First Time Doing a Crossfit WOD

First Time Doing a Crossfit WOD

Somehow I have made it through 23 years of my life without EVER doing a WOD. What is a WOD you ask? A WOD is a term that cross-fitters use to describe their Workout Of the Day, which are generally posted every day. There are different kinds of workouts (AMRAP, EMOM, etc), but I won’t get too into it with my definitions for this post. Especially because I’m probably NOT the best person to explain, since I did my first one ever literally last week.

BUT ever since I got signed up as an ambassador for FitSet, I’ve had the luxury of trying out tons of gyms within Toronto with a single membership. And the first place I started with was the Liberty Village Reebok Cross Fit Gym.


Reebok CrossFit Liberty Village


Racks upon racks



The gym isn’t as massive as some of the crossfit gyms I’ve seen, but every bit of space is used efficiently – squat racks, several rowers, and a mini jungle gym for the athletes to perform their pull ups/chin ups/ TTBs (that is Toes To Bar in crossfit speak), etc. We begin with a warm up which is actually a workout in itself, but, I’m not going to complain. Apparently this workouts name was ‘Cindy,’ and I hate to say it, but Cindy is a real betch. We began with 5 Rounds of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats. As the WARM UP. Anyway, moving on:

The first part of the actual workout was a massive leg workout. Having done a leg workout the day before, I groaned inwardly, but pushed through it.
This workout was an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). So for the first minute we did 10 back squats, and on the second minute, 5 front squats. Every two rounds, we would increase the weight slightly, and decrease the reps by 1 or 2. We did this for 12 minutes and it was definitely very challenging.


Getting those last pull ups in!


The second part of the workout was done in descending repetitions and was time capped for 15 minutes – first 9 reps, then 7 reps and then 5 reps of: 3 pull ups x 3 push ups and then snatches. So essentially in the first round we would be doing:

  • 27 pull ups/27 push ups and 9 snatches
  • then 21 pull ups/21 push ups and 7 snatches
  • then 15 pull ups/15 push ups and 5 snatches

Everything was going fine for me – yes it was quite tiring but I was working hard – and then boom: foot cramp. I get foot cramps more often than a baker bakes baked goods. Which is ALL THE TIME. And yes, I realize the numerous implications of imbalances, muscle tightness, and lack of minerals which is probably the root cause of all these cramps… but at that moment I didn’t really care about the cause – I just wanted it gone! It was quite frustrating, as I had been doing quite well with the workout, and lost about 3 minutes of the time just trying to walk off the cramp. The coach said that perhaps I should just stick to the pull ups and push ups, and once I started doing those again the cramp slowly wore off. Success!

I completed the workout as hard as I could, but there was no way I could have caught up by the time 15 minutes was over. Overall though I had a really fantastic time. The trainer was supportive and friendly, and doing it in a group environment was actually really motivating! I’ve never been one for doing group classes, but hey, I learned something new 🙂

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Check out my previous post on FitSet here!


Everyone killing it!


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  1. Lily Lau

    15 April

    I’m glad for you, and I love it when trainers are supportive instead of complaining all the time!

    • beverleyc

      16 April

      Agreed! Definitely makes a huge difference to the workout!

  2. Georgie

    16 April

    Wow what a workout! I’ve tried Crossfit once and I really liked it, the trainers were wonderful. When I have a little more disposable income it’s definitely something I’d try.

    • beverleyc

      16 April

      Agreed – it is definitely on the pricier side of fitness studios.

  3. I’ve never done crossfit either-it scares me to death! Look like your first time was pretty good!

    • beverleyc

      21 April

      It was! Don’t be scared to try – there were people of all levels who were there. Very motivating for sure

  4. Jason

    17 April

    Were those strict pullups? That’s monstrous.

    • beverleyc

      21 April

      Most of them! I had to use the band at the end cause I was dying haha

  5. Jason

    23 April

    Well I feel inadequate now!

    • beverleyc

      23 April

      Haha i’m sure you would kill it too!

  6. Kelley

    25 April

    Yay! I just got your comment on my blog and came over to check our your site! Wow! This is fabulous. Crossfit is my workout 6 days a week! So glad you tried it, and had fun. My husband is a level one instructor because of his job and the two of us workout together in our own “garage box.” One of my adult daughters has been showing up for the WOD each day too! PS I use the band for EVERY pull-up, so good for you! Awesome!

    • beverleyc

      27 April

      That’s so awesome! Good for you – 6 days a week is a big commitment. I love that you can get involved with your daughters doing this as well. Such a fit family 🙂
      Thanks for the lovely comment as well!

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