Cheng style workouts

Cheng style workouts

I often get asked the question what I do at the gym, what kind of workout plan I follow, etc. The way everyone works out is different and everyone has an opinion on what is right and what is wrong. I have been on several different fitness and workout plans that were catered towards rugby players and for sports, and have taken certain aspects from each program to make a hybrid workout that I do for myself. Although currently I train 4-5 days a week doing Muay Thai, sometimes I find myself in a hotel gym, or a Good Life, or if I’m lucky – a varsity gym catered for athletes. Therefore my workout is required to change once in a while to adapt to these different facilities.

My general work out plans begins with some type of weight lifting whether it is power cleans, front squats, hang cleans, or deadlifts.  I then move into a circuit with four or five exercises. These exercises can be body weight, TRX, using dumbbells, or other gym equipment. I don’t always do circuits – sometimes it is different weight lifting exercises, or exercises that are fundamental to my sport. Sometimes my workout will just consist of bike sprints or stairs for 30 minutes, followed by ab exercises.  At the end of every workout I make an effort to stay and stretch – although I never do it for as long as I should. This site will primarily have different circuits on it for ease of viewing, and so that the videos don’t get too long and boring to watch.

Overall, however my workout turns out for that day, one aspect stays the same: I will always work up a sweat, and I will always leave the gym feeling as though I gave it as good as I got. Otherwise, what is the point in going in the first place?

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