First Ever Real Time Full Body Workout

First Ever Real Time Full Body Workout

So i’ve been meaning to do one of these videos for a while and I finally got around to it! This workout is done in Real Time so that you can do it along with me. Once i’m done you can simply replay the video two or three more times to complete it fully. I used a 15lb dumbbell for my exercises, but if you don’t have one these exercises can be done without weight as well.

Real Time Full Body Workout

There are four exercises and each one is done for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest period in between. This workout targets the legs and glutes, core, and upper body! So get ready to sweat 🙂

Real Time Full Body Workout

Forward/Back Lunge – Left: This exercise is unilateral so that all the movement is happening on your left leg. I hold the dumbbell with my opposite arm above my head, because this will incorporate upper body, and stabilize your core muscles. With your left leg, step forward into a lunge making sure you’re going deep enough that your leg is making a 90 degree angle with the ground. Step back up by pushing your heel into the ground to work your glutes and hamstrings rather than quads. Making sure your back is straight, and go directly into a back lunge. Keep your arm above your head the entire time. In the back lunge making sure that you’re going deep enough so that your left knee is almost touching the ground.

Real Time Full Body Workout

Forward/ Back Lunge – Right: Repeat the same exercise as before, except this time you will be holding the weight in your left hand and your right leg will be doing the work. (In the picture it looks like i’m stepping forward with my left, but i’m actually stepping back with my right)!

Remember to use your heels to push yourself out of the forward lunge and always be wary of your back. If you start to lean forward too much, drop the weight and focus on form and good balance.

Real Time Full Body WorkoutWide Leg V Ups: For this exercise you can hold the weight or do it without. The weight just adds more work for your arms and forces you to stabilize yourself for each rep. Sitting on your tail bone, lower your upper body and slowly spread your legs so they form a V shape. Pause for a second and then come back up, bringing your legs together and forming a “v” with your body. By extending your legs out, you work your obliques and your rectus abdominis.

Real Time Full Body WorkoutMountain Climber to Tricep Push up: By the time you get to this exercise you should be feeling pretty fatigued. This exercise will focus especially on your core and your triceps. I hold onto the dumbbells for this exercise but it can be done with your hands flat on the ground. Start by doing 5 mountain climbers (1 mountain climber = both feet), and go straight into two tricep push ups. Triceps push ups are set up with elbows tucked into your body, rather than out to the side. If yo cannot do a full tricep push up, either do them on your knees or do them on your feet but with your hands on something raised such as a bench.

So! That’s my first Real Time workout and I hope to bring you more in the near future 🙂 Let me know how they go and what your thoughts are on doing them at the same time as me. I did this workout for four rounds total and was sweating pretty hard after. For the last set I didn’t use the dumbbells on the lunges as I could feel my form looking ugly – don’t feel bad if you have to drop the weight too! Use the buttons below to let me know what you thought of this work out.

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