LA: Malibu Photoshoots, Arguing with YouTubers and...

LA: Malibu Photoshoots, Arguing with YouTubers and Getting Naked in Joshua Tree

It’s a long title and I swear it’s not click bait. That all happened. Which I think means I had a pretty well rounded experience for my first time in LA.

Where to begin!

Bettina picked me up at the airport on Wednesday evening and we drove to our little AirB&B in Abbot Kinney where we shared a twin sized bed and tiny kitchen. It’s a good thing Bettina and I are such close friends, because there was really zero privacy in that bachelor pad. However, it was perfect for what we needed for our short stay!

Muscle Beach & Arguing with YouTubers

On Thursday I woke up early and jogged down to Venice Beach to check out Muscle Beach (obviously). I ran along the boardwalk for a bit, before doing a quick calisthentics workout on the bars and rings. I also took a quick look at the muscle beach gym area that is so famously famous, but decided to opt out on working out there (it was a little too rusty and… unclean for me).

That evening we went and got dinner in Santa Monica, at a restaurants called The MisFit. As we were on our first drink, these guys came in and sat down. We recognized them from a bar we were at earlier, and got to talking. This is where my great mood started to go downhill…

Apparently, one of the guys was a YouTuber (whos’ name I will leave out) with over 1 million subscribers. When I found that out, I politely said “wow, a million subscribers? That’s impressive!” To which his robot pretty boy friend/hype man IMMEDIATELY replied with a lewd remark about how ‘turned on’ I got, from hearing that.


Like, seriously? Ya. I got so hot.

Unfortunately, I just got my second Old Fashioned, so we couldn’t even pretend like we were just about to leave. The next 20 minutes consisted of me fighting with the robot hype boy about how I couldn’t stand Jake Paul, and him telling me I needed to ‘respect him’ because of how many followers he had amassed.


After 20 minutes of literal nonsense, Bettina was like “Alright, we’re going. Uber is here.” I gave one last sarcastic remark before bouncing off to the Uber and never seeing his terrifying robot face again.

West Hollywood Parties, Malibu Beaches

On Friday I met up with a friend who I met when I was at Ultra Miami THREE years ago. I haven’t seen her since then, but thanks to social media, Jennifer and I always managed to stay in touch. We went to an incredible restaurant in Marina Del Rey called Charcoal. A couple glasses of rose later, we made our way over to West Hollywood, to the Mondrain hotel.

This hotel was BOUGIE! They had a massive Alice in Wonderland-esque mirror hanging literally in the middle of the room. The balcony looked down onto the pool and restaurant, where people were dining and drinking. We stayed there for a short time, then headed out to Bootsy Bellows (a night club) where we danced for a bit before heading back to Venice.

I ended up getting into bed at 2:30 AM and passing out.

For a grand total of 2 hours…

(I was 100% still drunk).

But it didn’t matter guys, because:

We were heading to Malibu!!

I’ve always had these visions of Malibu to be this majestic place, with massive homes lined up along the beach. I also thought for some reason, that it would be completely empty. And I would be dancing in the sand with a bunch of balloons.

I think I got myself confused with  Miley Cyrus.

ANYWAY, Bettina while was shooting these 18 year old models, (who were both the most stunning humans i’ve ever seen in my entire life), I was chowing down Starbucks breakfast wraps, desperately trying to stay awake, and hoping that I didn’t smell too bad.

After they were done shooting, Bettina and I drove to a different/ rockier beach and ended up shooting some amazing photos there. I even wore a one piece! (pics to come, otherwise I wouldn’t believe me either).

Getting Naked in Joshua Tree

By this point in our trip, Bettina was fried. She had been shooting 4 days straight and I could pretty much feel the carpal tunnel syndrome  in her wrists. My poor bb.

Regardless, at 6:30 AM I threw on all the lights, made us some coffee, and starting loudly getting ready. After much grumbling, coffee consumption, and breakfast, we were headed out for a 2.5 hour drive to Joshua Tree!

Joshua Tree is a national park in California, scattered with large rock formations, cactus, and (obvi) Joshua Tree’s. It was the perfect backdrop for a photo-shoot, so we grabbed our outfits, cameras, and started exploring!

There were so many beautiful spots in this park, but it was incredibly hot. We actually got really lucky, because there were a few clouds in the sky that saved us. I remember sitting on a rock and could feel the intense heat on my legs and butt. It also made changing outfits incredibly sticky and sweaty.

We eventually found a secluded area where I climbed up a rock and started posing. At one point Bettina screamed ‘TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF,’ and since I have zero shame and no ability to stand up for myself, I got naked right then and there.

There were a few close calls with tourists, but I think my derriere was hidden for the most part 😉

Stay tuned for a crapload of photos to come! Bettina took thousands of photos, so it’s a slow process to pick out our favs. I’ll be posting a ton on my Instagram, so make sure you’re following me to see the photos as they come up!

What About You!?

  • Have you ever been to LA?
  • What is your favorite place in Cali?


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  1. Lily

    15 August

    Hey Beverley!
    First off, really enjoy the workouts you post on Instagram, as well as your blog as a whole!
    And Oh..California (wish I could insert the emoji with the heart eyes here)! I got the chance to visit it last year, but stayed mostly in North California, specifically San Francisco and San Jose (I was visiting my bf, who worked there at the time). Then did a short road trip to Anaheim, because we just had to visit Disneyland :D! Such beautiful sights and magnificent nature! Definately gonna visit again and spend more time in SoCal. Can’t wait to see more photos from your trip, I am a sucker for good photography. And did you end up liking Malibu? I think if I was there, I will constantly be looking around to see Charlie Sheen’s house. 😀

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