What Does it Mean to Target Perfection?

What Does it Mean to Target Perfection?

My entire life is out there for the world to see. If you google my name, every single thing I’ve ever put out on the Internet is there – including the blog I created for a marketing class in first year University, as well as the photo shoot I did when I was 16. Having your entire life on display to the public might seem like a very daunting and unappealing way to live for some people. Funnily enough, not for me.

Recently, Lise Watier came out with a new line of products, called The PerfeXion Anti-Aging Line. As part of this campaign, they asked me: How do you target perfection?

That stumped me for a while, because how does one balance achieving perfection when it is such a subjective topic?

One of the most common and important messages that I’ve received since starting this blog and my Instagram account, is how much you guys respect and appreciate realness. Being able to show you guys the ridiculous side, the just-woke-up side, the boob-sweat side, and even the ‘Cheng has had way too many drinks’ side of me.

I won’t deny that there is pressure to look good. All these girls on Instagram with their banging bodies, airbrushed skin, and fake eyelashes – I know there are some people who look at that, and think that these girls look perfect. Anybody would feel the pressure to reach those kinds of standards.

To me, perfection is more than how white my teeth are, how thick my hair is, or how long my nails are. Perfection is the ability to wake up every day, and just be happy about life. Being grateful for all the good things that have come your way, and having support for the challenging times. Taking on new passions, having a blissful relationship with your significant other, and enjoying what you do every single day in life.

However – I am not a hippie living off the land, who hasn’t looked in a mirror in a few years. Let’s be honest – what is perfection without the cosmetic aspect of it?

As I mentioned before, my entire life is on the inter-webs. Not to mention in magazines, TV commercials, online advertisements, store fronts, and posters around the world. Yeaaaaaa. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t also feel the need to ‘look perfect.’

As a model, I need to constantly look my best. I don’t know when I might get a casting, so staying fit all year round is of the utmost importance to me. Running an Instagram account and being a fitness instructor, I need to look bright, happy, inviting and clean. Having clear skin is important for modeling, being in front of the camera, and simply being confident in my abilities to get the job done.

Modeling is a career that can end before it even starts. It’s not a surprise to learn that the older you are, the harder it is to book a job. There are 20 year olds that are fitter, prettier, and taller than me, and each year I am getting older and older. This is something I think about often.

Because of this, skin care is something I have become extremely serious about – especially anti-aging products. I wear sun screen for all outdoor workouts, and an eye cream in the morning. More recently i’ve been using a serum before putting on my night cream in the evening.

The Lise Watier PerfeXion line uses cosmetic drones which target and deliver active ingredients to exactly where your skin needs them most. The cream works to tighten pores, adds Vitamin C, and hydrates your skin. I’ve been using it for the past month and have noticed a big change in how radiant and moisturized my skin is.

While it may not seem like something we think about often, anti-aging and eye creams are so important to start using in your early 20’s. For me, it will allow my skin to stay fresher, younger, and tighter longer, prolonging my career as a sports model and fitness instructor.

So tell me: what do you do to ‘target perfection’ in your career and daily life? I believe that even as subjective and unattainable as it is, we all do things to make ourselves feel better, happier, and more comfortable in our own skin.

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