on moisturizer at night before bed. The tea tree oil makes it feel tingly and clean, and the moisturizer makes it feel nice and soft.

    • beverleyc

      15 July

      I heard tea tree oil is GREAT for any sort of skin problems. I’m sure it’ll keep working for you!

  6. sarah grace

    15 July

    I wish I could skip the makeup! Very very lucky 🙂

    • beverleyc

      15 July

      Aw thanks a lot girl 🙂

  7. Claire

    2 July

    Like your post! Wow you still look amazing without make up! I am a make up idiot as well, know nothing about eyeliner, mascara and all those good stuff. I think sweating helps me prevent breakouts though, since it speeds up my metabolism.. well clean eating is as important

    • beverleyc

      4 July

      I totally agree – i think if i didn’t sweat as much, my skin would probably not be as clear as it is now. Thanks for your comment Claire! xx

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