Group Fitness Classes & My New Post Workout S...

Group Fitness Classes & My New Post Workout Secret Sauce

I, Beverley Cheng, attended my first group fitness class in over 4 years last week Wednesday.

What happened 4 years ago?

Well 4 years ago I did my first group fitness class, EVER… And I realized I was much better at yelling at people to workout, than having people yell at ME, to workout. (It’s a pride thing. Also I get weirdly angry when someone tells me what to do?)

Anyway, I’ve grown up a lot in these last 4 years, so when I got invited to attend an Orange Theory workout class on behalf of the Florida Department of Citrus, I was actually EXCITED to go.

I arrived 15 minutes before schedule, (enough time rid myself of any lateness anxiety, but awkwardly early enough to arrive when everyone is still setting up) and was greeted with tables of Florida Orange Juice!

**Side note – I LOVE Orange Juice. I make sure to get a carton of it every week for two reasons:

One – it’s the only way that I can take my iron supplements. Orange Juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, and this helps for the iron to be absorbed better into my system.

Two – Since Florida Orange Juice is so refreshing, it’s my favorite thing to sip on in the morning before work! I’ll have a glass while I’m making my breakfast, or will mix it in a smoothie for some natural sweetness (more on that recipe to come later).

The class was split into two parts: the first was a mix of resistance training exercises and rowing intervals for 23 minutes. I don’t row that often, and HOLY CRAP, my hamstrings and lungs were on fire. Apparently I need to start adding that in more often! Jacqueline taught us how to lift our heels as we came in, and to drive them HARD into the foot plate as we rowed back. Combine that with some goblet squats? It was a lethal combination.

The second part was a treadmill interval workout. We worked our way from 2.5 minute intervals down to 30 seconds for a total of around 20 minutes.

It was hard work guys. 

The thing that really stood out to me the most was knowing that if I had been doing this workout on my own, I would have EASILY taken a break several times over. It definitely spurred me on to know that we had some refreshing Florida Orange Juice and smoothies waiting for us outside 🙂

When we were done, we all fell out the door into the lobby where we had orange juice, orange protein smoothies, and healthy lunch items waiting for us.

I’ve never really thought of orange juice as being my post-workout refuel before, butttt I now have a third reason for stubbornly lugging a carton of Florida Orange Juice  home each week. It’s got so much going for you:

As I mentioned, it has a ton of vitamin C, which I learnt helps with the formation of collagen – you know – the stuff that keeps your skin looking fresh and young?

It provides potassium which helps with muscle function, refilling your electrolytes and your body’s overall pH balance.

Not to mention, if you combine it with some Greek yogurt and cinnamon, it’s the perfect high protein post workout shake!

If you want the recipe, it’s super simple:

1 ½ cups Florida Orange Juice
6 oz non fat vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt
½ cup almond milk
2 cups ice
Orange slices for garnish

** Make sure you don’t add ANY extra sugar to this! The deliciousness of Florida Orange Juice is all down to nature 🙂

To learn more about Florida Orange Juice, make sure to check out their website and Facebook page!

What About You?!

  • Whats your favorite way to use/drink Florida orange juice?
  • Have you ever been to an Orangetheory class?

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  1. OTF coming to our city this summer/fall gahhhhh excited/scared to try! 😛

  2. dlbecker19902015

    10 April

    OMG the rowing in OTF nearly killed me! It’s such a great workout and you’re 100% right…the thing I loved about it too is knowing the if I was doing that workout on my own I would have stopped a few times/ not tried as hard.

  3. I love the photos in this post! They got some awesome ones of you working out, and the smoothie sipping one is so cute, too. I’ve never tried OTF but it sounds like a killer workout! Now googling to see if there’s one in my area… 😉

  4. Jen

    10 April

    I’ve never done an OTF class before! I keep hearing amazing things about it! I love OJ with some full fat coconut milk and collagen! Like a creamsicle!

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