Core Burner Body Weight Workout

This workout is another easy to do at home workout. No equipment needed, except a bench or a chair. Hopefully you have one of those somewhere around your house.

Core Burner Body Weight Workout

There are four exercises in this workout, each exercise is repeated for 15 reps. Give yourself a break between each full round, and repeat until you have done 4-5 sets.

1. Alternating toe touches: Begin in a crab walking position, but don’t actually crab walk anywhere. Lift your left foot up in the air, and reach your right hand so they touch. Bring them back down, and repeat except with the opposite foot and hand. One set is when both feet have touched both hands. To make it harder, speed up the exercise so that you’re going at a faster speed than in the video.

2. Pushup to Superman: Start by doing a push up, either on your knees or on your feet. After the push up, carefully lift your left hand and your right leg so that you are balancing on the opposite hand and foot. Slowly bring them down, and perform another push up. Repeat this exercise but with the opposite hand and foot from the first rep. This exercise works your core, as you are engaging your abdominal muscles to keep your balance as you lift  your opposing limbs.

3. Walking Plank with Alternate Leg Lifts: Start in a push up position with hands shoulder width apart. With your right arm, lower yourself down onto your elbows and follow this motion with your left arm. In the plank position, lift your left leg straight up into the air and back down. Bring yourself back up into push up position, and then down again into the plank position. Repeat the leg lift, except with the right leg this time. One rep is one time up and down.

4. Tricep Dip Leg Lift: Place your hands on a bench or a chair so that your fingers are facing towards your body, and shoulder width apart. Slowly lower yourself down with your legs either straight out in front of you, or bent at a 45 degree angle to make it easier. Push yourself back up, engaging your tricep muscles, so that your arms are straight. Lift your right leg straight up, followed by your left leg. That equals one rep.

Repeat each exercise 15 times, and repeat 4-5 times depending on your fitness level.

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