7 Simple Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

7 Simple Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

As someone who seriously advocates for woman equality, the strength of females, and eradicating gender roles… I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Way more than Adam does.

A couple weeks ago I even said to him “even though you live here and we share everything… this is MY kitchen. MINE.” He did not look too impressed.

It definitely has to do with my love of eating, but I love the kitchen almost as much as I love the gym.

After spending many years packing my lunch every day, creating new recipes, and finding alternatives for meat products, I’ve picked up a few simple kitchen hacks along the way. They’re both convenient for cooking, and beneficial for helping you stick with healthy habits.

I also found that some of these tips really help to reduce food waste, and as you may know, i’m a stickler for the environment and waste reduction.

7 Simple Kitchen Hacks

How to Keep Cilantro & Other Herbs Fresh

My Top 7 Kitchen Hacks

I used to buy cilantro, use it once in a recipe, and then keep it in the fridge for a few days. The next time I took it out, it was wilted, wet, and emitted this awful smell – threw it straight into the bin.

INSTEAD, what you should do is this: Take the cilantro out of the bag, and wash it. Fill a masor jar halfway with water, and stick the stems in. Let the herb dry for a bit, and then cover it with a small plastic bulk bag. Keep it in your fridge, and it stays fresh for 1-2 weeks! Whenever you want to use it, it’s clean and ready to eat.

Peel Squash Without Having a Stroke

If you guys checked out my butternut squash pasta recipe, you may have seen this AMAZING kitchen hack that I always use now. Peeling butternut squash is so hard. There’s a reason I used to only buy a couple each year. Now, you can do it sooo much quicker and without the threat of stabbing yourself with the peeling knife.

First, stab that disagreeable squash several times with a fork or knife. Then place it in the microwave on high for 3-4 minutes.

Allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes. The bottom of the squash may be a little soft and mushy, but for the most part it will still be quite firm. Once cooled, the peel will be MUCH softer, and the process will go much quicker. You’re WELCOME!

Freeze Leftover Pizza Sauce


Pita pizzas are a regular in the Cheng/Brown household, so having pizza sauce on hand is an absolute necessity. I cannot stand to throw away even a tablespoon of the stuff, so instead I freeze it in ice cube trays! I fill each one up as much as I can, and then freeze it overnight. Then I pop them all out, and place them into a separate container in the freezer.

It makes for some interesting cocktails, but as long as you remember to rinse off the tray, you’ll be fine 😉

Store Bulk Items in Mason Jars

My Top 7 Kitchen Hacks

Really, I decided to do this because the mason jars just looked sooo much hipper than Ziploc containers. But I also realized there were quite a few benefits to keeping them stored this way! The mason jar seals off the food from the air, so that your bulk items stay fresher for longer. No gross bacteria entering here.

It also prevents any smells or spills, which reduces the chance that any mice or bugs may want to enter your household.

Keep a Water Bottle in the Fridge

FACT: Cold water is wayy more delicious than room temperature water. And nothing shows that you listened to your Girl Guide leaders than being prepared with a cold, delicious, fresh bottle of water. In a reusable water bottle, obviously.

It’s funny because this idea actually stemed from me hating how ugly our water bottles looked around our apartment. We had plants, hand sprayed copper book stands, white frames, and then… a black water bottle with a giant Nike symbol on it. It just couldn’t do. So instead I filled up all our bottles and shoved em in the fridge and haven’t looked back.

Boil Several Eggs for a Quick & Healthy Snack

My Top 7 Kitchen Hacks

Fact: I stole this idea from Adam.

Fact #2: I also steal his boiled eggs.

They’re just so damn convenient! At the beginning of every week, he boils 12 eggs and keeps them in the fridge. On his way to work he’ll grab a couple as they are the perfect snack for when he gets hungry at work.

There have been times at home I just need a small bite, and an apple just doesn’t fill the craving. I slyly sneak my hand into his egg container (lol), and grab one. This method has stopped me several times from running to the convenience store and buying a bag of chips. #thankyouadamforkeepingmefit

Freeze Vegetable Scraps to Make Veggie Broth

I got this idea after watching Sam from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’s Youtube video, and I LOVELOVELOVE it. Such a great way to use something that would otherwise be thrown into the bin. The video is super easy to follow and you get a tooon of broth from it.

Anyway, these 7 hacks I do allllll the time, and I love that I feel like i’m making a difference to the environment and my grocery bill. Even the smallest changes add up quickly! Do you have any kitchen hacks? Share them below!

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  1. Ummm that is SUCH a great veggie broth hack! I’m embarrassed to tell how how many veggie scraps end up in my garbage everyday. I’m starting this immediately!

    • beverleyc

      9 December

      Dude i know!! and my new condo doesn’t do composting either which literally kills me inside

  2. Jen

    7 December

    oooo- love the veggie broth hack!

  3. Jess @hellotofit

    9 December

    I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THIS CILANTRO HACK. Also, I apologize for speaking to you only in all-caps this week. I’m just so excited!! (P.S. watching Westworld tomorrow most likely. ray’s been on night shifts so we literally don’t spend time together during the week)

    • beverleyc

      9 December

      HAHAHAH. i actually love the caps?? and yessss omg im so happy for you. i’m definitely planning to re-watch the entire season again soon hah

  4. Love this post! I’m making pizza tonight and am FOR SURE saving the pizza sauce 🙂

    • beverleyc

      9 December

      Woop! Yea girl!

  5. That pizza sauce hack is perfect! I hate wasting even a drop of food too.

    • beverleyc

      9 December

      Yayy! I’m glad you approve 🙂

  6. That cilantro trick – absolutely essential. I use cilantro ALL THE TIME. I read this during my crazy travel day yesterday with my crazies – loved the pics so even a distracted mom could follow along 😉

    • beverleyc

      9 December

      Oooo i’m glad you survived the trip!! Thanks Chrissa 🙂

  7. athleticavocado

    9 December

    I wish I would have known that squash trick sooner!!! I’m pretty sure I almost died a few times trying to peel one haha.

  8. masala girl

    24 December

    ohh my god, that herbs hack is going to be a lifesaver haha. i also do the sauce trick, and use it to save broth or stock too 🙂

  9. Anna Powell

    5 January

    Great tips. I’m inspired by all your fitness aarticles.

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