BRB, Moving to San Francisco


If any of you readers live in San Francisco, then I have two questions:

1 – How did you do it? Are you a millionaire? (sorry that was two in one)

2 – Why are you wasting time reading blogs when you could instead be exploring MORE of San Francisco?!

Ugh, I’ve never been so enraptured by a city since I visited Hong Kong for the first time.

Last week I (along with 100 other girls from across the world) went on a global PR trip with Adidas, to celebrate, promote, and run the crap out of their new shoes – the Ultra Boost X.

Considering it was a very sweaty and rainy weekend, it was still all very classy and bougie – One night I ordered room service JUST for green tea. Hah! Whadda life. (PS the Clift Hotel is amazing)

The event had us doing 5 runs in 2 days – each one greater than the last. Seriously, if you are going to run five times in 48 hours, it BETTER be in San Francisco – so many beautiful places to explore, and so many HILLS! San Fran(ians?) must have the strongest legs of any other person in America.

The first run was down at Land’s End, a gorgeous stretch of shoreline with cliffs and massive trees. This may just be me, but I LOVE beaches when it’s cloudy out. They’re always empty of tourists and locals, the lighting is perfect for pictures, and it just seems to much more mysterious and beautiful.

The second run was up the steepest hill in San Fran – Filbert Street. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures on this run (I was too busy dying), but it was actually one of my favorite ones to do. I loveee a challenge like a steep hill, and pushing myself until I hit the top.

The third run was actually a mix of a resistance band workout, and sprints on a True Form treadmill. True Forms are completely different from your regular treadmill – there is absolutely NO power, so you have to use your own running to get the track moving. Running on those was 10x harder than sprinting full speed on a treadmill.

(Casually hanging out with Ms. Peru)

On the second day it rained and rained and RAINED. We stayed in listening to some incredible women talk (my favorite being @RobinNYC) until it settled down.

Then it was go time!! We drove to the Golden Gate Bridge, and got to run across it, while narrowly avoiding pedestrians/baby strollers/Chinese tourists. On my right I was chatting to the gorgeous lady Niki (the brains and braun behind @sugarysixpack) and to the left was Karl the Fog. No seriously. The fog has an extremely successful Instagram account…

The FINAL run of the event, was up another hill to the highest lookout point in San Fran. It was gorgeous, though the extreme amount of fog and cloud sadly downplayed the scenic outlook. However we made the most of it and took some bomb photos, as per.

What About the Ultra Boost X?

No secret, I’m a lover not a fighter.

Sorry, no wait….

I’m a lifter, not a runner.

I’m not very versed in the running shoe world (I have like 6 pairs of sneakers for the gym, and one pair of sneakers for running). However, I now have a new favorite pair for BOTH. All these runs really showcased how versatile, flexible, yet SUPPORTIVE the Ultra Boost X is.

We had a couple presentations given to us on the design of the shoe, and it amazed me how every single aspect of the sneaker had a part to play. From the Boost technology on the sole, the curve of the arch, to the material used for the shoe itself, every single piece was made and designed for a reason.

Not only did we run in these sneakers, but we also did a HIIT workout. These sneakers withstood lunging, bending, jumping, mountain climbing – you name it. I was very impressed.

The only thing to look forward to now is a selection of different colors! The black & peach is cute – but as always, I want more!!

What About You??

  • Ever been to San Francisco?
  • What is your favorite running shoe?
  • Plan to try out the Ultra Boost X?

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  1. Emily Weir

    17 February

    This looks like so much fun! I can’t imagine how difficult that hill was to climb…just walking the streets of San Fran can be a struggle. It’s one of my favorite cities, with so many different cultures living there. Also, any place that is near the water is a winner in my book. I’m so indecisive when it comes to running shoes, and always doubt if I’m running in the best ones. I’ve never tried Adidas for a running shoe, but might have to check these out!

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      I am exactly the same – I cannot be land locked!! It’s the worst. and these are actually pretty awesome, there is some great support for your arch whilst still being flexible.

  2. Virjinia

    17 February

    That looks so fun! I live in lovely flat Texas so I’m sure I would be DYING on those San Francisco hills. It would still be a blast to visit!

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Haha, yes they are probably so different! Toronto doesn’t have very many hills either

  3. I love San Francisco so much and am actually going in a couple weeks but you’re 100% right…how the heck do people afford to live there???? One of my favorite things I did last time I was up there was biking across the golden gate bridge…holy hills.

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Ooo i can’t wait to see what you get up to! You’re going to have the BEST time!

  4. Carmy

    17 February

    I LOVE SF. I used to go there for my summer holidays when I was a kiddo. So much to do and eat there.

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Agreed! It’s the perfect destination for a summer holiday, you’re so lucky!

  5. Akansha

    17 February


    So I live in San Francisco, woohoo! Ok here’s what’s up:

    1. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to live here because I work at an awesome tech company that treats me well (holla at LinkedIn).

    2. You’re right, there’s literally no good excuse to sit at home on your ass all day. Except when it’s raining like it is today.

    Love your blog, love you..glad you enjoyed SF ;).

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Damnnnn girl. You a smarty pants. That’s so awesome it allows you to live there, i’m so jelly!
      And agreed, the rain puts a damper on EVERYTHING. xx

  6. SO FREAKING COOL. I’ve never been to San Fran but it is totally on my list!
    I am in the market for a new cross-training shoe actually–I’ve got high arches too but you think these will work?

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Dudeee you gotta go. You live in the US, there is no excuse not to! And seriously try these out, they’re not cheap, but they’re amazing. I’m not well versed in the foot arena, but these have an arch that is quite supportive compared to other sneakers i’ve tried.

  7. Get out these pictures are incredible. Can you have whoever took them come take some of me?

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Hahah, Adidas sent a rep with me from Toronto, but they were essentially a personal photographer in the end 😉

  8. Girllllllll I need to know the next time you’re here so I can make sure I’m in town. I live walking distance from Lands End (my favorite place EVER) and I’m so happy you got a taste of it. You can see why we fell in love with this place, right?! Now come back, stay with me and we can run around in our Ultra Boost X. They’re my go-to Bodhi walking shoe cause they slip on and off so easily. Missing you and loved reading this!!

    • beverleyc

      22 February

      Awww this comment was so lovely! I CANNOT BELIEVE you live so close to that gorgeous beach. Ugh. I totally get it now – i didn’t before, but now I do. I will come stay with you soon, I PROMISE xx

  9. My heart stopped a bit reading this title!!! San Fran is so fun – we went there a few times when we lived in Northern CA> Filbert St is NO JOKE – I almost died walking up that thing (granted I was like 7 months prego BUT STILL). I love your kicks and really need some new ones for running. Thanks for the suggestion and the awesome post!

    • beverleyc

      1 March

      Hahahha awww!! Girl if i do move, you’ll be the first to know! (But highly unlikely it will ever happen).

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