August Love + Thoughts on the VMA’s

August Love + Thoughts on the VMA’s

Diiiiiiiiiid, you guys watch the VMA’s the other night?

Ya I missed all of it.

Actually I had no idea that it was even on until I checked Facebook the next day. That’s how much I care about our lovely world of celebrities.

However, I must admit that I did go through a few videos to see what I missed, because I kept seeing the words “Drake & Rihanna” as well as a clip of Jimmy Fallon dressed as Lochte. Oh, and I also spent 15 minutes watching Beyonces entire performance which was wild. She seriously went a bit insane near the end of Don’t Hurt Yourself. I kind of liked it.

Other than that, I didn’t really care too much about the whole event. I’m too busy writing posts about things I loved during August than to watch Kanye West take unsmiling photos in another white tee.

Huffington Post Video

So you might have seen in the last few months I had worked together with Huffington Post to create a couple Live Facebook workout videos. The response to them was great, so they asked if we could put together a legit workout video that they would film and edit and post on their website. We created two different videos, and the first of them has been posted!

Because i’m a 5 km MAX kinda runner and plenty of people out there feel me on that one, I put together 5 Cardio Exercises for When You Hate Running. Check it out!

Nike Unleashed Event

Nike recently launched their Unlimited Unleashed collection which consists of a ton of dope looking shoes in even doper neon colors (*note: I literally never used the word dope. I have no clue where that came from).

I was invited to their Nike training event, where for the first time, they included weights in their workout! I love HIIT workouts, and I love em even more when there is free weights involved, so it was a super tough and challenging.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to keep their sneakers as a ‘pat on the back’ for all our hard work! I’ve been super stoked on these and they’re perfect for training in.

August Love2

Favorite Skin Product

Last month Biotherm sent me this 2 in 1 pore mask and mask applicator. I don’t really have too many problems with my skin, except around the sides of my nose and (lol) nostrils. The applicator brush was actually for a different mask, but I use it anyway because its so handy! It keeps my hands clean and is flexible so it reaches all the nooks and crannys around my nose.

August Love

The thing I like best about the mask is that you only have to keep it on for 1 minute (girls got things to do!) and you can literally feel it working. It’s sort of like a minty fresh feeling on my nose. I don’t really notice anything immediately after I wash off the mask, but the feeling that it’s doing something is what gets me.

Favorite Purchase

Something else that I mentioned in my birthday post is that Adam and I bought an apartment in Toronto together!!!

I actually never thought i’d actually be so happy about owning a condo (I like to think i’m some sort of free spirit that would never own a home), but i’m 100% thrilled. For some reason I always thought that buying a place would make you feel tied down – tied down to your job, tied down to a city, tied down to your partner, etc. If anything, I feel like this purchase gave us even more freedom, happiness and excitement about life.

More and more people are starting to come to this city, and demand for real estate is sky rocketing. This condo isn’t only our home, but it’s an investment as well. In the end, I LOVE Toronto so much and I am so happy to get to call this city my home.

This Card

It would have been a sin to not include this home-made birthday card as part of my favorite things this month. My talented and artistic friend who has supported me with this blog since Day 1 gave it to me for my birthday.

I’m am 100% going to frame it in my new home.

What About You?!

  • What were your favorite things that happened this month?
  • Do you prefer dark colored sneakers, or colorful ones?
  • Lover or hater for long distance running?

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  1. Omg that card is everything. Also, I’ve been to a couple Nike events and I never seem to be in the pictures they take which makes me sad bc they always look so awesome. I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE YOU. Maybe it’s bc my face turns as red as a tomato.

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      But your tomato red face is just SO CUTE!!!! And I know im obsessed with the card ahaha

  2. What an awesome month! You are KILLIN it with these Huffington Post videos – so cool! And congrats on the condo!!

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      Thank you Ellie!!

  3. Jess @hellotofit

    1 September

    OMG that is the cutest card ever. Annnnd I love seeing you on Huff Post vids. Annnnd you’re amazing.

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      Jessss you’re the best and ILU

  4. 1. I don’t watch the VMA’s anymore because it makes me feel like a friggin’ old hag that’s out of touch since I never know who anyone is…. 2. owning a place is DA BEST feeling. I totally agree with you 3. I love love love that Huff Post vid. Those side skater hops looked killer 4. I love you, bye

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      YES! Screw the VMA’s and all the celebrities. Seriously I hate them all. Thank you Chrissa! xx

  5. balancedberry

    7 September

    Ok, I literally laughed out loud at that card. Watching your snaps/insta videos, I’m kind of obsessed with Winston. Also, I love the huffpost videos you do – I hope you do more!

    • beverleyc

      8 September

      Hahaha I need to start a Winston fan club!! Thanks so much Les <3

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