Your Job Doesn’t Have to Be Your Passion, an...

Your Job Doesn’t Have to Be Your Passion, and That’s OK

Every, single, daaay we are bombarded with articles and images about different people living their dream lives. Doing their dream jobs. Living in their dream city and hanging out with their dream squad. The effect of these articles and photos is taking a toll on the rest of society (us average people) and leading us to believe that WE TOO can live enviable, sexy, passionate lives every single day.

It’s gotten SO BAD, it’s at the point where journalists are saying that our Generation Y has a passion problem. 

We aren’t realistic anymore. We aren’t practical. We want to drop out of University, get some ‘real life’ skills by taking out a $20,000  loan to go live abroad to find ourselves and not have to worry about wearing shoes.

Your Job Doesn't Have to Be Your Passion, and That's OKphotocred: Jen Serdetchnaia

Generation Y loves checking Facebook/now Instagram/now Snapchat/back to Instagram stories. More and more university graduates are living at home and feel entitled to live this way because we’ve been taught over and over that we need to follow our passion, rather than work at some job that we aren’t obsessed waking up to every day.

And if you don’t work at a job that you’re not 110% dedicated/passionate/IN LOVE with, then what is the point? You’re obviously not living to your highest potential for happiness. You’re basically just working to live! For shame.

I’m here to tell you that no, none of that is true. And you should definitely NOT feel that way.

Your Goals & Passions Will Change

When I was just about to go into University, my SERIOUS TO GOD plan was to graduate with a business degree, get a high paying job in finance, work 12 hours a day and make a TON of money. Also I would not get a boyfriend till I was 30, and I would most definitely work somewhere like the UK or Hong Kong for a few years.

Your Job Doesn't Have to Be Your Passion, and That's OK

Me. New Graduate. Ready to kill it

Literally, not a single one of those things came true, except for graduating with a business degree.

Instead I got a very average paying job in marine insurance, moved in with my boyfriend of 1 year, settled down in Toronto, and oh – I work exactly 8 hours a day.

When people hear that I work in insurance, their expressions change so quickly. First confusion. Then a little bit of pity. Then some understanding,  but not fully. How could this fitness obsessed human work behind a desk all day, and in insurance no less. It just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve actually had people tell me “Oh, that must suck!” when I say I work in insurance.

Your Job Doesn't Have to Be Your Passion, and That's OK

Let me tell you this: I like my job. I actually like it quite a bit more than you would expect, and if I didn’t, I would have quit by now.

However – Am I obsessed with it? Do I think about all the ways I could become a better marine underwriter when I go home at night? Do I wake up with a smile on my face, excited to issue some new policies? Ummm, no. I’m not totally lame.

And I 100% believe THAT is where society is going wrong with this mindset. As soon as we realize that we’re not dedicated/passionate/IN LOVE with our job, we don’t see the point in continuing. No one sees the value of putting in your time and due diligence and working up to whatever your passion may be.

And here is the real clincher of this story: although I may not be working my dream job right now or even in the next couple of years, I still consider myself to be one of the luckiest, happiest, and fulfilled people on this planet.

My full-time job allows me to do absolutely everything that I want to do. It’s no surprise that my real passion lies in health & fitness – creating workouts, coming up with delicious and wholesome recipes, training other people, and modelling for sports companies.

Your Job Doesn't Have to Be Your Passion, and That's OK

I finish work at 4 pm everyday which allows me time to workout in less crowded gym. I have vacation days which let me take time off to model, fly to see my parents, or go on vacation to Bali. I never have to worry about getting called in to work weekends, and instead, use that time to work on my blog, create recipes, and train clients.

Most importantly, my job allows me to live in Toronto. It allowed me to buy a condo with Adam with a view of the CN Tower AND the lake. It allows me to travel, expense the hell out of fancy meals, pays for sailing lessons, AND it doesn’t stress me out. All these things are so, SO important to me, which is why I’ve stayed at my job for the past 3 and a half years.

Let’s stop using lack of passion as an excuse for our laziness and unwillingness to put effort in. Be happy with what you have, while you continue to work and make time for the things you love. In my opinion, that is one of the best ways for living your life to the fullest.

Your Job Doesn't Have to Be Your Passion, and That's OK

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  1. Love this post! And love your outlook – too often we forget how enjoyable it can be to just be content!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Thank you Sarah! So true, we just need to stop for a minute and appreciate all the good stuff we have in our lives

  2. Farida

    5 October

    What a great article! I needed this today 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Thank you Farida! Glad it helped 🙂

  3. Robyn

    5 October

    This is a great post Bev — very well written 🙂

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Thank you Robyn!!

