#BGBCommunity Secret Santa

I was sitting here in my living room last week, listening to Silver Bells by Bing Crosby, and trying so hard to feel the Christmas spirit. I had a Christmas candle going, my tree up with red and green lights on, and probably $200 worth of decorations strung all over our 800 sq. ft apartment. You would think that all this would make me feel a bit Christmassy.

And it DOES! Until I look outside. And see the complete lack of snow, ice, or any indicator of cold, Christmas weather. I’m literally giving Mother Nature permission to be cold for one month, and she refuses my offer.


So I was feeling kind of down in the dumps about it, until I remembered something that cheered me up immensely – I would be getting a Secret Santa gift! If you read my last post, you know i’m obsessed with Christmas. It’s better than my birthday. The fact that I was getting a gift wasn’t exciting to me because I’m materialistic (although who doesn’t love gifts?!), but because it was special and exciting that a whole group of people could actually get their shit (‘scuse my French) together well enough to send each other a little something at Christmas time.


The most unique thing about this gift exchange was that everyone taking part in it had never met each other. We are a bunch of health, foodie, and fitness bloggers spread throughout U.S. and Canada, who love to collaborate, get creative, and support one another.

My Secret Santa was from the beautiful Rachel Agranove who runs the blog at A Healthful HeartRachel is a multi-talented woman who somehow finds the time to work two jobs, one in advertising and the other in group training. Her blog is stacked with delicious recipes and awesome workouts which I love!

My first and favorite gift was the pink Reebok pullover i’m wearing in the top photo. It is the perfect size for me, and (obviously) my favorite color. I wore it running that day and felt like the prettiest runner on the road!


The second gift was a PINK shaker cup. Everyone knows how important protein powder is, especially for someone who doesn’t eat meat, so I couldn’t think of a better gift to receive.

Lastly I got these two really interesting chocolates from Chuao. One was called ‘pop corn pop’ and when I ate it, it had these funny little sizzly pops that went off in my mouth (kind of like that candy you would eat as a kid). The second one was filled with salted breadcrumbs… CanYouSayYum?


I’m so lucky and appreciative to have this group in my life – they’ve got my virtual back, and i’ve got theirs. Plus I get gifts that literally scream my name. Thank you again Rachel and #BGBCommunity!!!


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  1. Rachel

    17 December

    YAY!!! Love this so much Beverly! Glad you enjoyed everything 🙂 Also PS TOTALLY thought that popcorn chocolate was like chocolate covered popcorn and not like poprocks haha. The pullover looks great on ya!!

    • beverleyc

      17 December

      BAHAH it was soo weird when i put it in my mouth!! i wasn’t expecting that. You are the best. Really hope you make it out to Toronto <3

  2. Christina

    17 December

    This makes me soooo happy!! What a thoughtful gift 🙂 also it’s in the high 80s (Fahrenheit) here so fml.

    • beverleyc

      17 December

      oh mannn that is WARM! and yes i know i wear the pullover when i bike to work =D

  3. LOVE <3 <3

    • beverleyc

      17 December

      cant wait to see waht you got!!

  4. Love this, secret Santa is the best! I’m with you, this is my fist Christmas in TEXAS and it is rudely warm and sunny… but great running weather!

    • beverleyc

      17 December

      wow, i bet Texas has the strangest Christmasses!! Haha. I will hope for snow for you guys =D

  5. I cannot wait to post the SS tomorrow! love the BGB community!

  6. GiGi Eats

    18 December

    I actually REALLY have to agree with you…… Christmas is DEFINITELY better than my birthday! 😉

  7. […] with other bloggers. It’s so important to give support in order to receive it. Check out Beverly’s post on sweatyandfit.com to see what I got her for our gift […]

  8. LOVE the pullover Rachel got you! And of course the chocolate too :). Loved this Secret Santa swap!

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      Me tooooo I wear it all the time now <3

  9. By the way, I love your blog and LOVE following you and all of your excitement! BGB really is the best and I loved getting to shop for someone who I had never met before. It was a fun challenge!

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      Thank you Margaret!! That’s so kind. It was the best kind of challenge for sure 🙂

  10. Love this community! I’m so glad you participated in the gift exchange. It sounds like so much fun. 🙂 Happy (early) holidays, girly!

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      You too Julia! 🙂

  11. Goodness! This is so much fun! I love that you have a secret santa, a fantastic group of friends to play with, and I really LOVE that pink sweatshirt! Happy Holidays!

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      Haha i know! I don’t think I could be luckier 🙂

  12. Kellen

    19 December

    That jacket is so cute! I love how it matches the Blender Bottle!

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      That’s the most important thing!! Haha

  13. Cailee

    22 December

    Wow!! This is so fun! What a great idea to have a gift swap like this!! I love it! That chocolate looks so fun and festive! Such cool flavors! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      23 December

      The chocolate was unique to say the least!

  14. What a fun secret santa package! LOVE the pink shaker. You can never have enough pink!

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