What I Eat in a Day – Low Carb/ Vegetarian F...

What I Eat in a Day – Low Carb/ Vegetarian Friendly [VIDEO]

I know it’s taken me for-freaking-ever, to come out with a new video, but here it is!

As you may know, I recently quit my job, so i’m HOPING that means more videos for you guys! I also just bought a brand new lens for my camera which I am so frigging excited about.

I currently have the Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark ii, also known as MYBBILOVEUSOMUCH. I was using a 25mm lens which is a bitttt too up close for vlogging but perfect for photos. But now that i’m working on this new project, I needed a bit of a wider lens for all the videos i’m going to be making.

I ended up buying the 14-42mm which is my FAVORITE ever, and also it’s so freaking cute. So no more iPhone videos after this!

I haven’t done a What I Eat in a Day post in a while because it’s so difficult to do when you’re working at an office job. No one wants to see shitty photos at a desk, and no one at my work wants to see my taking photos of my food.

Luckily I had a day off that day, so I managed to get it all in!

Watch the video to see what i’ll eat on a ‘low carb’ day, as well as how I space out my meals and when I start eating. Hope you enjoy!

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