  4. Nikki

    5 October

    Wow, you just nailed it!! My favorite line: “Be happy with what you have, while you continue to work and make time for the things you love”.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Thank you Nikki! Glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Kate

    5 October

    So me and my boyfriend were chatting about this EXACT topic over coffee. I have been working in the fitness industry for the past three years, and although I love it, it doesn’t offer me much financial security or financial growth. I’ve been contemplating going to nursing school in the spring, to start a new job path, and allow fitness to be a passion I enjoy on my own time. I was feeling down with our conversation, because hey, I don’t know if I will LOVVVVE nursing or not, but it will open the door for financial security and allow me to invest in my passions and hobbies.

    After some contemplation I ran across your “insta snap”, which led me to your article. If thats not a sign for me, I don’t know what is.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Ahhh Kate, this comment means so much!! I am so happy to have ‘helped’ you in making your decision, and i’m 100% sure that whatever you choose, it will be the right one for you. Good luck girl!

  6. Omg YES, I love this post and will have to share to with my friends on Facebook. So many people ask me if I want to make my blog a full-time and frankly the answer is no! I like my tech job with a great salary, amazing benefits & flexible work hours. If I start blogging or doing fitness things I do for fun for a living instead…I can’t imagine all the stress it would bring.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Haha, literally nothing is better than getting that pay cheque every two weeks. Plus 80% off massages isn’t so bad either! Glad you liked it Akansha!

  7. Yeah gurrrrrrl. Granted, I’ve shifted my pharmacy and other “desk jobs” to a hodge podge of things I love to do, but it’s definitely stressful at times. As long as you find what works for you and are happy with it, nothing else really matters!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      I am always amazed at how much you manage to do all the time, and it seriously inspires me! And it’s so true, people often forget that they can be happy just doing what they’re doing now, instead of continually looking for more.

  8. Jolynn Kahala

    5 October

    What an awesome post! I’ve actually dropped down from a manager role and career path to an administrative assistant and I absolutely love it! I get to spend time with those I love and I get to do the things I’m passionate about on my own time. Like you said, not everyday is pure excitement to go in to this “average” job, but it still challenges me, I enjoy it and I love my team.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      I love hearing this!! I find it so interesting that you did a ‘reverse’ career step, but are so much happier. It’s the other things in our life that add meaning, and we often forget that

  9. You’re so inspiring!! Such a hard worker. I TOTALLY agree with you here. When I quit my full time job in advertising to be a fitness coach it was because I was working 12 hour days, no overtime pay and literally dreaded every single day…it was misery haha maybe I should have gone into marine insurance 😉 So happy for you that your job allows you to live your side hustles to the fullest. You rock, Bev!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Awww thank you Rachel! I hear advertising is TOUGH, and a crazy industry to be in. Glad you found what your passion was, AND managed to make it work for you!

  10. Bryan

    5 October

    You’re a rockstar!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have had this same internal struggle. Such a good post.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Thank you Bryan!! I’m 100% sure whatever you are doing right now, it is exactly what you should be doing. Everything always works out the way it should in the end 🙂

  11. Love this!!!! You’re one of my favorite fitness bloggers/instagrammers!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Aw! Out of the millions of Instagram users out there, this is such a compliment!! Thank you 🙂

  12. Love this!! I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and hearing your view on this is exactly what I needed!!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Aw i’m so glad to hear that Rebecca! Thanks for reading 🙂

  13. Britany

    5 October

    I needed this post more than anything, thank you! It gives me a whole new outlook on my 9-5!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      That’s so awesome! I’m glad it resonated with you 🙂

  14. Okay, this might be my favorite post of yours ever, Bev! Still in college and the idea of finding my *DREAM* job right out of college is definitely a daunting thought. I love your perspective!

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Ahh it’s crazy to me you’re still in college and have achieved so much! Seriously tho – NO ONE, (and i mean, NO ONE) finds their perfect job right out of college. Whatever you end up doing will just be a stepping stone and learning opportunity for you to figure out what you want to do:)

  15. This is a great perspective and I do think it is all about balancing. I love a steady paycheck and I used to be able to work only an 8 hour day and then be so excited to get home and do the things I loved like writing, blogging, yoga, etc. Now however my 8 hour days are sometimes 10 or 12 hours and weekends lately too. I know I can’t live with that so I am making a change soon. I still don’t really know what my dream job is, but with each job I learn more about what I like and don’t like and how to improve upon that in the next job I take.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      Ahhh everything you said is so true!! I love that so much – even though it might not be the perfect job, there are things you like and dislike about it. You take the things you dislike, and make sure they aren’t part of your next career move. Such a simple formula! Hope it works out for you Alicia 🙂

  16. Ivanna

    6 October

    I love this so much Beverley! You take the words out my mouth. Also have a business degree also work a desk job that wasn’t what I envisioned by gives me flexibilty, freedom and benefits AND I get to do what I love we are blessed. Thanks for sharing.

