8 Things Only Girls With Big Thighs Will Understan...

8 Things Only Girls With Big Thighs Will Understand

If you know me (or watched this video), you know that confidence, self esteem and self-love is not something that I lack (although I wasn’t always like this – but that’s a story for another time).

And often times I will say things like “I couldn’t wear those pants because my thighs would literally not fit,” or “If I wear a skirt that tight, my legs will take over the outfit.”

For some reason whenever I say things like that, my friend/shopping buddy thinks it’s their DUTY to deny this statement wholeheartedly. Like they’ve been denying their friends negative statements their entire life, it’s become automatic. Do you know what I mean?

I’m not trying to squeeze out compliments from my friends when I say things like that – I say it because it’s true. I’m WELL AWARE of the fact that my thighs are large, and damn right they are! I squat and deadlift twice a week, I’d be a bit disappointed if they weren’t.

That being said, I put together a little (and hopefully funny) list of things that only girls with big thighs could understand

8 Things Only Girls With Big Thighs Will Understand

1. You will never be able to rock ripped jeans like this girl from Pinterest.

ripped jeans

Instead, your thigh fat (or… muscle?) will seep through the holes, and rip the strategically placed denim threads. If you DO find a pair of ripped jeans that fit your thunder thighs, they will be wayyyy too big on your waist, and you’ll have to spend $25 on a single pair of cool Calvin Klein underwear

If you do ever find a pair of ripped jeans that somehow fits your thighs and your waist, LITERALLY CALL ME RIGHT NOW, and tell me where you got them. Otherwise, i’ll keep wishing and waiting.

2. Your thunders will help you run up hills, catch robbers, and chase after the bus

I know we may laugh and it sounds like i’m bashing our thick thighs, but lets be real – big legs are the effing BOMB. Umm, how many robbers have you chased down and tackled because your strong legs helped propel you towards him?

Well, yea, zero for me as well. BUT in my imaginative fantasies, I always catch them. (Come on, i’m not the only one who fantasizes about running down a thief!)

3. If you ever take a photo sitting down, your thighs will be the star of the show.

As a sports model and Insta-hoe, i’m usually taking running, stretching, or jumping shots. Sometimes we’ll do some sitting down, or as the photographers like to say “act like you’re relaxing, being casual.”

Unsurprisingly, these photos are never the ones that are used. All you can see are quads, quads, and more quads. Eventually you’ll learn how to shift, torque, and position your body so that perhaps your thighs will only take up 40% of the photo, instead of 80%.


4. You’ll never lose any food because you’ll always catch it in your lap

Lots of things get stuck in there, but that just means you’ll have a snack for later! Also it means holding more snacks in your lap on movie night because there is more surface area for balance. Win-win.

5. Pencil skirts look great – until you have to start walking

Work in a corporate job? If you’re a lover of the pencil skirt, then you know exactly what i’m talking about. A perfectly modest, knee length, navy blue pencil skirt quickly turns into an outfit you’d see in a sketchy back alley as soon as I start walking. I don’t know how I haven’t been reported to HR yet, but i’m sure it’s bound to happen soon.


6. You’ll never be able to pull off your boyfriends jeans as actual Boyfriend Jeans

Something about guys that can pull off skinny jeans better than me just really gets me going. Weird right? Who knows. I wish I could rock them as well as my boyfriend.

However, he likes my big legs and I like his skinny legs, so we’re basically a match made in heaven. The only downside is I can never borrow his jeans, although I do have a hidden stash of his shirts tucked away just for me 😉

7. Your inner thighs know sweat better than any other part of your body

Guys. The sweat is REAL. Get ready to wipe down cheap plastic seats on the bus, because your legs are creating their own little moat around your body. It’s embarrassing and slippery, and something that you will have to deal with.

That also could be a function of me just being an extremely sweaty human… but i’m just gonna blame this one on da quads.

8. Soon you’ll learn that having big thighs is a blessing, not a curse, and you’ll learn to love everything that they can do for you

I used to hate how big my thighs were. Growing up I saw them as a hindrance to rocking skinny jeans, and another reason for creepy men to whistle at me. It wasn’t till later in life when I started to get serious about rugby, working out, and staying fit, that I realized how much value they could bring to me.

They were muscular, powerful, good for tackling, and looked DOPE in leggings. Maybe I couldn’t wear a tight skirt without looking slightly prostitute-esque, (that didn’t mean I didn’t still wear em!), but I could kick ass on a bike, and run up and down stairs for hours.

LADIES. Learn to love your ‘imperfections,’ cause I swear to you – they are not. They are gifts that your body has given you, and if you just change your mindset, you will see how much HAPPIER these small things can make you.

8 Things Girls With Big Thighs Will Understand: A Funny Take on How Our Big Thighs Are a Blessing and Not a Curse

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  1. Ha ha I totally related to everything about this post. The damn pencil skirt drives me crazy!
    I used to hate my thighs too but now I totally embrace them. I see strength from them.

