Killer Fat Burn Full Body Workout

Hello! This workout is MUCH harder than it looks (especially because one part of it I couldn’t film), but if you’re looking for something that is going to burn fat, and tighten up your core, then this workout is perfect. There are four different exercises that are shown in this video, but there is one extra one at the end that isn’t show which you absolutely cannot skip! Once you are finished all four exercises, you will complete the round with a 1 km sprint. I did this in the gym so I hopped on the treadmill, changed the speed to 9.0 miles/hr and started running. If youre going to do this workout outside and you aren’t able to measure it, then just run for  4 and a half to 5 minutes at a sprinting pace. Sound hard? It is!!

Killer Fat Burn Full Body Workout

1. Decline Plank Knee to Elbow: Repeat this exercise for 10 Reps per side. 1 Rep is bringing the same leg to the outside of your body, and then across your body. This exercise looks pretty easy, but being in a decline position can be hard on the wrist and it really makes your core work! I focus on bringing my knee as close to my ear as possible (on the outside) and then as close to my elbow as possible (when I cross). When I focus on this, I can REALLY feel this burning my core muscles!

2. Decline Side Plank Dips: Repeat this exercise for 10 Reps per side. In this video on only show the exercise on my left side, but you can’t forget to do the other! Once again, this exercise can be hard on the wrist, so if need be, put your feet on the ground to make it easier. Again – this exercise is much harder than it looks. When I do this one, I bring my hips down as low as possible to make sure i’m pushing myself to my limits! Bring your hips up again and pause for a second at the top.

3. Dumbbell 1/2 Burpee: Repeat this exercise for 20 Reps. When I did this workout I believe I used 25 lb weights, but in this case I only had my 15lbs! Start in a plank position grabbing the weights in your hands. Jump both feet in together, and with your feet planted firmly on the ground, stand up. Make sure to engage your glutes when you are lifting by digging your heels into the ground. Stand up fully, keeping your back straight, before coming back down again into plank position.

4. Wide Stance Mountain Climbers: Repeat this exercise for 15 Reps per side. This exercise is similar to regular mountain climbers, but your feet are going to be OUTSIDE your hands rather than inside. Make sure to bring your feet up as close to your hands as possible and avoid bringing your butt up too high when you switch legs. 

5. Don’t forget! Even though its not shown you must end this round with a 1 KM sprint.

Repeat this circuit for four rounds total! Let me know what you think and use the buttons below to share.

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