    • beverleyc

      7 October

      I’m so glad you liked it Ivanna! Sometimes we just need to recognize the things that our full-time job gives us, so we can appreciate the time we get for our passions even more (if that makes sense haha)

  17. Beverley, honestly this is so on point. GOOD FOR YOU. Everyone needs to genuinely figure out what is best for them and live their lives to the fullest, whichever way that may be! You are a rockstar <3

  18. Caren Magill

    7 October

    OMG, preach it! I 4,503% agree with everything you just said. As someone who has left corporate TWICE to pursue passion projects, I can also add that the passion project that used to be “all for fun” suddenly becomes your JOB rather than a creative outlet. Then the same old resentments kick in that you have with a corporate job. That’s not to say that folks shouldn’t pursue passion projects or creative work, but I think there’s a misguided expectation of what that’s going to look like.

    I also agree that this is largely a generational thing, but I’m gen x and I still fell into that trap.

    PS – also from toronto (well, Richmond Hill), so always great to find other TO bloggers! Congrats on your condo purchase, I can’t believe how much that area by the waterfront has expanded. It’s crazy!


  19. Virjinia

    7 October

    Wow, what a good post! This really hit home for me because it’s so easy to get sucked in and not realize how good I actually have it with my “lame” job. Good read!

  20. Laura

    7 October

    Oh my WORD you have NO idea how long of a book I could write in response to this post! But let’s just say I TOTALLY agree with you! Having a job is a privilege and blessing, not a right….the sense of entitlement from people in GenX and Y kills me. We all want the houses, cars, and lifestyles it took our parents decades to achieve (with tons of blood, sweat and truly hard work) when we’re 22 and know nothing about life and have no experience. Ok I digress…I’m getting pretty heated as I type this LOL!

  21. I’ve been meaning to comment on this since seeing in on FB yesterday. SO spot on. I think many in our generation have this fantasy mentality and the gimme gimme gimme attitude. Sometimes you don’t have to follow rainbows and unicorns to be happy. And sometimes you have to take SUCK jobs to get to the next level (speaking from experience). You are so wise my fit, badass friend!

  22. Ellen

    7 October

    This is SUCH A GREAT POST. In all caps, duh. I’m in college and I have literally no idea what I *really* want to do… it’s a long list. There’s a high chance that I’m going to work a good desk job that lets me have my “personal life”, and while there are times I want to go after something that’s glamorous or whatever, I actually just want stability and to love my life. What that looks like will probably change over time, but as long as I’m happy, I’ll try to be okay with that 🙂

  23. Ah, yes, yes yes! Work with what you got! Things are always changing so much anyway!

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  25. Emily Weir

    8 October

    YES! Love this! Whatever it takes to make you happy is all that really matters. If working a job pays the bills to do what you love, then you’re still accomplishing what you really want to do.

  26. Oh my Godddd this hit home for me. Thanks so much for sharing – you really hit the nail on the head. <3

  27. Far Wellness

    9 October

    YYYEEESSSSS! I love this post, girl! I’m certainly not in my dream job and I definitely wish I was able to do my passion full time, but thank goodness for the job – only 8hrs a day, a consistent paycheck, money for retirement and more. It’s all about a perspective change, for sure!

  28. SarahB

    10 October

    Wonderful post! My philosophy is very much similar to yours. I have a job that I thoroughly enjoy, pays well, allows for me to follow other passions outside work (running, travel, etc.). I think this refreshing outlook needs to be held by more people. I feel like this constant pursuit some people have for ultimate fulfillment/happiness just leaves them feeling empty and depressed in the end (the complete antithesis to their original goal!!!).

    Great read.

  29. I couldn’t agree more with this article. I can relate to so much of this, not only because I too graduated from business and work in finance. Even though I am not passionate what I do for a living, it keeps the bills paid, while I try to pursue what I love.Thanks for the article and the motivation.

  30. Love your outlook on this Beverley! Also, yay to Bali!!!

    • beverleyc

      13 October

      Thanks Jessica!

  31. […] Your Job Doesn’t Have to be Your Passion, and that’s OK. Georgie from In It For The Long Run shared this on her Facebook page, and I don’t know that I’ve read anything so honest and down-to-earth in a long time. […]

  32. Bekah Walters

    20 November

    I really need to read this post today! Thank you! I like the job I have now for many reasons but it’s not my dream job. It allows me to do the things I’m passionate about and I’m ok with that.

  33. annadownsouth

    23 November

    This is soooo important. I feel like my generation really was raised on “if you do what you love you won’t work a day in your life” and it’s such bullshit! Even if you enjoy part of your work there are going to be parts that are just… work. I spent so long trying to figure out what wouldn’t be work before my dad finally set me aside in college and gave me a reality check. It’s needed!

  34. Oh man. I did the 12+ hours a day and it suuuuucked and now I also work in accounting no more than 8 horus a day. And?! IT’S AWESOME. Because I get to go HOME and BLOG and TRAVEL and I’m not tied to work. I soooo agree with everything you’ve said.

  35. Jessica

    19 February

    Thank you!! You literally summed up a large majority of conversations that I have with my friends. It’s so frustrating but it’s nice to know that there are other human beings out there who understand this!

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