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Omg i know! I’m wearing one now and questioning – WHAT WAS I THINKING. Office hoes for life 😉

  2. What a wonderful inspiring post! Your thighs are beautiful girl, and I’m so glad you appreciate them now!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Thanks Julie!! Appreciate the love <3

  3. OMG I love this. Right there with you. Neil tells me he think my organs are in my legs bc I’m small up top but have big ass thighs hahaha. It’s taken forever, but I’m finally proud to embrace it!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      hahahah, vital organs in the thighs? literally, i believe it too. he’s a smart one, your Neil.

  4. Nikki

    11 July

    Great post Beverley!! Fellow large thigh gal (thanks for the genes Dad lol) so I completely relate…and like you, I’ve come to love how much power I get from ’em 🙂

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Yess! So glad that you have learnt to love em too 🙂

  5. Ivanna

    11 July

    Yes yes 100% Yes!!! I have thunder thighs and all these problems but I’m ok with them thank you thank you for this post! We won’t talk about how many of my jeans have holes in the middle instead of on the front!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Aww this comment made me smile!! So glad you can relate. Hahah, well you can make your own ripped jeans then! No need to spend $200 on a pair

    • Alanna Banana

      17 October

      I think having thick thighs is okay but not too thick that you can’t fit into any clothes

  6. ‘As a sports model and Insta-hoe’ – bahahahah I completely LOVE this. Bring on the thigh sweat and a-lined skirts!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Haha, love that you caught that. Thigh sweat forever!

  7. YASSS QWEEEEEN!! You’re amazing and so is this post. Nailed it <3

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Thank you Leah! <3

  8. I smiled, I laughed, I wanted to hug you. Well, I always want to hug you. But GIRL. This post is AMAZING. Thank you!!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Awww! Thank you Jess! I’ll take that hug anytime!

  9. Rachel

    12 July

    YES YES AND YES. love this 😂😂

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Love YOU!!

  10. LOL literally giggled out loud!!! Pencil skirts are a biatch to wear for anyone – seriously! And I just look homeless in ripped/hole jeans….You rock. Period.

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Hahahha. It’s either homeless or a prostitute. WHY does fashion do this to us?!

  11. Ditto with the ripped jeans…but I won’t stop trying! This post made me smile

  12. Thankful for my thunder thighs… No ripped jeans for me. And running up hills and chasing robbers? Yes!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Right?! We can catch em allll

  13. I LOVE this post. I’ve definitely encountered many of this situations but the sitting down one is a realll struggle.

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Haha glad you can relate!

  14. Victoria

    17 July

    LOVED this! Too funny and SO true!

    • beverleyc

      18 July

      Thanks Victoria! 🙂

  15. Such a great giggle! I can totally relate! Thanks for the laugh girl!

  16. Christiane

    22 July

    Haha finally something i can relate to…while the skinny legs might look good in a pencil skirt, our thighs hold the power of a mean kick. Its soo refreshing to get to read your blog and do your workouts.
    From another gal with thunder thighs 😉

    • beverleyc

      25 July

      Haha exactlyyy! Thanks so much Christiane, so glad you’re stopping by here to read

  17. masala girl

    22 July

    the sweat is the truest thing ever!
    Beverly, thanks so much for being so open and writing this post!! i’ve always had bigger thighs, and stick size ankles and calves, it’s so weird. it’s definitely something i’m self conscious about, but this helps, !

    • beverleyc

      25 July

      Amazing! I’m so glad I could help a bit.
      And i was sitting at a restaurant on the weekend in shorts and SERIOUSLY my legs were sweating so freaking much. omg. i had to literally leave the restaurant to cool them off hahaha

  18. This is the BESSSSSTTTT!!!!!! I love it!

  19. […] 8 Things Only Girls With Big Thighs Will Understand <– this was probably written for me. […]

  20. Glad I’m not the only one forming a moat around me every time I sit down during the summer. Haha. And my thighs eat clothes too, shorts, pencil skirts, whatever, they don’t stand a chance.

  21. annadownsouth

    23 November

    Every one of these is on point. I have very severe “horseback thighs” and I used to hate them, but I’ve come to love them. Plus, they look rockin’ when I wear heels!

  22. JC

    11 December

    I just stumbled across your blog and as a guy, I’ve been totally unaware of all of this. Every picture featured was of a gorgeous woman and thighs were unbeknownst to me. Please don’t search for deficiencies. We’re not noticing and you’re too wonderful to create your own shortcomings. Stay beautiful and much love!

  23. Harshita B

    5 January

    Ha definitely relatable! It’s taken me so long to finally accept my thighs as they are and not be embarrassed. Big thighs, don’t care!!

  24. Natasha Kotto

    25 January

    Hahaha, yes girl! I totally relate to every single point here, besides my husband having thunder thighs as well. Haha. We definitely have body similarities! High five to strong, toned, beautiful thighs!

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